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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


What's brilliant?  The sunshine!

Today is the first really clear and bright and sunny day in . . . weeks!

 It was so sunny in the conservatory when I came downstairs this morning that I was blinded.
And startled; it's such an unfamiliar sight!
 But now . . . the weeds are exposed in all their grisly glory.  Oh dear.
Time to put on those new gardening gloves and start pulling!
Well it's not all weeds.  Just ... mostly.
So, you know the lovely beige and pastel needlepoint rug I showed you back on May 17th?
 My eBay bargain?
This rug, below, that Anne and I put in the Parlor. . .
. . . and have already taken out of the Parlor, leaving the felt pad behind to look sad and lonely and ugly?.
 On Tuesday, the lovely postman delivered a box.
And in that box . . . another bargain eBay needlepoint rug.  (An even better bargain.)

I am so in love with these needlepoint rugs!
This morning, before catching a bus into New York City, Howard and Annie did this:
Action shot!
 And this:
Action shot of Howard's and Annie's feet smoothing wrinkles.
So now there's a different summer rug in the Parlor:
 It's not fully smoothed over the pad yet, and the furniture isn't back in place,
but Annie and her dad had to catch their bus!
I think this black-background rug with its soft pink and green and bits of blue floral design
is a better fit for this room for the summer than the pink roses one.

In the Fall, we'll put a vintage Persian in this room, but for this season
of flowers and vines, a flat floral needlepoint rug works just fine.
(Plus I haven't found the right Persian yet!)

The pink roses rug will migrate -- permanently -- to one of the guest rooms.
Annie votes for the yellow room.  I'm thinking the pink room  . . . jury's out.  Check back.
In the meantime, I love this black and floral rug
for this room; I think it grounds it nicely.
Hey!  There's the pink rose needlepoint rug, folded and left on the wing chair.  Oops.  Better go move that now!
 Time for me to tackle today's To-Do List, a mix of routine and Wedding stuff.
 Happy Wednesday to all!  -- Cass

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  1. Both rugs are absolutely stunning. Your room is gorgeous. Can't wait to see it all in place. Hugs, Marty

  2. Both rugs are beautiful but I like the first one better for spring & summer. I don't know what the other rooms look like but I am sure which ever room you choose to house it in will be perfect.

  3. They are both nice....I like the second one better myself...:)

  4. I am speechless.....It is beautiful!!
    Have A Great Day!!

  5. I like both!!!! ..... hugs, Flavia

  6. I like the lighter rug for summer and then the dark one for winter. Both are beautiful. I love needlepoint rugs, but they are so hard to clean as the creep and crawl. Both are beautiful and sounds like both were a bargin. Richard at My Old Historic House

  7. I ♥ the black rug. I also love that they cool is that?

  8. Hello Cass:
    We have so enjoyed our first visit to your 'Old House' which we discovered through your comment on Richard Cottrell's blog.

    The needlepoint rug looks, we feel, very dramatic and sets off the furniture beautifully. Much more dynamic than the pink, a colour that we use little as it happens.

    We are so pleased that you are now having some sunshine. Here in Budapest, the weather has been glorious for weeks and the sky is wall to wall blue as we write.

    We look forward to returning.

  9. Both rugs are stunning, did good! And if our rain ever stops, I will see what we are left with!


  10. Both rugs are beautiful, but that sunshine is glorious!

  11. Gorgeous rugs!!!
    Your home is just beautiful!!

  12. Oh I love those rugs, so jealous! Lovely to see the sunshine! Why cant weeds be pretty then we wouldnt have to spend hours pulling the little blighters up! I hope your shopping expedition went well and that you took lots of coffee and cake breaks!! Have a great week! xx

  13. Love both rugs -- but I'm like you I can imagine a Persian in there -- that would be perfect and the needlepoints will look good in the bedrooms!

    How are wedding plans coming?

  14. I love it and agree that the black grounds everything beautifully.
    Just want to say that there is NOTHING at all on ebay up here that even remotely resembles the sorts of things you find. Up here it's all about terrible modern furniture, car parts and bar stools. I couldn't lie about this!

  15. Beautiful rugs! Guess I need to look on eBay, I have just looking on Craigslist and have had no luck.

  16. Love your rugs, Cass! Your new one is so nice and so big! :) Happy to hear you have some sunshine.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Cass,
    Love the rugs! I love the doll on the sofa as well. What is she wearing to the wedding?


  18. Both of the rugs are beautiful! I LOVE needlepoints too. I have five or six at home and sold some in my shop. They NEVER show wear either! I have a runner that my six kids have trampled on for years and it looks as good as the day I put it down.

    Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend,



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