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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And Still She Thrifts . . . .

Yes, I am a brave and hardy soul.

 Last week, as I watched other people work hard on renovating
our family's beach house out on eastern Long Island,

I somehow summoned up the strength and braved Thursday's wind and mist and fog . . .

(A public beach in Greenport, with Shelter Island in the distance.  I used to bring our girls here for the playground.  Now I bring a sandwich and a cup of coffee and have lunch.  Inside the car last Thursday!)
 Anyway, I found the strength
. . . to go thrifting.

Neither fog, nor rain, nor gloom of storm could keep me from The Southold Outreach Thrift Shop, which makes its home on the North Road, in a weathered small Cape Cod, clad in classic cedar shingles, that dates to the 1700s.  Just to walk through that door, on those ancient floorboards, is a treat and a privilege.
From the Thrift shop, I brought home these:

Six little glass dishes.  $4 for all six.

I have no idea how old they are -- not old, just used --
but they are a lovely size for ice cream, or berries with yogurt, or even an old-fashioned shrimp cocktail.  
My mother said to display glass on dark blue.  I'm using the boxes of my daughter's wedding thank-you cards.
 They sparkle plenty when the sun hits them;
I see them merrily joining us for weekend breakfasts at the oak table in our sunroom. 
I missed the morning sunshine; this is mid-day semi-cloudy.

They look a little Deco-ish to me.  All those parallel lines.
They are not serious glassware by any means.
Look Ma!  I'm standing on my head!
But I'll use them!

I also picked up a couple of brand new fingertip towels that can be used in the beach house powder room.  75-cents each.  Do you know what the stores charge for finger tip towels?  Yes, of course you do, and it's way more than 75-cents. 

Question: Why are fingertip towels so expensive?  There ain't much to them, after all.

See you tomorrow -- our trees and lilacs and tulips and bleeding hearts are all bursting with Spring -- Cass

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  1. Nice buy! I know what you mean about the cost of the towels. When I was looking for a couple for my half bath, the price of the ones I liked was almost as much as a bath towel!?!

  2. Lovin' your pretty new bowls, and they do look great against the dark blue:@)

  3. Love your finds! Yes, those towels are outrageous, I think 75-cents is (I miss the cent sign on the keyboard ~ LOL) is a great price!

  4. Great finds! They certainly are pretty little footed dishes and will come in handy, I'm sure!

  5. Cass, the weather matters not I agree when it comes to thrifting. Your glass dishes are very fetching! ♥O

  6. The dishes are perfect for desserts and display! You have found a great new place to thrift...I love it!


  7. Sweet little dishes...they make me think immediately of sherbert! And hand towels? The price? Crazy-as for washcloths too! xxoo Diana

  8. Lovely little ice cream dishes, I mean dessert dishes. Aren't towels and linens just a crazy price in general? You got a great deal!

  9. Those are very unique. I don't know if I've ever seen them with squared stems before. And they are acrobatic too.

  10. I love them and they are so unique, your mom's right they look great on the dark blue!


  11. What a great buy! They are beautiful. And I would definitely go thrifting any time! laurie

  12. Those are beautiful! Especially the upside down one!
    Looks like the beach house is coming along!

    Did Dion find his dish??


  13. Cass,

    Great find. You are very lucky. I never find those prices!!!!

    The beach house looks beautiful. How is the wedding coming along?


  14. Love, love, love your new thrift "find". I think you will use those often, a multi-purpose stemware for sure.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  15. Such pretty little dishes and a great price!

  16. Your new acquisition is cute, but when I try to do this kind of purchase, I'm called as a hoarder!

    'That old house' is fantastic, I meant your house in the header! Now, why would anyone call that an old house?


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