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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Above The Salt

A busy Tuesday --
shopping with both my daughters,
and a visit to the alterations lady for Alida's wedding gown,
Anne's bridesmaid's gown, and my M.O.B. dress.
 Just enough time to share with you some pictures of my mother's salt cellars.
 She had 8 of them, with tiny spoons.
 But these are not those spoons, although they were packed in with them.
 As I recall, she had very tiny pewter spoons.  Maybe shell design?
Anyone know where they are?
These are Norwegian silver demitasse spoons.  Too large for the tiny salt cellars.
Mom loved using these salt cellars for dinner parties.
Usually they were not used for dinners where children were present,
as we thought it was more fun to play in the "sand" than use them as intended.

Look!  This one has rolled over on its back in surrender.
That's it for Tuesday.
Wish us luck in shopping.  Oh, such a chore!

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All the best . . . Cass


  1. Cass,

    You are having too much fun! I love salt cellars and have some vintage ones that I always forget to use.

    I am winding down. So much to do before we go back. I like to leave everyone just perfect when I leave. Saying goodbye to all my stuff.....It will be November before I know it. I have a couple more posts before I go and then I will be absent until we are settled in the cabin. However, I will be lurking so that I read all about the wedding prep and adventures with the Symphony.


  2. My mother has them too. I hope you can find the little spoons.

    Dee :-)

  3. That set would make any meal tres chic! Lovely.


  4. I am not as classy as you. I don't have salt cellars on my table. I have a salt pig in my kitchen. Mind you it is filled with pink salt.


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