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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time Travel -- Part One

First off, a question:
Am I the only grownup who believes -- in her secret heart-of-hearts --
that battery powered toothbrushes are dangerous? 
  I just can't believe that water and electricity belong in your mouth.  At the same time!
A recipe for disaster.  I am convinced I'll be electrocuted one of these days.

Howard says he knows the answer to the question I posed.
Yes, I am. 


Today I am time traveling.

Now, we go back exactly one year:  Howard had recently lost his job and was busy taking pictures of anything that stood still long enough to get its picture taken, including these lovely signs of spring in That Old House's garden:
Hydrangea leaf buds, on 3/30/2010.  There are none yet this year!

Our small daffodils, with buds, on 3/30/10.  This year, only small leaf shoots.
Poppy leaves '10, well on their way to adulthood.  Barely above ground in '11.
And That Old House in March 2010, on a damp day, with brilliant green grass . . . and a missing shutter on the 2nd floor.
 Now, back to the present, and ch-ch-ch-changes.

Howard is working and that is A Good Thing, but the shoots and sprouts of spring are not nearly
as well advanced this year as last.  The grass is still a washed out pale brownish-green.
The rough winter has clearly had an impact on our re-emerging little green things.
About the only thing still the same ... the missing shutter.
And that's because after Howard reattached it, and it withstood months of bad weather,
it blew off again last week!

Sometimes time travel whirls you back to a time
you don't even remember forgetting.

That happened to me a few weeks ago, when we had a party here to celebrate our daughter's engagement.
Me on the left, with my daughter and her fiance.
  On the day of the party, my cousin Judy brought me a package;
I thought it was a hostess gift, but it turned out to be something much more.
Something that whisked me back, and took my breath away.

But now I must fly; errands to run, and another daughter to visit for dinner and shopping.
I'll share the story of Judy's gift on another day.  Soon.
Enjoy Wednesday! -- Cass

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I hope everyone else's plants are not being held back by the terrible winters we've had.  I want to see blooms!
But ... ssshhh ... don't spread it around -- we're supposed to get, yes, more snow in northern New Jersey on Friday!

Mr. Dion is not pleased about that!


  1. I was hard-pressed to find a nice outdoors photo this week!
    Is that really you, Minnie? I love it!
    You're right - such a lot has changed since this time last year, and working is always a good thing :)

  2. I can't believe you are leaving us hanging!
    You are a sneaky one.
    I agree with Pondside--working is good.


  3. You are leaving us hanging on a few things! lol

  4. I "need " to know about Judy's gift!!! HAve a nice day...mine is ended.... it's quite bed time!!! Hugs, Flavia

  5. It's the same here this spring too. Things are about a week or more later than last year, but then, last year things were earlier than usual. I guess that means we're on track :-) Congratulation on your daughter's engagement Minnie! And yes, we may get some white stuff and rain on the weekend. ;-(

  6. Minnie? OK, now I am intrigued. Tell Mr. Dion that it has to get warmer sometime. I mean it doesn's snow in June, right!

  7. Dion - I am sorry. I would not want more snow either.
    I also have issues with battery operated toothbrushes - not going there.
    Things don't look the same around here as they did last year either - It has been a rough Winter.
    Looking forward to reading about your cousin Judy's gift.
    Enjoy your evening.

  8. Our hail, rain, and yuck is your Friday snow...and I am so sorry. I cannot use anything other than a regular toothbrush and the dentist just can get over it!

  9. I never thought about the toothbrush thing, but I have always refused to use electric ones, maybe as a former electrician,,, Hey, you might be on to something.
    Hang in there, spring will be worth waiting for. If it helps any, it is cold and wet here today too.

  10. the house looks beautiful I have always dreamed of living in a large beautiful house

  11. I was never an electric toothbrush fan...always replacing the batteries was too much work! I did not however, ever think of being electrocuted.

    I think those of us that had a harsh winter {and that is most of us}, are going to have a rough time having the blooms we had last year. The ground freezes and thaws and then freezes again. Not good. I have my fingers crossed that my plants do okay. It's worth the wait!


  12. No blooms here and they are calling for snow tonight:( Enough I say, flowers is what we want to see.

  13. God is going to get you for dropping the gift bombshell and then leaving it least unopened for your blog friends here! I am glad Howard is working though and that this will be a better year~ xxoo Diana

  14. oh my, your home & pooch are to die hopping & found you! xoox, Tracie

  15. ps - i too am very curious what the gift was from your friend.

  16. hate to tell you, Mom - but there's a heat wave in L.A. right now and it's 90 degrees out today! :)

  17. Oh my goodness that picture of your pup is just to cute!!

  18. Miss Minnie? Adorable! We're behind too - I'm itchin to throw open the windows!


  19. Oh, you're terrible...just enough to get us interesting and off you go...we are in the full throes of Spring here in Alabama...
    Mama Bear

  20. More snow!! You poor thing. You're welcome to come to my house where we are coming into Summer weather. Already. We can hang out on the back porch and barbecue.

  21. I know how you feel, electric toothbrushes just seem dangerous somehow. And I know you you feel about the so-called 'Spring' we're having too. Gads. Can't wait to see what was in the package...


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