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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Goodwill Meets Industrial Chic

Industrial chic.
It's probably not what you think of when (or if) you think about That Old House.
Industrial we are not, and we certainly aren't
anywhere near the posh neighborhood of chic. 

Now Goodwill on the other hand . . . that is what you think of when (or if) you think about That Old House.

That's definitely our neighborhood!


 When we redid out kitchen, we extended the butcher block counter
on Jabba the Hutch so that we could tuck a stool there.
After all, it's lovely to have a place to park a carcass -- especially your own -- in the kitchen.

My ancient metal drafting stool was, well, drafted back into duty.
Before the kitchen painting.  Ick.
When I was 20 I could sit for hours on that stool, with its small hard masonite seat.
Now . . . not so much.

These days, I need more cush for my tush.
And I found it -- brand new -- at Goodwill.

It's metal, it's heavy, and
 it's got plenty of cushy tush room!
The sueded microfiber upholstery may find itself switched for something else one of these days.  Any ideas?

 I'm not sure you could classify this as pure industrial chic.

But I had real industrial chic with that old metal drafting stool,
and trust me when I say -- this is much better!

And considering that metal chairs like these, below, sell for
hundreds of dollars apiece, and I paid $29 for mine . . . I am happy.

And so is my tush.


Meanwhile, right next to the kitchen,
the Christmas cacti in the sunroom continue to have identity crises. 
This one, our smallest, is busting its little gut pumping out flowers in honor of . . . what?

It bloomed before Thanksgiving.
It bloomed at  Christmas.

And now it's blooming just in time for . . . ?

It's too early for Easter, but I don't think it's gotten the message.

I had to prop it up on a box because the blooms hang down so far.
It makes me feel like such an underachiever.

(By the way, I do water that plant, but it's so busy making gaudy pink babies 
that it puts all its energy into that and always looks droopy when blooming!)

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  1. Love your new chair and I also like the cushion cover. It looks fabulous in your kitchen. Great find and what a super price. Hugs, Marty

  2. Great price on the stool and perfect for that spot.

  3. Love the chair and what a great buy......not go throw some water on that plant! lol

  4. Love the stool, I'm trying to picture in my head what black or blue and white toile would look like on an industrial metal chic stool? I'm kinda likin' what my imagination conjures up.

  5. Faded black and white ticking.

  6. Cass, I've been scrolling down and catching up. Sorry I've been absent of late. Great find on the chair! Loved seeing all the photos of the happy couple and those twins are adorable!
    Happy Spring ~ Happy Wedding! ~ Sarah

  7. Lent. It's blooming for Lent.

    I think if you make a little skirt for your industrial chair, which looks like it was MADE for that spot, btw, it will then definitely be chic - - - industrial shabby chic.

    Now, how would you improve on that???

  8. Cass, the chair is perfect there, and I think the cushion is very nice. I'd love a whole set of those chairs, I bet they would last forever. Your Christmas cactus is such a hard worker!

  9. My Christmas cactus is on the same schedule, bloomed at Christmas and is on a rerun now.
    I think Lydia has the right idea for the chair, black and white ticking.

  10. Cass,
    You find the best stuff. I just never have any luck at Goodwill. That chair is perfect - I like microfiber and the way it feels. Love hearing about the wedding plans. Have a wonderful weekend.


  11. Just be happy it's happy enough to bloom!! LOL

  12. My Christams cactus just bloomed as well.

  13. that chair is awesome...and it is a good feeling when something blooms when it isn't supposed to! I always feel like I won! hahaha....thanks for linking in

  14. You did good on the chair. I love the metal. Have a great spring weekend.

  15. Thanks so much for letting me know that I had the wrong link for A La Carte. Yes, that was interesting, and not at all what I wanted. wow. Thanks again. Hugs, Marty

  16. Cass that chair is perfect and the price is amazing! Love your 'Christmas' cactus. Thanks for linking with JFF this week! hugs, Linda

  17. I like your glasses with the purple frame. Got one just like yours.

  18. Loving the Metal chairs..... I can't believe your plant has bloomed so many times, you certainly have a green thumb.... Have a wonderful weekend

  19. ooo what a fantastic find! I simply LOVE the goodwill sometimes. I found the sweetest vase at the goodwill last week. It is hand crafted piece of ceramic work. :)

  20. You did good at goodwill. No fair I have been looking for a stool or chair to put by our bar in the kitchen. I have one I got at a thift shop for $3 but it has no back and I want a back.
    I do hope your plant finds it's Identity soon it is so pretty.

  21. Hi Cass.. I found you through Fertilizer Friday and I'm so in love with your "Old House"... and your new stool,,, wonderful!
    My Christmas Cacti flowered just the other day? wonder why?

  22. Hi Cass...

    Love, love, LOVE your new chair, my friend! Eeeks...I hear ya about needing more cush for the tush these days! Hehe! So happy for you...that you found the perfect chair for your kitchen! I think the black looks goes with your darker cabinet right there. A pretty black and white toile would also look nice, just thinking about that pretty wallpaper that you have in this room! Girl, I don't know what is going on with your "blooming" Christmas cactus! It sure is pretty though! Hehe!

    Happy spring wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  23. Hi Cass~ Love your industrial chic chair!! It looks like a perfect blend of form and function and comfort! lol! That cactus is so pretty too- I know nothing about them- but love the pink flowers! Thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  24. I love that drafting stool but I have to agree that the new find is probably more comfortable. I love the blue dishes on the wall too! I've got a (partial) collection of blue dishes that I need to put up as soon as I figure out which way I want to arrange them.


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