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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


No, not Dumpling -- because those are delicious.
Instead . . . Dumping.
As in . . . Mother Nature, stop dumping snow on us!

As I sit at the computer, I look out the window on my left and see this:
This lilac has leaf buds.  Under the snow.
 Even our big flower pots are unhappy with this:

 And I'd love to have you come for a dinner al fresco:

But the gas grill says, "No way!"
 Yes, the snow is beautiful.
Beneath these blobbies lies our grape vine -- which also has leaf buds.
I noticed them just yesterday.
Pretty sloppy and cold, too.
 The other lilac.  Also smothered in snow.  Buds in hiding.

 And in the dining room, looking out at the side yard through the old windows, more snow.

 And that's my Outdoor Wednesday, friends!

Honestly, having unexpected Spring Snow is a minor inconvenience;
our dog Dion is enjoying it, and I've decided to adopt his attitude,
stop bellyaching, and look on the bright (white) side.

Just think how much more we will appreciate the Spring glories to come after this snowy winter!

Go visit A Southern Daydreamer and say Hello to Susan,
who hosts this popular link party.  Click here!
I'm pretty sure I am not the only Snow Baby today,
but I'm hoping for pictures of Spring springing elsewhere!

 Susan herself has wonderful shots of spectacularly brilliant hot air balloons.  Marvelous!  -- Cass


  1. Oh dear, it seems like such a contrast we have here in Somerset. The warmest day of the year so far. It is a welcome change as we have not been getting good weather. I love snow...but not in Spring. I hope the sunny weather comes and finds you soon.
    Isabelle x

  2. First day of spring brought cold weather and lots of rain here and snow to our local mountains...crazy weather!

  3. Cass, I know it seems that Spring will never come this year for you. I am hesitant to write this but here in N FL we are experienceing some gorgeous Spring weather but our Spring is very short lived. I wish we had more Spring like weather than we do because I dread our heat that will be coming soon. Be careful what you wish for right??? Know that the snow will eventually melt and in no time you will enjoy all those Spring blooms. Dion is adorable, BTW.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  4. The storm that dumped us with rain brought snow for you???? You poor thin. If this doesn't stop soon, even Dion will lose his sunny attitude. I'm sending warm thoughts your way, to help the snow melt a little bit faster.

  5. That is the same view I have..... More to come tonight!! UGH!!
    Come on Spring!!!
    Have A Happy Day!

  6. I know! I thought it was Spring! We are expecting 6" of snow today in NY! Grr!

  7. Wow! Sure hope we don't get anymore here, Temps won't be as warm this the next few days as it has been, and a couple of nights back down in the 30's. :(

  8. wow! I wish for unexpected snow, but It will be unlikely :( Poor little flower pots are all sad! Love the doodling.

  9. Hi Cass! Oh my goodness, did you ever get some spring snow! I hope it doesn't head up here. LOL Thanks for your comment on my post today. I wish I could see sheep and green grass :-) The top one was taken in Alberta in 2009 and the bottom one was at Kings Landing Historical Settlement, N.B. last summer. I am dreaming and wishing for sunny warm summer days just like you. I hope your leave buds are not frozen from the snow! Blessings, Pamela

  10. P.S. I'm your newest follower! I used to look at your blog before I started blogging too. ;-) Pamela

  11. As I sit here looking for some signs of spring online it is still coming down (yes, that white stuff I refuse to dignify by name) outside my window. My poor old window that is rattling with the icy winds!
    I think you and Dion need to cuddle up and read a book and chew on toys.

  12. That's pretty much the same view from my window! I am in NJ too! Ughhh...winter go away!

  13. Oh, no! Enough already. You are going to be due one very nice spring for all the yucky weather so far this year. No snow here, but supposed to be in the 30's tomorrow.

  14. Are you sure that it is Spring in your part of the country? :) I think Spring skipped you guys.



  15. Snow! Not again for heaven sakes. We are having thunderstorms and a tornado watch tonight... I kind of like the boomers though.


  16. I have a couple of other friends who live up that way - I can't believe the difference a thousand miles makes. It is beautiful though/

    And so is Dion = a cutie pie!

    Keep up the white attitude.


  17. Oh my, do you live in Canada? I thought you were just in Ohio or something.... what's up, I turned on the air for the first time today, thank God it looks like it will get us through another Texas summer.

  18. Cass,
    You've got the right attitude! We got sleet and lots of rain....and thunder. We've gotten off relatively easy.
    But Spring is here! Even with this stuff coming down!

  19. I would have to agree with you about stopping the dumping if I was there. Love snow, but not all that northern states get. But we are under tornado watches and warnings tonight....I would take the snow over that.

  20. It looks the same in our City! Nice in December, but NOT in late March! I declare a pj day! Happy Spring! Angie xo

  21. OMG, when did this happen? It's supposed to hit Massachusetts tonight/tomorrow morning - yuck!

  22. Me too, Cass! We got over 18" in the last 24 hours and broke all kinds of records. We had whiteout driving conditions yesterday..ugh! Diana

  23. wow!! what a beauty love your story about restoring the beach house that meant so much to your parents and families and that it will be in your family for yrs and generations to come!!! so touching!!!


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