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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunshine . . . On My Molder . . . Makes Me Happy

With apologies to the late John Denver,
and also with apologies to That Old House.

She isn't really moldering away.  Much.  I don't think . . . .


But it was a brilliantly sunny morning this sparkling Wednesday,
and I thought I'd show you how winter sunshine peeks in,
and what it reveals!

 Our house faces East, so it's a challenge for the sun to slide across the covered front porch and --
 in through the front door sidelights and parlor windows.
But it manages to do so, and it climbs a bit of the front stairs.
 That Old House asks that you not gossip about the bottom of her newel post being a bit cracked.
She says if you were 180 years old, you'd have a few cracks yourself.   Well, she's right about that.

The front windows let in a bit of low angled sun that slants along the fireplace.
And highlights all the old lumps and bumps under the 3-year old paint.
 I'm afraid I like the old lumps and bumps, being the owner of a few of them myself.
Ladies, we all know that makeup can only do so much!

A sliver of sun brings out the gold in the wide pine floors in the parlor.
 And light from the front door illuminates the front hall where it meets the dining room.
Wood floors that match?  Oh my, wouldn't that be novel?
We have at least 6 different types of wood floors here, in random juxtapositions.  Time capsules at our feet.

In the sunroom, which earns its moniker in the mornings,
there is no covered porch blocking the rays, and warm bright light pours in.
 I think the ivy needs water, don't you?  If I had fed my kids the way I feed my houseplants, I'd have been in jail.
 I think the ivy could use a dusting.  Oh my, what a surprise!
Ivy doesn't have naturally fuzzy leaves, does it?  Are you sure?
I love pots of ivy, with their gracefully wandering stems.

A Christmas cactus, still blooming.
 Still expecting!  Quintuplets by the look of things.

And tucked along the side, by the door,
where the sun is not reaching him, dog Dion waits for a walk.
 He's just grabbing a cat nap.  He stayed up late last night to see who won Westminster.
We cheered on the Scottish Deerhound; what a magnificent dog,
and I do love it when the unexpected entry wins the whole enchilada.

But seriously, folks -- that Pekingese.
Are we sure that's really a dog, or something off a Mother Ship?
I don't trust them; I think their ultimate goal is world domination.

Enjoy your Wednesday!  -- Cass

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  1. We were rooting for the little wire-haired dog from our island, but he was beaten by a Deer Hound.
    No sunshine here - snow overnight, which is a huge insult.

  2. Oh Cass-You and Dion make me smile :) About the house (and me), I prefer to call those slight imperfections character! It has a much better ring to it. My dogs will watch the dog show too---but I try to impress on them that beauty is really on the inside :)

  3. Loved the tour in the sun, Cass. I have lumps and bumps throughout my house too, but none with the class of That Old House!

  4. Those aren't cracks, they are character lines! Love the sunny post & the sleeping pup! Have a wonderful day!


  5. Always gives me a smile to visit with you. Have a great day.

  6. Me and the cat, we are dedicated sun worshipers. Love your sunny post♥

  7. Hi Cass,
    I love your wood floors! my goodness they are beautiful! the history of them must be amazing.
    And your stair case wooden railing is also amazing. Can you tell I just adore old homes with beautiful wood..
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  8. Hiya Cass
    Your house is ageing gracefully like the fine old lady she is, any little knocks or bumps are just beautiful freckles on her lovely face!!

  9. Thank you for sharing your house. It's beautiful!

  10. What's a few cracks, I mean smile lines. Enjoyed your post.

  11. These are lovely photos, Cass. I love seeing sun weaving its way through a house.


  12. Cass, your shadow shots are wonderful. Fun to follow around That Old House. We, too, enjoyed the Westminster Show last night. We never miss it! ~ Sarah

  13. The old house IS full of love this week!!!!
    Dion you are just too much! :)

    Happy late Valentine's Day looks like you had a nice one.


  14. Oh- I love That Old House. I lived in that old house for years and loved IT too. There is just something about everything being not-quite-new, isn't there? LOVE your pictures and the reality of dusty plants that need watering. God bless you for sharing my shame! xxoo Diana

  15. Hi the sun really does shine up in Jersey...You could have fooled me...great all the wood floors...
    and you are so right about the Pekinese...2 eyes attached to a mop nothing..Loved the dog that an anorexic Irish Wolfhound....we actually taped the Great Pyrenees and we have watched it over and over...looked exactly like our's like he's back from the dead...I know we are crazy dog people....LOL

  16. All of that is what gives the house character and why we love old houses...I am so envious of you living in one.
    Mama Bear

  17. Love watching the sun travel through the house. Sometimes when I am away from home, I imagine what it would be like to be home at that moment....and where the sun would be!


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