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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sunshine, Snow, A Hijacking, And Lovely News!

This first week of 2011 is proving to have its ups and its downs.

Yesterday -- Wednesday January 5th -- was the last, the 12th, day of Christmas.
It brought brilliant thin winter sunshine:
 and memories of my mother, as it was the 1st anniversary of her losing a battle with Alzheimer's.
No one wins that fight.

So my post yesterday was about the New Year, and how sometimes Life is like a Fortune Cookie.
Most of the time with your takeout Chinese food, you get a Fortune Cookie like this:

But sometimes, when you order Chinese food, 
Life and chance throw you a curve and you get this instead:
An empty, sealed bag.  No fortune, no cookie, no nuthin'.

And I speculated on what 2011 would bring:
Fortune cookies, or just empty air where the crispy cookie should be?

It looked as if Wednesday was going to be an Empty Bag day.

I had my post ready to go, pictures and all, when my computer was hijacked
by a bogus anti-virus scan malware.  With my laptop still in Michigan, I was sunk.

Luckily Howard was able to get computer tech support to hack into our desktop remotely
and clear out the malicious nasty visitor, and restore everything back to normal. Late last night.
But now I have high hopes for this new year. 

2011 is shaping up nicely;
I'm looking forward to more Fortune cookies this year.
Because my daughter Alida and her boyfriend Josh became engaged
last night, and Howard and I couldn't be more pleased.

  Now there is a happy memory to associate with January 5th,
along with the knowledge that my Mom would love this;
she was a true romantic and a marriage cheerleader.

So, goodbye Christmas.  I'm ready to de-glitz.

Hello 2011; bring on those fortune cookies!

Mama -- I will always miss you, but after this very long year I'm okay, and I know you are, too.

Alida and Josh -- Mazel Tov!
Expanding is what our family does best.

 Today begins Epiphany, with the visit of the Three Wise Men
(or, as they are known in some parts of New Jersey, the Three Wise Guys) to Bethlehem.

Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace
 according to Thy word,
For mine eyes have seen Thy Salvation
Which Thou hast prepared before the face of all people:
A light to lighten the Gentiles
And the glory of Thy people Israel.
                                                                     The Nunc Dimittis
                                                  Simeon, at the dedication of the infant Jesus at the Temple.

And with that, I am outta here till tomorrow. . .
when we are expecting 3 to 6 inches of lovely white snow.  
See?  I'm maintaining a positive, Fortune Cookie attitude!  -- Cass


  1. I am so sorry for the loss of your Mother...I truly understand the pain. The 1st year is the worst and now you will be moving forward.

    Congrats on your daughters engagement...weddings are do fun to plan!!!

  2. Dear Cass,
    Congratulations on the good fortune to a new addition (soon) to your family..a son-in-law to be is a nice way to start the New year..
    How scary about your computer..wonder why hackers want to mess us up..we have done nothing to them..maybe they will end up with bad fortune..serves them right if they did!

    I so miss my mom too...I know she is with me in spirit as I always say..Oh mom would love that!!

    Enjoy sharing wedding plans with your daughter..that is always so much fun..yippeee!

  3. I am glad that you have some good with the bad and that your computer problems are solved. I hope 2011 continues to improve. Congratulations to your Daughter.

  4. My mom lost her Alzheimer's battle 10/18/10 and I'm struggling. Time must be helpful... The good news for me is, I'll be a g-ma for the first time in April. I'm trying to focus on that, but would have liked to see my mom be a gg-ma.

  5. Congratulations on your daughter's engagement. What an exciting time. Glad the day didn't end up as an empty bag day.

  6. Congratulations to your daughter and her fiance. And yes, we're gearing up for the snow, too!


  7. The year 2001 was like that for me, like an emotional roller coaster. My oldest granddaughter was born, then a week later my mom died so I know how you feel to say goodbye to 2010!
    Congratulation to your family on your daughters engagement:)

  8. Mazel tov indeed! I love that this date now has a wonderful memory attached to it. My dad died at 12:35pm and the grandson he never knew, was born at 12:35pm. Hmmmmmmm............they will always be with us!

  9. Congratulations to your daughter and future son in law!
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Congratulations - when is the wedding?

    Enjoy the snow -- weather here is too nice!!!!

  11. Aww..Congrats on your daughter's engagement. They are darling together...and as the year unfolds..well, I guess you will have to see how the cookie crumbles (providing you get one to begin with)-okay-I am quitting now - I promise..just consider me one oreo short of a full pack. Hugs- Diana

  12. How nice to have this good news to celebrate on such a day when your mom would have rejoiced! Congratulations!

  13. I am thinking of you on this one year anniversary. It never seems to get easier. I lost my father a few weeks doesn't seem real yet.

    On a happy note, I am so thrilled that your daughter is engaged. They make a very cute couple!!

    Hope this year is full of good fortune ;-D


  14. A true example of how life goes on. No fortune cookie needed. Life is what you make of it.

  15. Sometimes even without getting a fortune cookies, you really deserve it and it is directly delivered to you by god.

  16. I'm glad that you now a have a great memory to associated with this particular date.
    Congratulations to your daughter and her fiance.
    Enjoy planning the wedding with them.


  17. What a lot of fun you and Alida will have getting That Old House ready for all the celebrations. I'll bet your mum is smiling down on the excitement.

  18. Love that folded paper village.

    The newly engaged couple looks sooooo stinkin' cute together!

  19. I am so sorry for the loss of your mom, I know it must be very emotional but the good thing is that we know she is in good hands. Congrats to your daughter and future SIL on their engagement....Christine

  20. Congratulations Cass! I am very pleased to see Alida and Josh happy together.I'll bet your mother would have been happy, how is your father? hope he is doing well.

    My family and I wish you a very Happy New Year !

    Blessings Catherine

  21. Cass, Thank you for all your compassion and comments when I lost my Mom this year too. I feel your pain and wish you abundant brilliant sunshine throughout 2011.
    Congratulations on the engagement. Nothing like wedding planning to take your mind off of everything else;)

  22. have always to have a positive Fortune cookie're mom wants this too!!!!

    Congratulations to Alida and ....I'm waiting for all news and organization about the wedding..I'm like your mother: a marriage fan!!!!

    Hugs, blessings...and a big Fortune cookies full bag!!!!xoxoxoxo Flavia

  23. Congrats on the good news. Now you will remember the good and not so much the bad on this day. I never read fortune cookies. I always give them to my son. But I pray you always have a bag of good fortune in your future.

  24. The first year is definitely the hardest without your parents. I still feel like an orphan sometimes, even though I myself am old enough to be a grandmother. (But I am not) Congratulations on the engagement of your lovely daughter! You will have such fun planning the wedding -- and it is such an affirmation of life! It will be wonderful, I promise.


  25. Dear Cass,

    Each time I read your wonderful blog I discover something else we share. My sweet mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. She was an RN, knows what is happening and terrified. You're so right -- no one wins this awful battle. I'm sorry you lost your mother before her time came to return home.
    CONGRATS on your beautiful daughter's engagement! A wedding to plan; how fun! First comes love, next comes marriage, then comes Cass pushing her grandchild's baby carriage! Okay maybe not ALL this year. :)
    Your Friend,
    PS So glad I am not the only one that celebrates the "tree wise guys goin to pay Jesus a little visit" Most trees in blogland were down by Christmas afternoon!


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