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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Still And Snowy Morning

I know I already did a Wednesday post.

But this morning's snow is just too pretty not to join
Outdoor Wednesday and show it off.

Howard got up early, bless him, to shovel enough of the 7-inches of snow to get the Jeep out of the driveway.
I slept while he shoveled, but got up in time to share coffee with him, and witness the still white softness left by the storm.

Howard took his camera out after shoveling, for a few fresh snow shots.
Nature's attention to detail always awes me; no twig is untouched.
Our hedges look a little laden.

The grape arbor, tucked in for a long winter's nap.

Dry hydrangea blossoms sport snow cone hats.  Very chic!

The arborvitae right outside the sunroom is clobbered with snow blobbies.

More delicate and precise, fresh snow on dry sedum flower heads:

We didn't get much snow; 7-inches or so.  Parts of New England and
eastern Long Island have as much as 20-inches. 
By now the sun is fully up, and the wind is starting.
Our snow is flying, blowing off rooftops and tree limbs, and the neighborhood
has come alive with cars and snowblowers; that early hush of fresh snow is gone.

I'm glad we shared it.

Happy Outdoor Wednesday! Visit Susan at A Southern Daydreamer by clicking here.

Now go make snowballs.  -- Cass


  1. We got ice in Richmond - wish we had gotten some snow. Thanks for the virtual snow fall.

  2. Nice photo. Snow and sun together with blue heaven.

  3. Beautiful...Love it when it is so pretty..hate it when it turns black and sooty looking along the roadways. Love the feeling- Hate feeling cold~ 7" is quite enough to contend with-xxoo Diaan

  4. So pretty, but so cold.
    We still have snow on the ground here. It is 16, with wind chill of 3 as I am typing. :(

  5. Howard took some gorgeous photos. Stay safe and warm.

  6. At midnight, our world looked like yours - the most beautiful light from the snow, the towering cedars, swaying with their heavy burden. This morning, while the roads are blocked, I know that by noon I'll be able to get down the drive, because in true west coast fashion it has started to rain.

  7. Oh so beautiful! **kisses** Deb

  8. Did the students in your area get a snow day for all their trouble of wearing their jammies inside out?

  9. Beautiful pictures -- I love snow pictures!

  10. the snow this year have been so pretty sticking to to see the evergreens coated.

  11. have this moment Volcano Etna (where I live) is erupting and tonight it's going to let us "dancing" I put a picture (not really nice , it is taken beyond my house)on my blog!!!! Hugs...Flavia

  12. I think we got closer to 10-12". It was fluffy and light, though, so no problem to shovel. Hope you are feeling better!

    Beautiful snow pics!

  13. That looks like the stuff in our yard. :)

    Happy Thursday.


  14. Cass, Your photos of your snow is just beautiful. There are times when I wish we got a little snow in our area because my garden just looks a dull brown. Not a pretty site but in a couple of months everything will be green again and the bulbs will be popping up. Thank you for sharing your snow photos, they are stunning.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  15. Cass, We had snow in Mo. and are susupose to have more, I do love it, but I think we have had enough. But, guess we have to take what we get. Thanks for droping by my blog, I really do appreciate it. I ususally post once a week. Love your home, have a great week. Richard at

  16. Beautiful snow pictures. I love the snow cone hats.

  17. It's amazing and beautiful how snow changes everything!

  18. Came across your blog via "This Old House 2" and had to check it out! We also have an old home, ours is a kid compared to yours, we're only about 70 years old! LOL!!!

    We've just dug out (via snowblower) from the storm, it dropped about 24 inches on us! I think it's going to be one of those winters . . .

    I'm now your newest "Follower" - stop by and "visit" when you have a moment, we love visitors!

  19. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. No snow here - just lots and lots of rain.


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