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Friday, January 28, 2011

Help! I Have The Snow Sillies!

There are times when our neighborhood:

 reminds me of this:
This cutout.  Can you see it?  Am I nuts?
Don't answer that.

From my perch in the conservatory high above the street,
I look down at the other side, where the peasants live,
and watch them go about their little lives for my amusement.

While I eat cake.  Mwah-hah-hah!

Oh golly, I hope none of my neighbors reads this blog.
Because I am kidding.  Of course I am.  You knew that, right?
Don't answer that, either.

Blame it on the snow.
I have the chilly sillies.
Remember the good old days, back about 2 weeks ago, when I thought this was snow?
Ha!  I say, as I look out at the stone steps now.

That's a snow you can sink your teeth into!
As long as your teeth aren't sensitive to the cold, that is.

 And remember when this was a nicely laden winter table?

Well, feast your eyes on Mother Nature's perfect and pristine tablescape:

William Yeoward, eat your heart out!
 Remember when these little back steps looked snow covered,
back in late December?
  What back steps???

I am not sure why, but in the snow . . .
 our little neighborhood takes on the look of a toy village.
I want to put a train set around it.

And every time I look out at this part of the side yard, I think how much
our girls would have loved that slope of snow when they were little.

Two years ago they slid down it, on the lids from Rubbermaid Christmas ornament containers.
Those are the containers that now have the useless broken lids . . . .

It's chilly out, but inside the house is warm
and there's always hot coffee . . . or at least
there's always coffee to reheat! . . . so come
and say Hello on this snowy day.
You'd be the first!

By the way, I didn't promise cake.
So don't sue me when none is served.

Have a happy, silly snow day.  Lots of them.

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  1. Wow, Cass! That is some kind of snow you have and your neighborhood looks so pretty! It's okay to have the snow sillies! I have the sillies all the time and we never get snow! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Oh dear, Shelia beat me and I bet she got the LAST piece of cake!

  3. I keep telling myself that spring is just around the corner. But what corner is another story, many must be turned before then, because I am like you snow everywhere:( It is no longer welcomed, all the pictures have been taken and I shovelled enough. But, I would love to come and visit with you thank you, put the kettle on!!!

  4. Wow! I am sorry! If we had that kind of snow, the whole area would be shut down!
    I am so ready for Spring!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. You have really gotten a lot of snow!! You will definitely be glad for spring!

  6. Cass, each of you on the east coast have been in my thoughts. I truly can 't imagine dealing with all that snow. Stay warm and cozy in that wonderful house of yours. ~ Sarah

  7. As always I love your house! Snow and all!

  8. I'm suffering from cabin fever myself! And there's more of the blasted stuff on the way! CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!! LOL!!!

  9. I have totally missed the snow this year! For weeks it went around us after being promised by the weather forecasters; and then it snows while I am on a business's just not fair! So, I loved looking at your snowy photos. My only dislike of winter is not being able to work in my flower gardens. I throughly enjoyed your post.


  10. Cass,

    I have the sillies quite often and we don't even have snow. I would love to have a cup of tea or coffee. I will bring the cake (after I stop at the store and buy it).

    Have a great weekend.


  11. Hi Cass,I know the snow keeps coming down!!It sure looks pretty from your window.


  12. I'm sitting here looking at 18" icicles hanging from my roof! I'm gonna head out soon, see what's happening at Wally World-always an adventure! Happy Saturday:@)

  13. I have to tell you that the snow looks beautiful - this is coming from someone who never sees snow and doesn't have to live in it. We actually have "snow days" if we get lucky enough to see a few flurries in our area. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  14. Dear Cass - "oh my" from me coz it just doesn't snow here in winter. Is your dear Howard getting to work okay? Is darling Dion coping? I so hope your handsome Dad is feeling better despite all the white stuff outside, and that you are all cosily warm.

    Please take care, and know that I'm thinking of and caring about you all from "downunder" in Wellington's attempt at summer - it could be better!

    Michelle xxx and Zebby Cat (zzzzz snore zzzzzz)

  15. My brother had a train set as a child back in the 60's. I have always wanted one but no idea where I would put it. Maybe I could come set it up around your neighborhood?


  16. Do not be jealous if I tell you it might get in the high 60's here today. I feel awful and will not go out though. I think you do need a train or maybe some Who's from Whoville!

  17. The snow looks beautiful, Cass. It's nice that you have such a fun attitude about it. Those slopes were definitely meant for a little sledding, I think it would be fun! Enjoy!


  18. You do have the sillies AND alot of snow!!!!!

    Ours is melting just in time for more midweek.

    Have a great Sunday.


  19. Wow-you really did get hit! Snow definetely changes things inside and out-slows us down and makes us look at things differently!

  20. Dear Cass, your neighborhood does look like that charming cutout. It was such a delight to visit your blog today, I had fun reading about the three Pierres. I, too, will be gaining a son-in-law this June after a very short gestation period! Blessings & stay warm, Kim

  21. Wow, you're pics are beautiful!! I love to watch and listen to the snow...we live in the country, so aside from an occasional car driving down the road, it's pretty easy to "hear" the snow falling. I enjoy standing at the door and just soaking up the peace of a snowy night.
    Have a great day

  22. I have a 4-wheel drive Jeep, and I can make cake, so I'll bring it with me when I brave the frozen roads to come over ... okay? The endless pattern of snow storm after snow storm has me a bit silly, too. I'm fighting the urge to run out into the snow and never come back, so I'm throwing myself into house projects to keep my mind off of it. Tiling the kitchen? Done. Rearranging the workshop? Well under way. Laundry? Not so much.

    Wrap up, get some warmed-up coffee, and bide your time. Spring will come, as it always does ... and shortly afterward we will be complaining about summer heat.

  23. Oh my, Cass! I can't believe it! We had 6 inches a few weeks ago and I was snowbound for 5 days! lol But that's HUGE here in the South!I hope you are having a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  24. Couldn't you just whip up one of your grandmother's cakes - that nice, plain one that is sooooo good with tea or coffee? I could be there just around the time that it is at its best!

  25. It seems like everything is covered with deep snow. I wish spring is coming fast!


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