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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Color White

Is White a color?
It depends on whom you ask.
Google it and you will see what I mean.

I found an article entitled "Colors That Go With White."

I suspect it is a long article, much longer than its sister piece,
"Colors That Do Not Go With White."

In our part of the world, white is about all we see these days.
This week's snowscape at That Old House:

Last year's landscape . . . looks eerily familiar:
I'm seeing a pattern here.

But last winter saw some lovely whites inside as well.

And last June saw similar whites outside That Old House.

 This white, below, is missing.
Gone AWOL.
It's a matelasse spread I took to the beach house last year, and now can't find there, or here.
If white is truly the absence of all color, maybe this nice Peacock Alley spread just simply disappeared.

White shows up unexpectedly,
like in a sheaf of old papers stuffed into the dining room breakfront
that turn out to be the loose pages of a recipe notebook I compiled almost 30 years ago.
At least it proves that B.C. (Before Children), I used to actually cook.
And used a manual typewriter.  How quaint!

And I cannot write about whites without mentioning
Patty, Maxine and LaVerne, my big white ironstone pitcher gals.
A mix of gifts and thrifts, like most of what's here.

Some scientists or physicists would have us believe that white is the presence of all color.
Most artists and chemists would say nay -- it is the absence of all color.

Me?  I'm simple.  White's a color.  There.  Finis.
Why?  Because I said so.
If you can print it on a can of Benjamin Moore, it's a color.

I'll be at a place with lots of white, later today.
My dear Dad is back in the hospital, brought in yesterday,
just exactly one week after his last ER trip.
Your good thoughts are asked, and appreciated. -- Cass

Miss Mary at Little Red House is our hostess for
Mosaic Monday.  Clicketh thee here!

Yes, in the Northeast we are getting white-weary; we are not used to this much snow, this often.
But our last snowfall brought a brilliant gift; it is the most glittery snow I have ever seen.
It's like Martha Stewart glass glitter was spilled everywhere.
I just can't get a good picture of it!


  1. White is not a least that what I was taught in school so many moons ago..ha ha!! Oh girl i do feel for you with all that WHITE stuff you have to shovel or is that Howard's job..Please tell me you don't shovel ha ha!! Maybe your bedspread is now shacked up with my lace tablecloth..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. Oh I so agree, I think white is a color also. So sorry to hear about your dad. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Marty

  3. Whoever wrote the article Colors That go With White must have a lot of time on their hands. Wonder if they think black goes with white? Sorry about the bedspread. It looked very interesting. Enjoy your next wave of snow!

  4. Loved all your mosaics and pictures, they are all so beautiful. Loved the pristine snow in the first one, so undisturbed, and I love daisies as well, and white pitcher and creamers.
    So totally enjoyed your post!!
    Nice to meet you!!
    Blessings, Nellie

  5. You're right: White is a color!!! Hugs, Flavia

  6. I will pray for your dad and you. Maybe the washer was very hungry and ate the spread?

  7. caught a glimpse of Sally Lunn bread recipe..I use to make that from a Williamsburg recipe!

    The white here is also looking to familar!

    I am ready to see my daises blooming too!

  8. Cass, your mosaics are wonderful. Whites simply can't be beat. Thanks for sharing this one today. It makes me smile! ~ Sarah

  9. The white snow outside is beautiful, but the dogs sure hate having to go out into it multiple times per day ... Emma tries to fake us out and get back into the house without 'doing' anything. She's a crafty old girl. As tiresome as snow is outside, it sure makes for beautiful light inside.

    Here are some good thoughts and healing prayers coming your way for you and your dad.

  10. Enjoyed seeing the whites. Pretty mosaics. Oh yes - Manuel typewriters! :D
    Sorry to hear your Father is not doing well again. He has really had a rough time. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. Aw Cass- I am soo sorry to hear about your Dad. I am sad for you and for him. Life is sure not an easy road somedays, is it?

    I like white..and I definitely think it IS a color- lol But then, what do I know? Hugs- Diana

  12. And there certainly is white and then there is white .. so many varieties of white. So sorry to hear about your dad ... tough for all of you.

  13. Your poor dad. Ugh. Sending positive energy your way.

  14. White is the presence of all colors, and I love your 'all colors present' white pitchers!


  15. I'm coming to appreciate white more and more - even bought coverlets similar to your 'disappeared' one, for the spare room.
    I had a good share of white over the ten days that I sat in the ICU recently - no fun, and I mentally re-decorated the family waiting rooms with something other than green and white!

  16. White LIGHT is indeed all the colors of the spectrum, mixed equally. That is why, when white light is broken up by a prism or raindrops, you see a rainbow of colors. This doesn't work when you are using paint, of course. Mix 'em all together and you get mud.

  17. Wonderful whites -- we're expected to get ice and then snow!!!! Feet of snow!!!

    Which, I think, will be coming your way!

    You'll find the bedspread -- when the Gremlins are through with it they'll put it back -- it happens here at Linderhof -- things that are NOT there -- suddenly one day ARE!!!! Or isn't there people called "The Borrowerers"? Perhaps that's what they are.

    I've always loved Patty, Maxine and LaVerne!!! Beautiful pitchers!

    I'll remember your Dad in my prayers --

  18. I agree with you, if it's on a paint can then it is a color. And why would there be so many shades??

    I love your snow and daisy mosaics and I have my fingers crossed that you find your matelasse spread, it's so pretty!

    We are gearing up for our first big snow...21 inches predicted. And our snow blower is broke!


  19. Cass, white is a color, I agree with you! The missing bedspread is gorgeous, I surely hope it turns up somewhere. I hate when things disappear like that. Such beautiful mosaics.

    I hope your father is doing better; he's in my prayers.

  20. Colors that go with white? Seriously? I don't think I'd be reading that article.
    Your mosaics are lovely, Cass.
    God bless your dad.

  21. I know that technically, white is the absence of color but I still say it's my favorite color. :)

  22. What a very lovely mosaic! I just love and adore it.

  23. Love those photographs! White definitely rocks!


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