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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Beak, A Peek, And A Tweak

Disclaimer: I wrote this post late at night, too late at night, and I need to offer my apologies to Big Chickie.  I believe that She is really a He.  As in, a rooster.  Maybe it's the pastel colors that have lulled me into thinking of her -- umm, him -- as a chicken. Perhaps it is the proud, impressive bosom. Or, maybe he just likes it that way.  I ain't judging.  But for today, he's a she.  Big Chickie it is.

Big Chickie welcomes you.

 Some years ago, my sister Peggy and I gave this big chicken to our Mom,
who collected all things rooster and chicken.  Big Chickie is temporarily roosting in my kitchen,
on the old jam cupboard, where she can admire herself in a big mirror.  She likes that.

 She invites you to take a peek out of a window in the study.

This is my peek, from the window to the right of my computer.
I love seeing who comes up on the front porch.
I always hope they are bringing me presents, but mostly . . . they are not.

Big Chickie and I both thought this evening sky, from last week, was particularly lovely.
We have new neighbors in that sweet white cottage on the corner.
I should bring them a present.  On their front porch.

Big Chickie has gotten me looking at little spaces here and there in That Old House.
Like, the coat closet under the front hall stairs.
The door is old wide beadboard, but what is sweetest about it is its knob.

 You turn the round knob, and the little lever on the left lifts up and voila! you are in the closet!
The lever part is iron.  I think the knob is bronze.  Like, really old bronze.
 Ah, in this shot you can see the dent in the round knobby.
Someone was impatient to get a coat once upon a time.

Above the closet is something I rarely notice.  And never dust.
See those two wood thing-a-ma-jigs hanging down?
 They are the bottoms of the stairway posts, the one at the top of the first and longer flight,
and then the one at the top of the short landing flight.
 I don't recall seeing the bottoms of stair posts in other houses.
I assume this was done on purpose, and not just a boo-boo on the part of some 19th century carpenter.

A moment of random noticing:
I just like how those turquoise and gold glasses look on the kitchen cupboard shelf.
That little bit of mid-century bling in the middle of all the ironstone.

 And speaking of milk glass. . . .
(Yes, I know we weren't speaking of milk glass, but let's play pretend.)

About 2-1/2 years ago I was browsing eBay and found an old table lamp.
It looked interesting.  It had no harp or shade, and it needed rewiring.
I bid $10 and got it.
 Then the seller emailed, to tell me that as she was packing it for shipment, it fell apart.
"It's more like a lamp kit now," she said.  "I can't get it back together."
"Send it anyway," said I.

I mean, really . . . what would you do?

My vintage lamp kit arrived, a box of random parts, and I took it to my Dad.
Who could always fix anything.
He surveyed the parts, we went to the hardware store and got what he needed,
and in a few days . . . That Old House had a new resident lamp.

Yay, Dad!

But there's more -- a little more -- to this story.
One night, late, I was watching The Divine Secrets of The  .... yeah, you know the rest ...
and in the scene that takes place in Whatsername's mother's bedroom, the scene with the ring ... 
c'mon you know the scene ... right on her mother's nightstand is . . . my lamp!

This lamp!  One and the same.  Only, of course, not this lamp,
but a glamorous Hollywood twin of this lamp.
I backed up the movie to make sure.  Yes, the same.
Right on the nightstand of that poor bat-poo-crazy lady.
I have since promoted her from the study to the parlor,
where she is happily hobnobbing with my Imari porcelain lamp from Craigslist.
And preparing for her closeup, Mr. DeMille.

She is asking for a new lampshade, though, and I can't blame her.
Just can't seem to find the right shape and size!
Maybe I should put "Divine Secrets yada yada yada" in my Netflix queue, and see what crazy lady used on her lamp.

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Enjoy your Thursday!
I've been scarce -- my Dad was in the hospital again, but he's back home now.
Then, I got sick on Tuesday (you don't want to know) but thankfully am feeling much better.
And we just received another 8 inches or so from Mother Nature's over-achieving Snow Factory.  Snowcones anyone? -- Cass


  1. Cass...I bet there are endless little nooks and cranies in the old Beautiful house of yours.
    Love your lamp,(great job Dad!) and watched the Divine Secrets....the other evening , will pay more attention the next time!
    Hope your Dad and you are feeling much better by now.
    Hugs, Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. You crack me up. You've inspired me to go around photographing weird things at Hanover - not that your things are weird, mind you, you know what I mean. Where's that ceramic dog with the weasel in it's mouth..........

  3. Glad your feeling better and your Dad. Nice to remember him with your lamp posting. How fun to see it in a movie! I love that movie!


  4. Simpatico il gallo, mi piace la veduta della tua veranda.Saluti,Rosetta di theromanticrose

  5. If old houses could only t a l k !

    Love the door knob thingie.
    At first I thought you were looking for little spaces to hide the rooster or gifting him on someone's porch. ;0)

  6. I just love all the nooks and crannies and quirky touches of an old home!

    Big Chickie seems to be the gal about town! Does she bake for you? LOL!!!

    Nice lamp, I love the detail on it and it's neutral color. I have some old ones from my mom-in-law and I don't know what to do with them . . . I'm torn about keeping them or letting them go.

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Old houses are so interesting and I always love seeing bits and pieces of yours. Your lamp is gorgeous...hooray for your Dad fixing it up for you. I love the's definitely one to watch more than once. The book was excellent, too. I will have to look for your lamp!


  8. It's weird that you posted a photo of the bottom of your stair posts ... 'cause mine stick down like yours, too! I guess I never really thought of it as significant ... I learn lots of new things by traveling on blogs. Love yours, BTW. I've read you forever, but I just now noticed that I'm not officially following. (I pushed the Follow button to fix this) and I'm adding you to my blog roll, too.

    I hope you're not too snowed in.

  9. A perfect lamp... she may hobnob in my house any old day, and YES, by all means... go see those new neighbors and leave a little something on their porch.. They would love it, I'm sure.


  10. Morning, Cass! You still have snow! I love peeping out your windows! Love your special little door knob! I've never seen anything like that! Your home has so many unique spaces!
    Now your lamp! I love it and you didn't tell us - did you still have to pay $10 for it after it fell apart? :)
    I like that pretty lamp shade.
    Now I noticed little Deon was missing. He must be all snug as a bug in the bed! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. I am sure that MISS Chickie is a MR Chickie. Look at the comb and the big tail feathers!

  12. Oh I am always so amazed all all the wonderful architectural elements found in older homes. Seems like they have such character not found anymore. Love your home and your Chick, glasses and lamp. Hugs, Marty

  13. I think you are right Chickie should be Chuckie . But what a handsome he/she she/he is.
    I love the lamp too. And the stair thingies. I have not been in many homes with stairs so don't know if that is weird but interesting. The view from your window is so nice and I hope someone brings you a gift soon. My fav . gift these days is takeout. Since I can't get away much every time someone comes to visit I hope they brought me something to eat. Sometimes they do. But not enough to suit me. LOL!

  14. Thanks for the tour--especially the door knob! The stories it could tell! The kitchen bling--and that lamp fun! Hope your dad does OK and glad you are feeling better.

  15. I love seeing photos of your wonderful house, Cass. That knob is the best - what a treasure. And your die for.


  16. Loved seeing the door knob and Chickie and the sunset view and your famous lamp. Everything is so interesting at your house.

  17. Yes - looks like Chickie is a he. :D I like all the little extras in the older homes. I don't envy you with all that snow - I need Spring.
    Sorry you and your Father have been under the weather, and glad you both are doing better.
    If you like toile, stop by as I am having a give away.
    Enjoy your day.

  18. That was an interesting story about the lamp.

  19. love the tour and your rooster. My house is 107 yrs old and yes my stair case has the post coming down from the second floor and landing also.

  20. Cass,

    First off, any male that struts around in feathers would take being called "Chickie" as a compliment.
    I too sometimes lose myself in the details of my old house. These are the things that give the house character and will never be duplicated in McMansions. I love your the tale of your beautiful daughter and three Pierres!

    Your Friend,

  21. So happy for your visit Cass!! If I lived closer I would really come to visit you and bring you a present; especially since you have been sick.

    Lots of blessings on your snowy days! You could send some our way; the boys really want to see some snow this year.


  22. A lovely lamp -- and to think you saw it in a movie!!!

    I just saw some candlesticks that we've had for a while (A Tuesday morning purchase) in the newest Traditional Home mag today!!!! (Perhaps it will be a post!)

    You've certainly had your share of snow!!!!

    Our Victorian that we lived in a long time ago had the same things on the stairs to the ceiling thing. Never really thought about it -- it was just another something to dust!

  23. Love your flight of ideas, lamp, chickie, and old house! So glad your dad is better♥

  24. Well, this was a nice diversion at the end of a long day for me. I am smiling about your rooster that is masquerading as a chicken...and your Build-Your-Own lamp purchase...and your little jiggy knob. I am NOT smiling to hear that your Dad has been ill again. I know how very hard that is..many of us have walked that path...and it does get harder as the years pass. I assume your little illness kept you sitting a bit? Glad you are better. This was a wonderful random post! Loved it- Hugs- Diana

  25. How funny....rooster? Chicken? Which!! To cute. I love your lamp, that is really lovely. Nice to hear your dad is doing better, that is great. Have a great VTT!

  26. Cass...I think you're living in my dream home.

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog; always something wonderful to read about, beautiful to look at, and exciting to dream about.

    Now. When can I expect you to vacate my new home? :D

  27. Cass -- you'll never believed what I just bought today -- your lamp's twin!!!

    Yes, right here in Fort Scott -- in my favorite shop in the window as I was going down the street -- there it was, whoa -- put on the brakes and back up.

    Of course, it came home to Linderhof -- it did, however, cost more than $10!!

    Where am I going to put it -- haven't a clue but I HAD to have it!!!

    And I love it -- but then I loved yours when I saw it --

    Hope you don't mind my bieng a copy cat!

    And I will do a post about it sometime soon -- perhaps for White Wednesday.

  28. Cluck, Cluck, Big Chickie. Richard from

  29. Cass, I love your lamp. I have a "thing" for lamps.

    That is one of the reasons I love living in an old house...all the unusual little things that you would never find in a new home. I need to take pictures of the ornate hinges in our house. You never see them but they are awesome!

  30. Your lamp is gorgeous! What a wonderful buy.



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