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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Grab Bag of Christmas

Welcome to Christmastime at That Old House!

Please come in; we hope you won't notice that we 
haven't decorated the front door yet.  

Stop at the Kissing Ball in the front hall . . .
that should distract you!

 Let's make a quick left turn, into the Parlor on this sunny Monday morning.

 Candles, cedar roping, and a touch of bling on the mantle.
Little white lights peek out from the roping at night.
 What's this?
A turkey?  A peacock?
No, it's my last minute inspiration for a tree topper . . . gilded feathers.
 Okay, even I admit it's odd.
But it gives the little tree a rather startled look,
as if it's surprised to find itself all decked out for the holiday.   Who, me?
 Late on Sunday afternoon, I tucked myself into a corner of the sofa, above,
with a book in my hand, warm slippers on my feet, and an adult beverage at my side.
It was a lovely way to spend a little time post-party.
I took a few pictures from my sofa seat.
See my slipper?

  The sunroom tree is a big ol' Southern boy from North Carolina.

 He's wearing a be-ribboned headdress, a reminder to us that so many
of the ornaments on our trees were gifts to us after Hurricane Floyd destroyed our others in '99.
Look to the right, at the top of the sidebar, for a link to that story.

I do love tree ornaments.
One can never have too many.  Fact!

Our Family & Friends Christmas Party on Saturday turned out just fine.
The essential decorating got done in time, and all the food was cooked, and most of it eaten!
Biggest hits:  Hot Reuben Dip, and Cranberry Onion Brisket.

Our guest list of 22 grew to 29 by party time, which is always a blessing and a joy.
(Our 30th guest didn't eat dinner, only dessert, so I'm not counting him.)
My father was able to join us, and stayed until 10:30 that night.  Pop loves a good party.

Thank goodness for the help of my husband, my daughter Anne on the day of the party,
and my daughter Alida, home from California since 12/15 for the holidays.
And my sister Peggy for her Christmas baking.  Mmmm... cookies!

 I didn't get many (if by many I mean any) pictures during the party; I was just too busy.
Wait.  There is one, taken during our Annual Grab Bag from my spot in the kitchen.
The Grab Bag gifts were particularly delightful, bizarre and ridiculous this year.
My nieces say it was epic.
Good job, all!  Laughter is the best gift we can give one another.
After cash.

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Be back tomorrow with some really neat Goodwill Christmas scores!
And maybe (finally!) a decorated staircase!  -- Cass


  1. Well , wow , what a lot of sumptuios loveliness , it all looks absolutely fabulous ., WELL DONE--cottonreel

  2. Such lovely trees! Both are simply GORGEOUS!

    Merry CHRISTmas!

  3. In my humble, traditional, old fashioned opinion NOTHING says Christmas like simple, classic displays of red and greenery.

    Your fireplace is PROOF positive of this!

    I LOVE a shocked Christmas tree too.

  4. Beautiful decorating on the trees! I love trees filled to the brim with ornaments. Sounds like you had a wonderful evening. Your grab bag present exchange looks like it was a fun and interesting time too!

  5. Yours trees and decorations are beautiful! Sounds like your evening was a success. You deserved to curl up with a good book and drink after your big party.:D
    Have a great week.

  6. Your sunroom tree is beautiful as is all the rest of the house. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Your mantle, the trees, everything. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  8. Cass what a gorgeous yellow house! I decided to follow you then realized I'm already following you! Maybe you can stop by my blog sometime and see if you're following me too ;)

    New England-Style

  9. The house looks great! Merry Christmas.

  10. How fun and what a crowd, now relax!

  11. Fantastic you tree topper... and I adore your sunroom tree...and your party with your dad...I think was the best present in the evening!!! I wish you and your wonderful family a very happy and merry Christmas!!!Hugs, Flavia

  12. I agree with Lori, it's time to relax now!!! Your decorating is beautiful and the feathers are pretty neat~!!

  13. You are so right on the ornaments - you can never ever have too many. Impossible to have too many. Glad your party was a success.

  14. Hi Cass,
    Your trees are just outstandingly gorgeous!!!
    I love what you have done to them!
    And the party looks like it was a great time!
    Merry Christmas to you my friend,

  15. Great photos, I am not surprised that your home is decorated is such a lovely way. Don't feel bad about the stairs, mine are not decorated yet either. :)

  16. Beautiful photos. Love your Christmas decor and I think my favorite tree is the one in your sunroom. So happy your party was a success.
    Merry Christmas,

  17. Fantastic trees, love the peacock feathers. Sounds like you had a great party. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  18. I love your Christmas decorating -- because it is real!!!!

  19. Your tree is wonderful and I like the topper...the description "startled" made me laugh, but it really doesn't look looks elegant.

  20. Cass- Everything looks wonderful! I love it all..but especially the big tree in the sunroom. Perfect. Hugs-Diana

  21. Your trees and decorations are beautiful! So glad you had such a good party and thinks it is wonderful that your father was able to be there and had such a good time. Enjoy the much deserved rest before the weekend.


  22. Cass, you make me laugh 'til my side hurts. And that big tree in your sun room looks like an Ashe County tree to me. Did it come from the NC mountains? I'm just learning of you being affected by the flood. Sorry to hear that, but it sounds like friends rallied around you.

    Thanks for joining the "Tour of Homes" party. Merry Christmas!


  23. Your trees are beautiful! I can never have too many ornaments. BTW..the centerpiece is fabulous!


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