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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Confessions of a Weinachtsbaum Junkie

It is 20 days until Christmas.
I have not yet begun to decorate That Old House,
but today we'll begin bringing the boxes down from the attic.

Out will come the decorations and the lights and the ornaments.
Oh, especially the ornaments.

Read on, as I recycle a 2009 post
about the Christmas Trees at That Old House.
I confess: I am addicted to Christmas Trees.

No other holiday bling is as mesmerizing as a Christmas tree.

I even put a tiny tree, a gift from my daughter Anne, at the side of my kitchen sink:

(The card stock backsplash was temporary while we slowly remodeled the kitchen!
We finally finished in November '10.)

In our powder room, a wee Santa Claus tree greets visitors.
(Get it?  Wee?  I crack myself up.)

In our front hallway, a tabletop tree, decorated by Anne for a dorm room a few years back:

In the dining room, a spiral tree in the middle of the bay windows.
No ornaments, just lights.

At the front entry, a small tree with lots of red balls and
red gilded apples, glass Santas and Snowmen, by day:

And by night:

Turn around from the front door, and look up the center hall stairs,
where a topiary tree stands sentry on the landing outside daughter Annie's little suite:

My feather tree, a gift from my sister-in-law Doris (from Winterthur's Museum Shop),
is on top of the old pie safe in the sunroom:

I have to balance the ornaments for the feather tree, or it tips over.
I just love collecting the teeny decorations.
It's so cute and so much fun. You should have one.   Yes... you should!

Our girls' tabletop tree, in the study, by night:

And by day:

In the Parlor, a tall artificial tree holds court. Night, and day, pictures:

Christmas trees look so much better at night.
Come to think of it, so do I.

Back in the conservatory, it's the fresh tree -- everybody's favorite, and almost always a Frasier Fir:

Our two big trees are a rag tag pair, with a hodgepodge of ornaments, from home-made lovelies and uglies to Lenox and Waterford, from Dollar Tree to Lord & Taylor. Some belonged to my parents and pre-date me, while others are brand new.
They all find space on a branch.

No themes, no color-coordinated decorator beauties. Our trees hold memories, and lots of them.

I love to look at and I do so admire beautifully and carefully decorated, themed, or color-coordinated Christmas trees,
but it's Trees Gone Wild for our 12 days of the holiday.

And that Frasier Fir in the sunroom? It shines with 1,700 colored lights. Bling-Bling!
My husband Howard is a Christmas-lights junkie.

What is, or was, or will be, on your Christmas tree(s)?
A crazy jumbled slumgullion of glitter and gleam, or a carefully edited collection?

 May your Christmas be full of hope and joy,
may your home reflect your excitement and love,
and may your Christmas trees always be full of your special type of Bling! -- Cass

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  1. It doesn't matter how old I grow to, I will always love and insist on a tree for Christmas. I have heard too many people state that they are too old for a Christmas tree. When they say this, I am hearing "I no long believe". When one stops believing they might as well stop living because the spirit of Christmas comes to life when it is believed in.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. Beautiful and amazing. I would enjoy just sitting there and looking at your tree. Wish I had a christmas light junkie man!

  3. Enjoyed seeing all your pretty trees. I have a pair of the spiral topiaries that are outside my back door year round.
    Have a great week.

  4. Oh...CAss...your trees are can I show you mine?!!????..... have a nice afternoon....ciao Flavia

  5. Cass- Beautiful...beautiful...beautiful...did I say it enough times to cover all your trees? And, the best part is that old house is the perfect showcase for all your decorations. That's the way it was in the past...all colors and shapes and sizes. I think it is only in the last generation that we got all color cordinated and stylistic.

    When I had my big old house in the historic district I decorated from top to bottom with several trees. I have pared it down over the years but still do several small trees..and one large one and one medium one. I am convinced it is a one I don't mind having.

    Your last year's trees are beautiful...can't wait to see what you do this year. Hugs- Diana

  6. We will put up the tinsel tree again this year and it't the theme will be "A Childhood Christmas." There will be other types of trees too. Christmas decorating will wait till next week.

  7. Cass, Your trees are beautiful! Love the first photo and the photos of the big trees at night!
    Hugs, Beth

  8. Gorgeous, I lost track how many trees does that make in all?

  9. The Christmas trees are fantastic. Each ornament has special meaning on our tree and a stroll down memory lane as it is decorated. Have a great week.

  10. How many Trees? I lost count but my favorite trees are like yours no theme just loved ornaments from many generations. Mine is trees gone wild x 2. One large and one small in the kitchen. merry♥O

  11. My tree (just one, I'm sad to say) is filled with a lifetime of ornaments and momentos, all of which have a story or special meaning that make them precious to us. And no matter how many times Hubby says, "We're running out of room on the tree!" I know that there is always room for the new ones I add each year. If we do run out of room someday, we won't reduce the ornaments, we'll just get a bigger tree!

  12. I love Christmas and the tree at Linderhof is filled with memories! I just added our 2010 silver bell when we got home tonight --

    I love your trees -- ALL of them!!!!

    If Linderhof were bigger we'd have more than just one!

  13. Now that my dear, is a Christmas tree. Beeeeeautiful!
    Yes, most Christmas trees do look better at night but yours managed to do fine in the daylight too.
    I'm still working away on mine.
    Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  14. I'm feeling that Pondside is seriously under-treed! I just need to know....where do you store it all?

  15. That's a lot of trees! It's good to know there are other tree junkies out there. This year I added a white tree to my daughter's room which she is in the process of decorating with just pink ornaments and a small lavender tree in my other daughter's room. Plus all the ones I had.

    Thanks so much for participating in Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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