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Friday, December 3, 2010

A Beach House Trip on a Chilly Saturday

That Old House is home all alone today;
Howard and Dion and I are here:
 We're at the family beach house, because the weather is getting cold,
and if the water around the dock freezes, the tides can lift the pilings right out of their footings.

That is not a Good Thing.

So Howard, my brother Lindy and brother-in-law Bill will be out on the dock, installing an Ice Eater.
That is a nifty gizmo that kicks on when the temperature dips below freezing,
and keeps the water churning.

Still waters run deep.
Churning waters don't freeze.
But it will be cold out on that dock.
My sister Peg, sister in law Carol, and I will stay inside the house.

Or, go shopping.   :-)   Have a lovely Saturday! -- Cass

Since the beach house, out on eastern Long Island, has long been a favorite of mine, I'm linking to A Few Of My Favorite Things Saturday, at Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie.

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  1. Oh...I get it. We live on the water too...and even have to take our docks in come winter. Enjoy your time with family- Hugs- Diana

  2. Vacation homes are a lot of work but well worth it. I am looking forward to getting back up to ours after the holidays and cozying up. Hope you have a great time shopping!


  3. Cass, this looks like a lovely place to spend the weekend. Have fun out shopping with the girls. ~ Sarah
    Hope your back is better.

  4. Sounds like a good plan to me. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Looks like a nice place to spend time! Last weekend I spent the weekend at my inlaws place on the Jersey Shore and it really is a whole different world down there this time of year! Enjoy the peace and quiet!

  6. I hope the blokes dealt well to the dock, and darling Dion realised it was better to be inside with his dear human women folks. Enjoy your time there,

    Michelle and Zebbycat, xxx and stretch out on your side -

    coz Summer has arrived a month early here!

  7. Cass,
    What a beautiful place to have in the family. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I hope that your back is much better and that the shopping trip with the girls is a treat!

  9. the quaint little river towns always have a charm about them

  10. HAve a wonderful shopping saturday!!!!lol, Flavia

  11. It is so pretty there. But I would go shopping while the man work. Have a great time.

  12. It seems we have a lot in common, since I'm from Morris County and I grew up spending 21 of my summers in a beach house on Long Island sound. I love it there!!

  13. Oh Cass, this looks like a wonderful place. I'd love to have a place like this to go visit. I have never heard of an ice eater, but I'm glad you didn't have to go help set it up. It made me sooo cold just reading about it. I can see why this would be a favorite of yours. I am so glad you linked this to Favorite Things. laurie


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