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Monday, November 8, 2010

Pimping Howard's Shed Part One, And The Kitchen Makeover Part 386

Change is good.  Sometimes.  
And these are good changes . . . .

 A week ago, our driveway looked like this in the morning:

  By late afternoon, there was a shed alongside the driveway.
Howard's shed, for the snowblower and lawnmower and all those other neat guy things.

Now far be it from me to mess about with a guy's shed.
But it looked a little, well, plain.
Surely a little masculine bling would be just the thing.
 At The Christmas Tree Shops, they had some macho wreaths that just begged
to go home with me and live on Howard's shed.
  They are metal; no frou-frou flowers or girly nonsense about these bad boys.
They are even dangerous.
Those pointy metal stars are sharp and quite painful.

 I was a little afraid Howard wouldn't like my tarting up his shed with wreaths.
In fact, I left the price tags on . . . just in case.  $2.99 each.  I spared no expense.

But to my surprise and delight, Howard pronounced them "adorable."
And believe me,  "adorable" is not a word used lightly -- or often -- by my husband.

I mentioned to him that the window is in need of a curtain, and I had a bit of lace. . . .
"Sheds don't do lace," he said.  We'll see.
 We'll see about raffia bows on the wreaths, too.  I'm just sayin' . . . .

There is a chance that Howard's judgment was slightly clouded by paint fumes.
We finally got brave, and put brush to oak.
The kitchen cabinet paint-over, in progress:

These pictures show primer and some first coats of the Biscuit color.
There's a long way to go; I know what I'll be doing this week.
But the kitchen already looks brighter, and righter, and as if it belongs in an old house.

Ah, spot the bottles of Advil and Aleve tucked handily in a door-less wall cabinet,
and a bottle of Jack Daniels on the counter.  Purely medicinal.
 After enough of that, the kitchen looks like this:

 Ugh, I think I've revealed
more of my kitchen's guts than it is probably wise to reveal.
I promise, the next kitchen pictures will be prettier!

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 Have a marvelous Monday, my friends.  I'm heading back into the paint in our endless kitchen rehab.
But it's only 18 days till Thanksgiving and I want the kitchen ready! -- Cass

P.S.  That Jack Daniels?  It's in the kitchen because I used it in a pork loin roast recipe and have been too lazy
to waltz it back to the dining room.   Remember, kids, don't drink and paint.
You are likely to end up with a dog of surprising colors.


  1. CAss- I think the wreaths are as mannish as a wreath can get!:>) God bless you for taking on that kitchen project. I have painted a couple of kitchens in my time and MAN what a lotta work...but you already know that! Can't wait to see it done...and oh yeah...I HATE having to open my cupboards around people! lol Hugs-Diana

  2. Wow, those are great wreaths ! I've been wanting to head out to the Christmas Tree Shop - for $2.99 you can't beat it !

    thanks for sharing,

  3. Whew...what a chore! It will be soooo worth it when completed, Cass.
    The new shed with its "adorable" adornments looks...well, ADORABLE!! LOL I don't know about the lace curtains, though.
    Your sweet Howard is such a blessing & a hard worker...I wouldn't push my luck on that window treatment.

  4. Cass, your kitchen looks so much better already -- just think what it will look like when you finish!!! You will be so glad you did it! And I don't know what gets into people's head to put cabinets like that into old houses -- ours was a 1985 kitchen in our 1920's house -- now it looks as if it has always been there -- since 1920!

    Can't wait to see the total finished project!!!

    Don't let paint fumes get to you -- take a rest now and then and a nip of the JD!

  5. What Rettabug said..." I don't know about the lace curtains, though.
    Your sweet Howard is such a blessing & a hard worker...I wouldn't push my luck on that window treatment."

  6. Loved your special touches on the shed. You are giving me ideas. Not a good thing. I think your kitched is going to look spectacular. Can't wait to see the afters.

  7. The wreaths were perfect for the shed doors, wonder if hubby would mine coming home from his trip to wreaths on his shed. The kithchen is starting to look fabulous, love the off-white cabinets. Happy painting.

  8. Cass, the wreaths were a great idea! Love to see kitchen makeovers. It's such a lot of work, but really worth it. Paint on! :D :D :D

  9. WOW. Those cabinets are looking GREAT. (Hmmmm....I also have blah oak cabinets...)
    Also, the wreaths are great. Now you'll have to find manly flowers to plant in the little window box!

  10. Uh huh! I'm sure that was some good Jack Daniels in that recipe! I won't tell! :)
    Great wreaths on hubby's shed! I love those.
    Now your kitchen has been being to busy getting gorgeous for some time and I know you're so glad it's nearing completion! Woo Hoo! and leave the JD alone! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. The wreaths look great on the shed and love the price. Your kitchen is looking good. When you finish yours, I will send you directions to my house - my cabinets need to be painted also. :-D
    Have a great week.

  12. Love the star wreaths on the shed doors...very cute! Your kitchen is really coming along too! Can't wait to see the end result :o)

  13. Hi Cass,
    I love your shed...I mean your husbands shed..LOL
    My husband and I have been looking at sheds, we really need one. I love the metal wreaths you hung on the doors they are just perfect! I think Santa is going to bring a shed for my hubby for Christmas..Don't tell my hubby...
    This is my first visit, I found you through Cielo.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  14. Your cabinets look great. What a difference the lighter cabinets make. My cabinets are "pickled" a finish popular in the early 90's. I have been considering painting them white. Are you going to paint the inside as well? I have glass doors on a few of mine. Thanks for sharing. Looks like you were able to do them inside. I am assuming that you brush and roller. Carolyn in Charlotte

  15. That is the cutest little shed I've ever seen - - - with or without the bling!

    I wanna put a little bed in there and move right in.

  16. You are so funny! I agree the shed doors needed those wreaths! I just LOVE the way the kitchen is soming out! I have icky cheap yellow pine cupboard in mine and I sooo want to paint them! Watching you makes me feel it is the right thing to do! I love your home!!!!!! ANd the progess reports on that wonderful kitchen! :):) Sandy

  17. Oh mama this is going to look just wonderful at that old house...girl I love the toile wall paper and I'm also one of those nuts that love wall paper ha ha!! And you know what I ove the bling to the shed...See Howard has great taste as he should he picked you for his soul mate...How's your daddy doing my dear friend...Much love to ya Cass...Your the best... Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  18. I dont't know...I just might drink to remove wallpaper...just sayin'

    The tarted up shed is too not put lace in the window...please do something else.


  19. Love the wreaths--I may have to try that on my man. I was doing the same thing in my kitchen this weekend--clean/sand/primer/jack daniels/advil--in that order!

  20. I love that shed. Who knew that there were manly killer wreaths available that can double as weapons?

  21. I do think the shed window needs something. Maybe not lace, but what about a nice manly printed curtain. With deer heads and guns on it? Or maybe his favorite football team? The kitchen is coming along nicely.

  22. Cass, I'm waiting for the window box with pretty flowers. This spring perhaps?
    I like the star wreaths. Can't beat the price!
    The kitchen will be ready for Thanksgiving? Why that's in no time. LOL
    ~ Sarah

  23. I think you'll love the white and it will look so nice and fresh with the new toile wall paper!

  24. I think the cabinets look original to the house now. You're going to love this light color. And I like what you did to gussy up the shed too.

  25. Oooo Cass, I can't wait to see the finished kitchen cabinets! When you're done, can you end Howard over to paint my aunt's old breakfront? ;)

    And what about a tea towel curtain or shutters for the shed window?

  26. Pimping the shed, how cute! Love it. The kitchen is looking great! Almost done!?!

  27. Hi Cass!
    I just found your blog from NTT and I've become a follower, I just showed your kitchen pictures to my husband I so want to do this to my kitchen too. I'll be watching for more kitchen updates and BTW I love your pretty!



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