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Monday, November 1, 2010

Okay, My Excuse is . . . it's Monday

There are a few things wrong with this blog post.

1.  It is really late.   
2.  I am having weird computer problems; things simply don't work.
3.  I can't find my camera.  Used my phone.  Oy. Just Oy.
4. It's not very interesting.  Except maybe to Howard and my Dad.


Check out Show Off Your Cottage Monday,
at Cielo's The House In The Roses.  Click here!

Now, on this Monday evening, I have two Before-and-Afters to Show Off.

This is Before, in our yard, along the driveway.  Back in March '10.

In July '10.
 That is Howard, with Joanne, Dion's breeder,
back in July when she came for a small family reunion.  The dogs all are related to Dion.

In September '10, another Before shot; the land we're looking at is next to Howard's Jeep.
And sitting to the left in this picture, is my other Before -- my 90-year old Dad.
Before he got as sick as he got last week.
 Those are assorted siblings of mine, and their spouses, doing our field work.
We made jam . . . click here to see our first attempt!

Now for the After.
We don't have a garage at That Old House.  No outside storage.
We need a place for snowblower, lawn mower, garden tools, hidden Snickers bars . . .  and now we have one.

Here is our shed, or what my Dad calls "Howard's shack," in progress earlier today:
 Doesn't it look as if the scarecrow is going to help?  Or maybe is running away.
(taken with my cell phone, inside because it was cold today and I'm still stubbornly in Summer Mode.)

Here is the shed, finished, taken late this afternoon also with my cell phone:

Now that is a satisfying After.

As for my other Before-and-After . . . my Dad scared the living daylights
out of us and his doctor last week,
but like the Bionic Great Grand Dad, he is now right as rain.

He even came to That Old House today,
to check on the Shack-in-progress, and approved.
This was after he had a hamburger, french fries and an enormous milkshake
for lunch with my sister and her husband.

Click here to visit The House In The Roses!

And have a lovely week!  Many thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts for my Dad.
It was a bad week, but thankfully he has recovered and is doing beautifully.
Blessings to you and yours on this All Saints Day!  -- Cass


  1. i have just stumbled onto your site ... after looking for it for a week!!! this time i will note where i am!! i absolutely love your home... and now the shed!!! so glad your Dad is well!!!!! Just love the old (yellow)house... thank you for sharing!!!!!Terri

  2. The Great Dane would give a big hand of approval for that shed - what is it with guys and sheds?
    SO glad your dad is up and about and enjoying some treats!

  3. Cass- What great pictures...even with your cell phone they are as good as my regular camera shots...hey...either ya got it or you don't...I don't;>) Love the picture of your Dad. What a blessing to have him as well as he is at age 90. I lost my Dad so many years ago and often think of all he grown grandkids... You are blessed..but you know that!

    Okay..question for said...."Those are assorted siblings and spouses of mine, doing our field work" Just wondering...How many spouses DO you have? Sorry...couldn't resist. You can slap me later~ Hugs to you...Diana

  4. Glad to hear your dad is out visiting. That sounds positive!
    And agree, the shed has to be a "satisfying after".

    Moving into November . . . Sarah

  5. Sounds like your Father is much better! :D I would love to have one of those "Shacks". I need outside storage, but there is no room for one here.

  6. Cass,
    Glad your Dad is feeling better. Your shed is wonderful. Men do love those things! I don't have a dog anymore but if I did I would have a Dion....

    Hope this week is better for you, my friend. I am still unpacking boxes and dealing with those peanuts! Ugh!


  7. So glad your Dad is doing better. Love the new shed! I can't wait to see it decorated for Christmas! Must have lights.

  8. So glad pop-pop is doing better. And that the "Man Cave" shed got his stamp of approval.

  9. Love that house... I was looking at some old post and how you got your lovely lovely cottage... I have a dream of one day owning a cottage with a wrap-around porch in the woods... something like yours ;) Just lovely! And thanks for participating in "SOYCM" and bringing me here!


  10. And what a wonderful after!! Love it. Love too that your post isn't perfect, we all have blogging days like that!!

  11. the question is where has the snowblower been kept all these years??....not in the house I hope. And nice to hear that your Dad bounced back so FIL in Jersey is 90 and he gives us a scare more often then not but it's nice to see how they can recover so quickly....God bless him.

  12. Howard's Shack...does it have cable? Or is he stuck with wireless internet?

  13. Cass, that is not a shack not by our old house standards. Our shacks, we call them sheds, are about a hundred years old and now lack floors and I refuse to enter them allthough they contain fascinating stuff I am sure. Your shack is lovely and the scarecrow did a fabulous job! ♥O

  14. how nice to have a window in your shed. now all those siblings will have a nice place to stay when they come to visit you, hahaha! our shed in florida has no window, so we make the unwelcome guests stay there,lol!

  15. You can never have too many garden shacks, or nice garden sheds, for that matter, and yours is a NICE one! I'm so glad to hear your dad is feeling better, my mother is 90, too and she just keeps going like the little energizer rabbit she is...but they do worry us sometimes, don't they?

    Love the stone wall in your yard, too!



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