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Monday, November 15, 2010

More Kitchen Chaos, Or: Why Is Jabba The Hutch On The Floor?

Making over a kitchen to suit yourself and your house is an adventure.
A l-o-n-g adventure. 

We started out last month with this:

So why, we ask, is Jabba The Hutch now sitting, empty, on the sunroom rug?

And why are its blue and white bits and pieces of china exiled to a folding table in the study?
 Elementary, my dear Blogger.  It's because of this:
 The painting!
Above, completed cabinet doors, curing before re-hanging.  Hooray. 

Below, Howard, after removing the hutch top from our faux-Welsh-dresser-thingy,
getting ready to slop on the primer and the Biscuit color paint.

Yes, that's a smiley face in primer on the right cabinet.  Guilty.  I will never grow up. 

Doors off, paint on . . . and doesn't that look better?
Don't want paint on the wall ovens.  Thank goodness for painters' tape.

A frightening sight awaits us in the dining room, which usually looks pretty serene. . .

 . . . but these days is hosting the overflow from the kitchen.
I can hardly bear to look.
 I have nightmares about hearing a loud crash in the middle of the night.
That is an old table!

Well, when Jabba the Hutch is put back in place, amidst the lovely clean almost-whiteness of
the newly painted oak, and the shelves are again filled with china and other goodies,
and the kitchen stuff goes back into the kitchen cupboards or on the countertop,
and that last little bit of wallpapering by the refrigerator that I've been avoiding is finally done . . . 
I will take pictures.

And we will all be glad it's over!

At least now I'm confident we'll be done before Thanksgiving, and don't tell me how many days that is from now because I shall stick my fingers in my ears and sing "la la la la la" really loudly so I don't have to face reality.

I won't look at the bottom of this blog page, either, where there is a countdown clock.

We'll be 31 thankful and hungry souls around the table(s) this year;
now that's a test of a kitchen!   Happy Monday! -- Cass

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  1. Oh, Cass, I can ALREADY picture the beauty of that gorgeous blue china on that awesome newly painted white cabinet ...

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~ hugs, Marydon

  2. **clapping of many hands** You really know how to tell a story. I feel your pain...we just put in new counter top. OUCH. **blows kisses** Deb

  3. Jabba the Hutch!!! LOL

    You are so clever, Miss Cass!

  4. Can't wait to see it when it is done! Reminds me of when we put a hardwood floor in our dining room...the furniture was in the living room and it took forever to pack the dishes. But it was worth it!

  5. Ha Ha! Most Funny One! It never stops, does it? Your hutch will look awesome and you will be finished by will! Can't wait to see it when it's all finished.
    Hand little Dion a paint brush! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Oh, Cass, I can't wait to see it finished!!!! Your teases are too much!!!

    And yes, I cannot see why it wouldn't be done by Thanksgiving and how brand new and sparkling it will look!

  7. Cass,
    You started with a kitchen with lots of character. I am waiting with bated breath to see the final reveal!
    Aren't you loving those soapstone counters???

  8. WOOOOOOW....don't worry....yuo'' spend a very very beautiful Tday..ciao

  9. A ticking deadline is always a great way to make progress!

  10. You are killing me here with the Star Wars reference. ♥O

  11. Oh, it's going to be gorgeous, Cass!


  12. It is looking good!
    I had hp[ed to have my painting done before the holidays, but does not look like it is going to get done. :(

  13. That is suppose to "hoped". I can't type worth a darn these days ! :D
    Enjoy your evening.

  14. It will look great when it's done!
    Glad that you'll be finished by Thanksgiving.


  15. Oh I do hope it will be done by T day! Love the chandelier by the way.

  16. Everything looks so great, you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see the final reveal:@)

  17. See, I have been hiding my ongoing project for one big post. But, I am with you on the countdown to Thanksgiving. But, we will be taking a break to go to the LSU/Ole Miss game this Saturday. One weekend sad, but I think we'll make it. Have to call in the recruits.... son in laws! Yay them, Yay me.

  18. Yikes - you are ambitious! Thirty-one for dinner is ambitious at any time, but reeeeeally the mark of an over-achiever when you add in the reno. You are amazing.

  19. Oooo, I can't wait to see it! It looks fabulous so far!!! Have a wonderful week!

  20. The kitchen is beautiful. I feel the same about Christmas, sticking my fingers in my ears and saying la,la,la,la I panic if I hear the number. Cannot wait to see the finished job. Take care and happy painting.

  21. Looking good!! Thanks for you visit and comment. You are so right about being able to do what we want in the new house. We are not even allowed to hang pictures in the house we are renting ~ frustrating.

    Hope things are finished for you before Thanksgiving, but if not, I know things will be perfect anyway! Food, family, friends and love it what it is all about!


  22. Oh-It is looking wonderful indeed! I can hardly wait to see it all done! I'm sure your anxiety far exceeds my own though! Hugs-Diana

  23. Everytime you add a new photo, I realize that there is absolutely no doubt that your finished kitchen will be gorgeous!!

  24. Always a huge undertaking but it certainly looks like the process is going smoothly in an organized fashion. And when you are done, it is going to be so much brighter. Good luck getting done soon, very, very soon. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  25. Oh Cass - it is already looking good, soon it will look amazing. And once you're through the work, happiness and joy of Thanksgiving (we have no equivalent celebration here in New Zealand) you can snuggle up on your favourite chair in the sunroom and enjoy the results.

    Now - how many patches of paint and/or wallpaper paste is dear Dion wearing?

    Sending care and many huggles, Michelle and my daft, darling Zebby Cat, xxx and purrrumbles

  26. Cass,
    It is really looking wonderful. I know you will finish in time and I cannot wait to see the finished product!

    We are having a Thanksgiving dinner this week just for the 2 of us and then going to friends for the real deal. I love this time of year.


  27. Aunt Cassy- dining room looks exactly like that with nook overflow! Isn't it hard to make dinner when half the pantry or kitchen is over in the dining room? :) The cabinets look lovely, can't wait to see!

  28. Oh My! What a difference a little paint and wallpaper make. I'm betting that you are happy that it's almost over with and pleased with the results. You will proudly serve your meal and be "thankful" I am sure.


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