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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mercy! Mercy! No More Kitchen Pictures!

I promise, I promise -- no pictures of kitchen cabinets half-in,
half-out of their new clothes.
If by new clothes we mean paint.  

But something exciting was delivered;
I'll show you at the end of the post. 


Meanwhile, in the interest of finishing the kitchen before 30 people arrive
for Thanksgiving Dinner in two stinkin' weeks . . .
I have yanked pictures of a few Fall tablescapes from October and November of 2009.

It is Thursday, after all.

I hope you forgive my pilfering past pictures; just one shot of each table setting.
These are Tablescapes from a year ago:

Okay, that last picture is just showing off Brownie Cookies.
But in enlarging the shot, I noticed the book on top of the nearby stack.
Great Kitchen Ideas.
It's where I found my kitchen inspiration picture.
Well, whaddya know?  The genesis of the current never-ending kitchen makeover.


I promised no pictures of the kitchen makeover.
I almost meant it.
But late yesterday a small package arrived on our front porch.

In it, the new knobs for the newly-painted kitchen cabinets.

Do you like them?

 They have an oil rubbed bronze finish, and are not what I originally set out to buy.
I was looking for plain ORB knobs.

But these have grapevines on them, and we love our wacky grapevine here at That Old House,
so I changed my mind.  Grapevine-themed hardware will make me smile.
 Ah, the moody, atmospheric shot.
Morning sun and shadows.
It is such a big change from the orange-y oak wood and bright brass knobs.
And my thrifty find?  These knobs were $1.23 each on eBay.  Yes!
The plain ones were only a buck each.  eBay rocks.

Of course, none of the cabinet doors is back on its hinges yet;
a light sanding and a third coat still to come.
In fact, that knob is just balanced on that door, not attached.


Today is Veteran's Day.
My father-in-law, my father,
and both my brothers served our country in uniform;
without our armed forces,
we would not have a United States of America.
God bless the people who wear those uniforms, past and present.

Happy Thursday!  -- Cass
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  1. Hi Cass,
    I love how your kitchen cabinets are turning out! I love white cabinets that is what I prefer, but our home add new dark oak custom cabinets installed when we purchased the house. One day I keep telling myself I will have white creamy cabinets.
    I really love your home, the wood work and the country flare is so lovely (my favorite) and your black and white wall paper is great! I love that too, I just love your hole kitchen..
    I can't wait to see it with your doors up..
    I hope your Dad is feeling better, poor guy!
    He needs a big hugs!..
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  2. Gorgeous tablescapes and the cabinets are looking fabulous. LOVE your new knobs. Stunning. Hugs, Marty

  3. Too many pictures? Never. It is funny how a simple little thing like knobs can be such a big deal but they really do make a big difference.
    Grapevines...what's not to love about that.
    Being Canadian we have already had our Thanksgiving and now am thinking Christmas.
    We do have a Remembrance Day here today. Such an important day.

  4. Oh dear....those knobs are perfect!!!! And almost free! And I love the fallscapes on the table!!!! I just love coming by and seeing how everything is coming give me hope that someday my kitchen can look as good!
    And I agree with Lori....too many pictures???? NEVER! Please keep them coming! :) Sandy

  5. Those knobs are great...I love a theme knob! I also didn't set off for bronze knobs, but thats what we found in a great arts and craft motif and on clearance!
    I also love the auction listings peeking out from under the door...a chicken auction?! when ? where? over thanksgiving weekend (fingers crossed)?

  6. First of all, I love those knobs! They are gorgeous and so pretty against the cabinets. Loved seeing your dishes from tablescapes past. Smiling about the rush to get it done before Thanksgiving. I was there last year and SO happy not to be this year. Hope it all gets finished in time for you not to stress too much.

  7. Your tablescape is those new knobs too!

  8. It's coming together, if you're at the knob stage you are almost done!

  9. What a wonderful post! I think we have similar ideas, hop on over to see me. TT's are just SO much fun, visiting around with all the girls.

  10. Love the knobs and enjoyed seeing table setting from the past.
    Enjoy your day.

  11. Very pretty tablescape. I looked at that same runner yesterday but didn't get it. I talked myself out of it so I could prepare more Christmas, but I do love it. I also really like your goblets too. Those knobs are fantastic though, I cannot believe the deal you got on those. I cannot wait to see a full photo of your kitchen all assembled.

  12. Cass -- I love those knobs!!! I cannot wait to see pictures of the finished kitchen -- it will look so much more like That Old House than the one that came with it!!!! I know you will be very very pleased!

  13. Love the knobs and you are rocking the ebay. You are so right freedom is not free. ♥O

  14. Pretty, pretty tablescapes. I love the way you place {or don't place} your napkins in some of the are are rule~breaker!! ;-)

    The knobs are neat...they are going to look fantastic with that wallpaper!


  15. Loved all your pretty table vignettes, all very pretty! Love your new knobs, perfect on those lovely white cabinets!! I will have to check out your other posts to see your kitchen!!
    This was my first visit, came over from Susans @bnotp.
    Enjoyed my visit very much,
    blessings, Nellie

  16. I really like the knobs! It looks so ultra cozy there.

  17. Beautiful blog today...even though I was sure we would be seeing more of your cabinets. I LOVE those knobs. I have never seen any like them~ Hugs-Diana

  18. Love these knobs and your beautiful past tablescapes!!! Good luck meeting your deadline!!!

  19. My kitchen cabinets don't have any knobs on them! What the heck is up with that?! I wonder if I should just get some? I have lived here for 5 years and just noticed that! Duh.

  20. It's coming together and it's going to be fabulous. Hang in there! Best to your Dad.

  21. Old and new knobs look great--and how fun of you to zoom in on that inspiration book in the midst of your transformation. Also, the tablescapes are always fun to see--and love the colors of those three candles together!

  22. Love these, Cass. They are perfect for your wacky grapevined home.

  23. You always find great treasures. Love your table & don't mention the knob... to die for.

    Happy TS...

  24. Thanks for sharing your wonderful tabletop inspirations. Love your new knobs for the cabinets.

  25. Kitchen redos have the ability to take you to the heights and to the depths. Sounds like yours is progressing nicely. Thank you for sharing your lovely designs. Cherry Kay


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