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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Camera Found, Kitchen Stalled, Time Lost, A Mistake Corrected, And A Blogger Introduced

If that seems like a laundry list of a blog post title,
that's because it is. Lots to cover.

 My camera, missing for a few days, has come home to Mama, and Mama is happy.
And you know how it is in any home:
If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

So welcome to That Old House, on a gray and dreary Thursday.

What with my Dad having been sick, and one thing or another, I've lost almost 2-weeks' worth of kitchen painting days, so today after tossing up this post I'll be tossing more paint on the walls, and fiddling with a last bits of wallpaper.

On my own.  

If you hear a soft muffled desperate cry for Help later today, that will be me,
buried under a pile of damp gluey toile paper. 

Dion seems worried.

The latest kitchen pictures, taken today:

 The Biscuit color paint is on the half wall beneath the dado molding, and the wallpaper is up in the kitchen and in the little coat landing at the top of the cellar stairs.  The almost-white trim color is not yet on the door arches, and the landing isn't painted yet. 
So where did the stuff from the big old cupboard go?  Some of it is here!

We're getting there.  I've told our expected Thanksgiving guests that if the kitchen is not
finished by November 25th . . . they are just to avert their eyes, and not look.

This is my table-scape for today.  Not really linky party worthy, is it?  :-P

But I've linked to Gina's Transformation Thursday at The Shabby Chic CottageVisit here!

This transformation isn't complete, but it's well on its way.

Now, a boo-boo in a past post, pointed out to me by both of my daughters . . . 
We can always rely on our children to catch our mistakes.  Helpful little buggers, aren't they?

On Halloween, I posted a picture of Annie at 4 years old,
in a Princess costume.  I was wrong.
She was 3 years old, and wearing a Maid Marion costume.  Anne was a big Maid Marion fan,
and since I made all the girls' costumes, they got to design their own each year.

Alida was 4 that year, chose to be Peter Pan, and was highly incensed that people mistook her for Robin Hood. 
She still can't understand the mistaken identity thing.
Even though the costumes for Disney Peter Pan and Disney Robin Hood are pretty much interchangeable,
and she was with Maid Marion, after all. 
Maid Marion of course could not fathom why her sister wanted to be a boy for Halloween.

And speaking of relatives . . . .

My niece Emily, who lives with her husband Mike in Virginia, has a blog.

I was in my 20s and single when Emily was born, and therefore I worshiped her
and thought she was absolutely perfect.  Well, she still pretty much is.

Emily has put together a lovely blog, and she's a good writer.
It chronicles their adventures renovating an old Craftsman house, including the removal of some amazingly awful and
scarifying old wallpaper, and their tending of some acres of neglected land.
I love this house; it reminds me of our last home, which was also a Craftsman.

Emily's Monday post is about Halloween.
(Scroll down one post).
She used the house and the yard -- creative and spooky and fun.
Black & white, rather Edward Gorey-ish.

Emily is an accomplished artist; she did so much with dollar store stuff and talent.
And she sent me off on a Google search for Mrs. Riddell's ghost stories,
which I have never read.

If you visit Emily at her A Small House And A Large Garden blog, please say Hi from Aunt Cassy!

If you are in North Jersey today, don't forget an umbrella. 

I never use one because I'm convinced an umbrella is a lethal weapon,
and I will poke someone's eye out with it,
but if you are willing to carry that dangerous tool of eye-poking-out-ness,
do so, because it is raining like Whoa!

Stay dry!  -- Cass


  1. I never thought I'd say this--but I love your wall paper! Wish I had a house that could merit some. In Seattle-true natives do not own umbrellas either!

  2. I imagine that you must talk a little bit or a lot like that title and it must be wonderful. I am of the life is simple without an umbrella camp also. ♥O

  3. Aunt Cassy-
    Thanks so much for the mention of the bloglet! And the kind words and encouragement! It is, not in small part, inspired by and aspires to That Old House.
    Life in an old House in the Country is an adventure indeed. I'm enjoying it immensely.

  4. I don't like dealing with an umbrella either. We had 2 days of the (much needed) rain this week, but today is sunny. I bookmarked your niece's blog and will visit later - I am sorta sorta reading hit and miss today.
    Hope your Dad is still improving.

  5. It's looking good! Love the rain pic. I rather hate umbrellas too especially if I'm running errands. What do you do with the wet umbrella once you've got yourself in the car? It gets everything (one) wet when it comes across over your steering wheel into the floor next to you.

  6. I am really loving your wallpaper, very nice choice. And how like you not to be stressed whether or not it is done by Thanksgiving...I would be tearing my hair out!!

    Can we have some of your rain, we need it!


  7. Hi Cass, the wallpaper looks so pretty!

    The tablescape is making me smile - I'm afraid many tablescapes around here look like that.

    Raining here in the Hudson Valley, too. All day long.


  8. Oh it sounds like you've been quite busy. But your house is beautiful and it will all come together. Love the wallpaper, too.
    I'm going over to your neices blog sounds interesting. That house looks just like my old house in Morris Plains which was also a craftsman...miss that house a lot!

  9. Nice post, glad your Dad is doing better, you have been busy! Your kitchen is looking good. Want to come work on mine? :)
    I stopped by your niece's blog too, thanks for the tip.

  10. I am really liking that wallpaper...which surprises me as I am "off" wall paper at the moment. I am also glad that your Dad is feeling better. I will stop by your niece's blog soon...just trying to catch up with life here at the moment. Hugs- Diana


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