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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Black Skies, White Linen

So there we sat in the conservatory, Howard and I,
enjoying a second cup of coffee on a sunny, breezy morning.

And then, this:

 I grabbed my camera and went outside.  In my slippers.
 Just stood on our patio outside the sunroom door, and snapped away.
 Didn't look too threatening right behind the driveway.
 Mr. Scarecrow didn't look concerned,
despite being impaled in a sensitive part of his scarecrow anatomy by a bamboo pole.
 I was going to take more pictures,
but the sky suddenly went to this:
 And I decided the smart thing to do was to retreat to the house, settle down at my desk,
and look out the window at the rain that was just beginning to start.
My mama didn't raise no fool.
And where does White Linen come into all this?
It doesn't.  It comes into the kitchen.

Now don't go hide.  I promise no ba-zillion kitchen painting pictures, but a couple of weeks ago I got a very old linen and lace runner from eBay, and I've been toying with turning it into curtains for the kitchen window.  This morning I just popped up a tension rod and flung the runner over to see if it has possibilities.

Whatcha think?
 Should I dust off the sewing machine and get to work on kitchen curtains?
The crochet work is perfect; the linen is failing.
The definition of "white" needs to be loosened up for this very old linen,
which now we will kindly call "Gustavian Gray."

Another whatcha think:
are my black toe kicks a win, or a bust?
 I think I like them, but my personal jury is not yet unanimous.
I like the touch of black, though.  Ties in with the new wallpaper . . .
. . . as do the roses in the crocheted lace at the window.

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Rain over, and it's mostly sunny once more.
It's my sister Peggy's birthday today, so I'm heading for her house this afternoon to play with
her new knitting machine, eat a dinner she cooked, sing Happy Birthday to her in a quavering mezzo,
and tell her how good she looks for being 137 years old. -- Cass


  1. Cass, we could use some rain here. The creek is dry in many spots!
    I vote for the curtains from the vintage textile. Gorgeous! ~ Sarah

  2. Wow...that sky looked ominous. Had it been summer I would have been in the storm cellar.

    I love the linen and crochet tablecloth idea. I hope you can salvage the linen, I like it. And I think it looks good with the wallpaper and cabinets.

    Happy Birthday to Peggy. We are the same age.


  3. Oh wow the dark clouds looks like every second of it gets darker and darker. Great capture!
    Outdoor Wednesday

  4. I would definitely stay with the black toe kicks. That area should recede and black does that!

  5. I think the vintage dresser runner looks fabulous as curtains - - - as long as you are OK with it getting worn out over time with that particular use.

    I LOVE the picture of the conifer with the sun still on it, but blackness behind. I could go into a science discussion of WHY storm clouds look black - - - and even tell you what their names are - - - - but I'll spare you.

  6. You are too much running out in your slippers. Love the soon to be curtains...perfect me thinks.

  7. I use pillowcases for my curtains but LOVE that piece just draped over the rod. Wonder where I could do that here ...

    We've had some rough looking storms like this also. Inside looks best ...

    Have a beautiful & blessed Thanksgiving holiday season ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  8. Looks like the weather that came thru here recently traveled your way. I personally like the black under the cabinets. The crochet is pretty.

  9. I like the black under the cabinets too!!! And the vintage lines are really nice!!!

    The storm's pictures make me think...that we are in autumn!!!! HAve a nice evening with your very young sister!!Ciao Flavia

  10. I like it all...I think a black kick plate is much cleaner than a while one although it may just be that black hides dirt better...and the fabric will make excellent curtains and so unusual too.
    Mama Bear

  11. Okay, I seem to be in the minority, as I think a toe-kick should be trimmed out in molding the same color as the cabinetry. I couldn't justify spending $30,000 on new cabinetry, so I glazed my old oak ones and used the same paint treatment on some newly purchased 5-inch wide trim molding. I think it gave everything a more finished and cohesive look.
    Love your black/white wallpaper, Cass. And the classic white cabinets, too.
    ~ Sue

  12. Scary skies!!! Glad you ran for cover...and I love the old linen piece you picked up. I suppose it is way to fragile to bleach it a bit? Oh well...I'm liking the Gustavian Gray handle! I think the black looks fine under your cabinets. You don't really want to call attention to that area anyway and with the black it just kind of disappears.

    Loving that wallpaper, missy! Hugs- Diana

  13. Hi Cass.....Kitchen is coming along the black kickplate under the white cabinets....nice the wallpaper...I am not a fan of the old linen and lace....thinking here that a nice size black/white buffalo check fabric for a valance would go nice with the black that black hutch, my white milkglass would look wonderful on it....

  14. The black makes them disappear -- ours are painted the same color as the cabinets and they don't! I like the lace for curtains -- it seems to fit TOH.

  15. Cass,
    We got that rain overnight here...I woke up to the sound of thunder and heavy rain!
    The toekicks are great. The wallpaper is too, and the old runner is a homerun!
    I checked with Mister. He thinks he got the light covers for the can lights at Lowes. (it was either that or Home Depot. He thinks Lowes.)
    Post all the kitchen photos you want. I always enjoy them!

  16. Hi Cass! Great sky shots, but stay inside gurl..;0) I love all the kitcen updates. It gives me ideas for doing something with mine. I like the black gives it a little something extra! Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  17. Oh I forget to tell you that daughter is thinking of having Catherine Zeta Jones DNA tested to see what she really is and then giving the breeder the old "Jersey Business".....the dog does not look at all like a Cavalier spaniel...not even one hair...and she's suppose to be half....I have a new picture of her on my latest post....tell me what you think.....

  18. Sure looked like a tornado sky to me. Good you went in the house!

    Linen for curtains?? I'd vote no. I think they look too heavy and dark up against the light of the window. Might be ok for nighttime, but not daylight. When is the room is use the most?

    Toe Kick?? Black, definitely! Who looks at them anyway??

    Sister's Birthday!! 137, huh? So just how old ARE you anyway?? Hope your "quavering mezzo" holds out long enough to sing to her. Course if, due to her great age, her hearing is already gone, it won't matter. :D

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS (I shouted so she could hear me!)

  19. Sounds just like something my husband would say to me.......they'll never get it no matter how hard we try.

    Really liking how the old linen looks in your window. I think it should be a keeper!

    Take care and stay out of the storm.


  20. I'm voting for black toe kicks because you won't see all the scuff marks on them. Not based on decorating, just function. And you would never know you had a 137 year old sister. That would make you 135?

  21. I love the linen curtain! Your home is beautiful! Hugs, liz

  22. Neat pictures of the scary sky.....and I love the linen curtain! I think it definitely has potential. I also really like the black baseplate molding. I think it looks wonderful!

  23. The black toe kick is perfect, IMO it ties it all together. And white would just illuminate every little crumb, dog hair and cobweb that comes along. I personally am thankful for dark under cabinet areas LOL! The linen and lace panel will make a kick ass curtain. I love it!
    I would like to see the area behind the Welsh dresser, I'm dying to know how that area turned out. It's looking great Cass!

  24. Bad looking sky--glad you ae safe.
    Still thinking about the runner.
    Love the black toe kicks.
    Happy Birthday to your sis.

    Come by soon--haven't seen you in awhile.


  25. So is that your younger sister or your older.......

  26. Kitchen curtains .... definitely.


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