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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Rustic Harvest Table; Come Celebrate!

We've got a few tomatoes still hanging on in the garden border, but I may have to ask my cousin Anne for a recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes; my biggest tomatoes are just clinging to their vines, stubbornly green.

It's Harvest Time!

The local farmstands are bursting with bounty.

Yesterday, at the farm where I take my Dad to buy apples,
I bought Winesaps, Northern Spys, and the world's biggest and most gorgeous cauliflower.
Come back tomorrow for nekkid photos.  Of the cauliflower.  Before I cook it.

 (Links to Thursday blog parties at the end of the post;
I'm Tablescaping and Thrifting!)

There's a place at the table for you in That Old House's dining room today.
A rustic, harvest table.  No shiny things!

What I used:
+ My Thanksgiving china, bought 20-plus years ago at Bradlee's.  Used one day each year.  I've got service for 24, so I now have to supplement with other white dishes.  I bought them for the price and because I thought the Della Robbia-type border suited Thanksgiving so well.
+ Mixed vintage flatware, some rather tarnished.  Ambassador silver from 1920, hotel plate from mid-20th century, and nickel silver from late 1800s.
+ Mis-matched handblown wine goblets.  Thrift shop finds.
+ Very old pewter goblets.  They were my mother's; she loved old pewter.
+ Tan linen napkins from Sur le Table -- I got 7 of them for $1.99 on eBay.  That's a $26 savings over retail.  Tags still on!
+ Covered pewter dish -- a wedding present.
+ Tiny funky gourds, from the farmstand.
+ Heavy pewter candleholders -- wedding present.
+ Wine from Williamsburg Winery -- Two Shilling Red.  A gift!
+ My Mom's old pewter salt and pepper shakers.
+ Pewter and amethyst glass hurricane -- gift!
+ And a heavy cotton woven tablecloth my sister and I gave my Mom about 8 years ago.

I think that's it.  Oh!  And a pot of ivy in an old silver bowl;
I know ivy doesn't live well indoors, but it's so pretty and photogenic I bought another pot anyway.

So what are you waiting for?  Have a seat!  -- Cass

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  1. Looks great, I love rustic! The wine glass with the leaf is so cute, and I'd love to join you for a glass of "Two Shilling Red"-enjoy:@)

  2. Cass, love the pewter and the tablecloth. It is just lovely. Have a fabulous weekend. ♥O

  3. Oh my, Cass! I love your tablescape! I have some old pewter, it! Your plates are gorgeous! Wow! So you have more than 24 people at Thanksgiving? We are so excited because with the new babies coming, we will have 14 next year! lol My favorite...the mismatched flatware...fabulous! Hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  4. Wow, wonderful job! Love the rustic appeal. Thank you for sharing with us1

  5. A nice table -- those are very pretty dishes -- and you only use them once a year? I think they would be perfect for Christmas as well -- or actually for any day! They're lovely!

    I like pewter too but alas, none lives at Linderhof -- probably because you don't really polish pewter and I prefer silver and copper which DO need polishing!!!!

  6. Your table is lovely. I have been looking lately for vintage silverware, and the funny thing is, I can always find knives and never forks and spoons....why is that I wonder?? It just strikes me as being a little strange. Love yours! Happy VTT!

  7. It is beautiful and makes me wish I could just sit right down with you!!
    The bubble goblets are great too!!
    Stop by when you get time and enter my giveaway

  8. And what time should I be there?? :)

    Gorgeous post and blog, I'm following...your house is incredible.


  9. Your table looks so perfect for the area where you live, and so American. I have never owned pewter, but you have made me think that maybe I should have some! Your composition is so graceful.

  10. Lovely. All of the pewter is priceless! You have set a lovely table. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment. I got my colorful flatware at Ross. Enjoy!

  11. Hi Cass,

    Even thought I'm rather (terribly) fond of shine & sparkle, I can fully appreciate a beautifully composed harvest still life and a wonderful collection of old pewter! You've selected items for your table that work so well together, tell a story, and look interesting and inviting.

    Your talk of tomatoes reminded me of what my mother used to do. Just before the first killing frost, she'd pick all the green tomatoes, wrap then individually in newspaper, and store them in a dark place. She'd bring them out one-by-one and place them in a sunny kitchen window to ripen. They weren't nearly as good as ripe, summer tomatoes, but they were a reasonable substitute on a cold winter's day.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  12. Love the rustic tablescape with the pewter and unshiny flatware, etc. Definitely seems appropriate for the season. Still very, very pretty though!

  13. Rustic and pretty! Really like the center piece.
    I almost bought a bag of gourds yesterday - sorta wish I had now.

  14. Beautiful tablescape. I love all of your gorgeous pewter. Beautiful ironstone with the embossed borders too. Everything looks gorgeous and so inviting. Hugs, Marty

  15. I have a soft spot for pewter, your table is very appealing to me and I love everything about it. Your mismatch looks so welcoming and homey the look that welcomes everyone and makes them feel at home. Thanks so much for sharing.

  16. What a lovely warm and welcoming table! What's for dinner :)

  17. Oh, I'd be honored, thank you. This is so inviting and warm. I'd feel right at home.

    Thank you for stopping by my little corner. Glad the popcorn hands brought you good memories. I apologize that I had completely forgotten that you inspired the candy corn candle holders. When I saw your name come up in the comments it was like ringing a bell. I immediately credited you for the idea and added a link to your post "This is Halloween" of course. '

    Happy Tablescape Thursday!

  18. Cass,
    I do like that tablescape. The white dishes are always a win. The pewter and the flatware...beautiful. The heavy tablecloth is great, too. And the splash of color with the gourds sets everything else off.

  19. Your table looks amazing.
    I love the pewter, and you are right- there is wonderful produce everywhere right now.
    I enjoyed visiting- and I linked to the same party.

    White Spray Paint

  20. I'd love to take a seat right there at your lovely fall table! Well it looks like your Bradlee's dishes will at least be used twice this year--today and Thanksgiving! Is that cute little pewter turkey a placecard holder? I need him for my turkey collection! Linda

  21. I will be there, a lovely fall table. The pewter looks great with the white dishes. Dinner is at what time?

  22. It's so gorgeous! I particularly love your tablescape because it's rustic. I love the tablecloth, the pewter and those lovely goblets.

  23. Your tablescape looks both charming and artistic.

  24. Wow, Cass this is a gorgeous tablescape. I love the old pewter and the mismatched silver. It all looks so inviting! ~ Sarah

  25. Hi Cass,
    What a lovely fall table. The tablecloth is wonderful and the pewter makes it very homey. Very pretty!

  26. Love your flatware and your pewter. Your table is beautiful!!!


  27. Wonderful setting! I love all the old pewter! I have been eyeing some pewter candlesticks at a thrift store and now see how beautiful they can be. Your setting reminds me of one set for a wonderful gathering of good friends. I love it! Wonder if there is a recipe for salsa using green tomatoes? Just a thought!

  28. everything looks beautiful....I love fall tables.

  29. This table is gorgeous! I absolutlely love all of the pewter. If you have a table this pretty your meal must be awesome. Thanks for stopping In His Grip.

  30. How appropriate to be serving Williamsburg wine with pewter table setting. Such a good wine from my home state.

  31. A lovely nod to Thanksgivings past...I really like the blue tablecloth. Your pewter is a true treasure. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay


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