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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Quiet Lunch In An October Parlor

There is a temporary halt in the kitchen painting at That Old House; yesterday I had to take my father to the hospital, and he will probably be there for several days.  Which means I'll be there a great deal of the time.

My Dad is 90, and I ask for your good wishes and prayers for his recovery.
So I'm cheating and re-cycling a Tablescape from last October; it's oddly warm here this week but let's pretend it's windy and chilly, and all those other good things that October is supposed to be.


 (From October 7, 2009)

It's Thursday!  That Old House is jumping into the Tablescape Thursday blog party, hosted by Susan at Between Naps On The Porch.  Head on over for more table settings.

At That Old House, it's chilly and windy -- a real October day.  Welcome. . . .

That Old House has a split personality.

On one side of her center hall are what we could call our family spaces --
the kitchen, pantry, study, conservatory, and the back (kitchen) stairs.

On the other side of the hall are what we could call our company spaces --
the dining room, parlor, front entry and main staircase.

You notice I said, we could call. . . .   because I don't.  Call them that, I  mean.  All of the rooms in That Old House are both family and company spaces.

While the dining room and parlor are a little more formal, we use them every day, even if it's just a matter of setting the dining table for two at suppertime, making sure I use the front stairs as well as the kitchen stairs, or having lunch or afternoon coffee by the fireplace.

And that's what I'm going to do today -- set a table for one in the parlor.

My first attempt . . . . eh.

 I didn't want Mr. Rooster on the table;
I wanted to use a cheery sunflower tea pot my daughters gave me years ago:

I like how it looks on the table; it would be toting coffee if this were indeed lunch.

A candle in a lantern provides a little warm glow for a chilly day:

The lantern is a freebie; my daughter Alida worked one summer as a waitress at a local country club, and these lanterns were used to decorate tables at a wedding.  They were left behind.  What good daughter of a thrifter would not take one home?

The rooster plate is from Marshall's. . . in Hollywood!

Howard and I had to kill some time in Hollywood last week, before meeting Alida and her boyfriend for a taping of The Big Bang Theory. . . which we got shut out of, but them's the breaks.
Luckily there was a Marshall's near the In'N'Out Burger where we had dinner.

Underneath the rooster is one of the Dollar Tree aqua plates from this past summer.

I love those aqua and blue plates.

My long time everyday stainless, by Pfaltzgraf, works for lunch for one.

I can take a seat on the sofa, and enjoy my Autumn decor on the mantelpiece.
And if I look in the other direction. . . .
I am using a very old linen napkin, monogrammed with an elaborate "C" -- but I have to be careful;
it's so old that the very fine faggoting around the hem is separating:

I really should fix that, shouldn't I?  I dare not launder this piece till I do.

Now for a few details:

And ... a moment of reality.  The Awful Truth.
(And for once it is not dust, although you can find that, too, if you look hard enough.)
When we left for California, I had a little stone mustard pot of garden mums on the mantel;
I forgot it there.  Now I have this on the mantel:

They are more dead than they look in the picture, I fear.

I could be Morticia Addams' gardener.

Happy Autumn!   -- Cass

PS..... The glass and ceramic pumpkins on the mantelpiece are missing this year; 
we can't find all the "Autumn" boxes.  Are our ghosts getting frisky again?


  1. Best wishes for your Dad,
    In the meantime, I am enjoying a chance to see the other post again. Did I ever tell you, we met our lovely old house on the internet too?
    Hang in there,

  2. I love to see your parlor -- even if it is a second tme around and you always set the prettiest tables.

    Prayers for your Dad.

  3. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery for you dad.
    You take care of yourself too.

  4. Your tablescape is very pretty! Love your wide plank floors too...beautiful! I will say a little prayer for your dad that he makes a speedy recovery :o)

  5. Prayers for your Dad. I hope all goes well in his recovery. Love your tablescape! Glad you did a encore of this one.

  6. Cass,

    Prayers for your Dad and you and your family. Great post.


  7. Sending prayers your way, Cass. I missed this post...glad you did a repeat. I love the sunflower teapot. SO pretty!


  8. Prayers for your Dad, Cass.
    Lovely tablescape, and wide plank floors, too!

  9. Hi Cass, Good luck with your Dad. I just had my Mom in the hospital for 3 days with a stroke but luckily all is going well. Hope you have the same outcome--meanwhile I must say that I have that rooster pattern--I went to many different Home Goods to get enough bowls, salads and dinners for a family meal! And I can see that you are a girl after my own heart--when all else fails, go shopping, even in Hollywood! Linda

  10. I simply ADORE your house...inside and out! I also have roosters and hens throughout my home. Our tastes are so similar. Praying for your dad.

  11. Hi Cass,
    I'm glad you shared this beautiful 'scape again! I love anything with roosters and sunflowers!! The closeups are sooo pretty! I'll keep you and your Dad in my prayers! Let us know how he's doing:)

  12. Prayers for your Dear Dad. My first time seeing this and it is charming but I covet your floors...just sayin' ♥O

  13. Sorry to hear your Dad is not doing well. Praying for a fast and full recovery.
    Like your setting for one - very warm and cozy.

  14. What's not to love a Marshall's and an In'N'Out. I too love your home and your setting looks perfect for a day like we're having, cool, cloudy and just asking for dinner by the fire. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home.

  15. This is such a fabulous setting to have a cup of tea. Love your teapot and mug, and paired with the gorgeous rooster plate, this is so inviting. Hugs, marty

  16. I love your mantel and your house is to DIE for! I'm following you. Come visit me I'm new to the Tablescape Thursday party!


  17. Very pretty and quaint setting. Love the sunflower teapot. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Cass, I wish your father well. I hope he has improved and returns home soon. Thinking of you. ~ Sarah

  19. I hope your Dad soon gains his strength back. It is such a worry when our parents get older and our roles are reversed. It is wonderful you are able to be with him

  20. Hope your Dad is better very soon -- isn't it always the way, just when you have the house completely topsy turvy, something like this happens?

    When Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, we got my husband's 92 year old Grandma sent to us without warning. We were still in our previous house which was completely a wreck because new flooring, lights and window blinds being installed everywhere. Most of the furniture was in the basement! We lost power for about five days, and of course work was halted. The temps averaged about 105 every day -- and no AC. It was a real blast. But we got through it, and you will too.


  21. Dear Cass , sending caring thoughts to you all, together with many wellness and healing thoughts to your dear Dad. He is such a fine looking gentleman, very handsome and looking nowhere near his actual age, I hope all goes well for him so he is better and out of hospital soon.

    It is best not to let Dion do the painting for you - the dear man-dog wouldn't only paint the bits you wanted but everything else too.

    Michelle and Zebby Cat, xxx from me and washing sounds from him

  22. First time seeing this post and it is a good one. Thanks for re-sharing it. Hope your Dad is feeling better.

  23. Again, sorry I missed hearing about your dad but glad he is better.

    Love this setting. You gave me some ideas. I have a couple of teapots that are similar from my daughter too. I love the settings for one. So much simpler to share. This one is lovely and the mums are a "real" good touch. I love how you always keep things real. Makes me feel normal. Have a great weekend.

  24. First, a question about Autumn boxes, do you store yours in the attic? My holiday and seasonal decorating boxes are growing out of the closet and I'm considering other locations for them and wondered about putting them in the attic...would it be too hot for them?
    I love that you set the table for one in front of the fire or in the conservatory.
    Mama Bear

  25. Oh how many times do I put something away in a new spot and say to myself, "Now DON'T FORGET where you're putting this."...and then I promptly put it out of my mind...maybe forever. One time I had to search for 7 months for 7 place settings of one of my silver patterns...Eeeek! Your table for one is charming for a chilly Autumn day...even if it was a year ago. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay

  26. I wish your Dad a speedy recovery and your family a lot of peace. I understand how hard it can be. Since I just started blogging a couple of months ago, I for one am glad you "recycled" a post. Thanks, and best wishes all 'round!


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