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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Kitchen That Was . . . And What It Will Be

On our weekend of rest, Howard and I are working once again on our slow-moving kitchen makeover.  It began last November . . . and you can share a bit of it with us, in this post from November 5, 2009.

It was Step One of our Kitchen Makeover . . . so step into the Way Back Machine
(please keep your arms inside until the ride comes to a full and complete stop):


Posted Originally on November 5, 2009
A glimpse of the kitchen that was . . . .

Today  I dutifully cleared off all the clutter from the "L" shaped kitchen counter.

(That brightness to the right is our sunroom.)

I put all the counter clutter here for the time being:

Why am I sharing this mess with you?   Yikes, it looks awful.
Have I no shame?  Nope, guess not.

But the mess was worth it.  Template man came and did this:

I never realized they actually made a wooden template, stapled together like a big frame.

Isn't this cool?  It is like a giant puzzle.  I took these pictures from the sunroom.

Ah, goodbye, smooth top cooking surface!  It's not your fault I hated you,

and I hope we can find you a good new home.

We should hear in just a few days when our new soapstone counter will be delivered and installed.  This is Step One in our kitchen re-do -- new countertop with a new sink and faucet, and a gas cooktop.   It's a beginning, but a really good beginning!

It just started raining.  I knew I should have taken this guy for a walk 10 minutes ago. . . .

Dion and I wish you a lovely Thursday -- what is left of it!  We are about to get wet. -- Cass

P.S.  Funny note:  Template guy pointed out to me that some of my cabinets are not entirely level, and they will have to shim the counter.  Not level? Cabinets in an 1880s kitchen not level?    I told him I'd have been way more shocked if he'd told me they were level.  :-)

Back to the Future, and October 2010 . . . .
We're making progress.

This weekend, our time was spent getting up close and personal with this:

Wallpaper that isn't, as my niece Emily says, "Evil."
Emily has lots of experience with Evil Wallpaper.

This is my inspiration photo for our kitchen.
I'm up to my elbows in Biscuit color paint, Howard's on a ladder wrestling with wallpaer,
and come Heck or High Water we're knocking off at 6:00 to have dinner with my Dad.

I better get a move on, eh?

See you Monday!  -- Cass

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  1. I LOVE your inspirational photo....your kitchen is going to be stunning!! Can't wait to see the finished photos.

  2. Good-luck, we are in the middle of a huge re-do at our house to. Covering popcorn ceilings with tongue and groove boards. May take months.

  3. I am really looking forward to seeing the redo - judging from what I have seen so far, it is going to look great. Maybe it will get me more motivated to do something with mine.
    We are finally getting a little rain this afternoon. Have a great week.

  4. Your inspirational photo is absolutely stunning. I love it. I can't wait to see the finished kitchen. Hugs, Marty

  5. I love the wallpaper. I don't know how old Emily is, but I know that 'Evil' is simply 'Yucko' to the younger crowd.

    Your kitchen is going to be lovely. Don't you love inspiration photos?


  6. Wow!!!!! LOVE the inspiration kitchen! But I bet yours will be prettier!!!! Can't wait to see it with the non evil wallpaper and the biscuit paint and the new countertops, I take it you are painting the cupboards also????? :) Sandy

  7. OhMyLordInHeaven...I had just told myself that...Self-You are not gonna sign up for one more blog as a follower...Then I asked myself why...Ohter self replied...It is because when you sign up to follow--you follow...and read...and comment. And, because I work, and have a family...I am running out of time to FOLLOW. But...You had me at That Old House...because I have lived in one -make that two- of those. I wish I had the 2nd one back-but that's another life story. Anyway, I came and read, and shhheeeezzzz signed up to follow. You are stuck with me now-

    Oh, by the way...I love your inspiration kitchen...and I love your roasted cauliflower..I will try that- I do that with green beans but never THOUGHT about doing it with cauliflower...and I well, I just think I am gonna like YOU too! Smiles- Diana

  8. The last time I had inspiration from That Old House I ended up with a Welsh-sh cupboard and a whole paint job. If I show TGD your inspiration photos he'll know he's in trouble.

  9. Oh, Cass - you'll LOVE your soapstone counters...we sure do. I'll bet you are getting them from Philadelphia Soapstone, like we did.
    Can't wait to see the process continue to unfold! And I do have outlet covers now.

  10. I tend to think wallpaper is evil in my house but in your house it is going to be wonderful. I do not like to remove is an awful task...especially if it's on plaster since about get the idea. hugs♥olive

  11. Can't wait to see the finished product!!


  12. Cass, you are my inspiration on house renovation. We need to DO something and soon with the house, and every time I read your blog, I get Carl to take a look too. 'See, other people are remodeling.....'

    Love the new non-evil wallpaper. Can't wait to see what's next!

  13. Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous!

    And your little doggie is flat freakin' adorable. What a darling!

  14. Hi Cass...

    I remember this post, my friend! I'm so glad that you revisited it for Sunday Favorites this week! Ohhh...I love that wallpaper! Can't wait to see it in your kitchen!!!

    Have a great week, Cass!
    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

    PS...I got the biggest chuckle out of what you wrote at the top of your post...about keeping your arms inside the time machine until it stopped! OMG!!! Sooo cute!

  15. Hi, Emily here! All my wallpaper experience so far has been with removing the previous owner's (questionable)choices wheat glued to our 1920s plaster walls...sigh. At least my skin is fully moisturized from the industrial steam paper remover!
    So it says alot for my aunt's beautiful paper choice that I'm ACTUALLY contemplating wallpaper somewhere in the house...then I'll know the joys of putting paper up rather than scraping it down!


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