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Friday, October 15, 2010

Bat Down, Dog In, and Patty Ain't A Pin-Up Girl

Bat down!  Bat down! 

The cry came from the Parlor -- alarmed little squeaky voices, raising a ruckus.  
One of their comrades had fallen.  Right off the wall.
There he lay, on the hearth.


Bad sticky dot!  Bad!
A few fresh sticky dots, and our EMT workers have restored the bat to his rightful place!
All better!  Back up and rarin' to go.
There.  A happy family of bats.
As opposed to the people who live here, who are a happy, batty family.

Heckyl and Jekyll here didn't even wake up with all the commotion.  
They slept like . . . bats.

Do you ever find something in a decorating book or magazine and say, "Hey! I've got one of those!"
Isn't that cool?
A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a copy of Country Home magazine,
which went belly-up as a monthly and is now being reincarnated as a sometimes-treat.  

It's good, by the way!  Loads of gorgeous pictures.
(Although one house is profiled in this, and in the current Country French 
magazine.  Same pictures.  Not cricket, folks.)

Anywho, in one of the stories, there was this picture, below.  
The blurriness is not mine; it's one of those artsy shots.

Anyway I thought, "Hey!  I've got one of those."

 I thought it was a ringer for Patty, my big chubby white ironstone pitcher.
(I have three big white ironstone pitchers, Patty, Maxine and LaVerne; their story here.)
 So I took a look at Patty, and -- it isn't.

I don't own a pin-up girl after all.
Just a big old chubby white ironstone pitcher with a chip on her shoulder.

And now for another random picture.
On the left is Dion's niece, Meg.
On the right is her housemate, Snapper, who is snoring loudly.

Take a look at Meg's face.  We've all been there, haven't we, ladies?
Thanks to Karen for the picture.  We are family, related through our dogs.

And now I must fly, and see what these fellows are up to in my yard.
They are cutting the hedges and the hollies,
pulling out enormous volunteer trees and giant life-sucking weeds,
and I need to go out and make sure they are at least making an attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Sorry -- didn't mean to capture that guy's best side.  So to speak.  But rest assured, it's his spine you are seeing.  No, really.

Taken through my grimy dining room window.  Ick.

Thanks to Cindy at My Romantic Home for giving me a chance to show off bits and pieces
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And Happy Friday to all.  We are finally putting the conservatory back together; we have to --  company coming tomorrow -- friends who have never seen That Old House, so we can't have her with her bloomers showing.  Wish us luck! -- Cass


  1. Love the bats!
    It's that time again, to get out the ghosties and goulies and things that go bump! in the night. A favorite time of year around here.
    Have a great one!

  2. **squeals and giggles** You are just so darn cute. I even love the title of your post! What a beautiful view from your window. Well, not so much the gardener's butt, but the garden is lovely! Happy Friday! **blows kisses** Deb

  3. Cute post! Love the picture of Dion's relatives. :-D I did not know Country Home is still published occasionally - Thanks for the info.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Hekyll and Jekyll are my faves. I think your chubby pitcher is as beautiful as the one pictured in Country Home.
    And your gardens are lovely.

  5. About the magazine: we were in Patches & Stitches yesterday and there were two annual cross stitch magazines displayed on the friend was browsing through them looking for a Santa face for a sweatshirt..both magazines featured one of the same designs...cheesy!
    Loved visiting with you,
    Mama Bear

  6. Love this post- the bats are great on the wall- the dogs TOO darn Cute and YES, Totally can relate!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  7. Haven't visited you in a while. I'm back and glad to see you sense of humor is intact! Love the bats, especially the ones hanging from the mantel. Such a cute picture of the dogs. Yes, we've all been there, some of us for 27 years. Then he got a Cpap breathing machine. Now he tells me I snore and I just smile!

  8. a very cute post! your yard looks amazing,as does your house!

  9. I love the bats...I have used them before and they are so cute and so wonderfully easy for the big effect they give. This year I used the mice...but after seeing this think I might need to add a few bats in the entry hall for the trick-or-treaters.(-:
    Great pictures.

  10. So glad it wasn't Heckyll or Jeckyll that hit the hearth! You crack me up with the dogs! Your yard is very pretty, love the stone wall, even through (let's just say blurry) windows! Have a great weekend!

  11. I love the dogs! have you finished the painting already? love the bats on the wall. Happy week end Catherine

  12. Cass you are a Knutt with a capital K.

  13. I see a little more than a spine Cass LOL
    Chip on her shoulder huh? How many out there have one of those?
    Pups are a hoot. Been there done that.
    Hope those cute bats don't spook you out when you have to go pee in the middle of the night : )
    Happy FFB Cass
    Love Claudie

  14. Yes, I've personally had that same expression on my face MANY NIGHTS!!!

  15. You are too cute! Love that garden pics. Wouldn't you rather have a 'chip' that adds to her charm & character ... she's a beauty.
    Have a great weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  16. Hi Cass, Love the bats around the fireplace, all dressed for Halloween. Take care and have a great weekend.

  17. Such a cute post. I love the pup picture. That is exactly how I look next to hubs some nights. Actually I just move to another bed. :)

  18. I'm chuckling about "bad sticky dot" - sort of sums up my week!!! Your pitcher is just fine.


  19. Oh my word...those dogs are precious! We have one corner in the back of our lot that I have to go out to supervise when my hubby takes all THE GEAR (cause he's going in) to clean out the grows up so fast.

  20. The pic of the dogs is priceless, gotta share with a friend! Thanks for the chuckle:@)

  21. Cass you are just batty.
    I was looking through a kitchen design magazine once and saw a picture of a fancy kitchen and they had the same hand painted paper towel holder that I have painted for my kitchen. It is a big birdhouse and is in some of my cooking posts I think.

  22. Good luck on getting everything ready in time. I am sure you will though. Have a great weekend!

  23. I had to laugh at the cute doglets - right now my Zebby Cat is snoring away behind me!

  24. Loving the hanging upside down bats and the doggies that look so tucked in their beds. Cute

  25. Love your bat decorations and the sticky dots!
    I was really bugged by the last French Country magazine and its use of a house featured in another. I looked through Country Home and decided to give it a pass. For that price I want more originality.

  26. Hey Cass-
    It looks like you are enjoying the season-
    Your bats are definitely spooky-
    Have a great weekend-

    White Spray Paint

  27. Great title for the post, Cass, love how you pulled it all together. lol. Your bats are darling, we have real ones here at our house. We set outside at dusk and they start swooping, very interesting but a tad creepy. Cutie pie pups, and your yard is gorgeous!!
    Thanks for joining in for VIF!

  28. I hopped over here from Martha's. I am looking for a missing Spode, blue and white tureen. Seen one around here? Only thing I see is a bunch of spooky bats and two precious pups. Just like me, their napping while you are going batty. Since I don't see that tureen around here grab that lovely pitcher, come over to see me and we will have us some tea.
    I am a new blogger, please come by to visit me. Thanks, Ginger


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