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Thursday, August 19, 2010

You Put That Bowl WHERE?

Want to check out a virtual flea market?  It's The Never Ending Cyber Highway Yard Sale.
It's at The Fairfield House blog -- another NJ blog -- and you can list, browse, or buy.

As for me . . .
Not every trip to Goodwill is a major thrifting triumph.
Sometimes, it's just one simple thing that catches your eye.

On Wednesday, I wasn't able to go to the one-day-in-the-summer-we-are-open-sale at what might be the very best thrift shop in New Jersey.  Instead, I had to take my Dad to the doctor, and after that he wanted to go for pizza (he is 90 going on 17).

That left no time to race 40 minutes south to the thrift shop; I'll have to wait till their September opening.  My consolation prize was a trip to Goodwill with Howard.  He mostly ambled around wondering what all the fuss is about.

I found one thing.  Half-price. This:

It looks like a big silverplated Revere bowl.  Because that's what it is.
It's destined to be filled with Roasted Brussels Sprouts at Thanksgiving, lucky devil.
I'd like to be filled with Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

Measures almost 11-inches across, almost 6-inches high, from Taunton Silversmiths.
It's a bit tarnished, but we can take care of that.

Flip it over, and looky here. . .

What the heck? Is this how Revere bowls are hooked up to wood bases when they are given as trophies?
Is there a screw in the base, and the bowl twirls on, and can then be taken off for engraving?

Disclaimer: Today's photos were taken by Husband Howard,
who clearly was getting tired of the "Can you take that shot again?" requests.

When I asked him to take some shots of the bowl in different settings, here is what I got:

. . . and then . . .

Now don't miss what is on the photographer's head . . . .

 I think I need to get new batteries for my own camera.

Anyway, also at Goodwill -- Howard found a cute little demilune table for $15,
but I am not sure about it; it's slightly rickety and
I like to buy furniture that is in good sturdy shape.  It's easier that way.

I also found a big white speckled rooster cookie jar.  And I resisted.  Aren't you proud of me?

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P.S.  Howard has a pointy head, and he says he had a heck of a time keeping
that round bowl perched up there long enough to snap a picture.  Now that is dedication.


  1. Cute posting!! Your husband really got "in to it", didn't he?? Had to laugh and his variety of places to put the bowl.
    Have a great day.
    Ladybug Creek

  2. Nice bowl! Howard is getting creative in his photo ops. :-D I have about given up on the GW's around here.

  3. Hi Cass! I like Howard! What a funny guy! You'd better watch out - he may try to take over your blog!
    Now the bowl is so pretty!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. lol ok now that is as bad as my hubby...wanting to learn how to use my sewing machine! Some things are just .... but I guess if he lets me use his tools, (not that I would want to) I guess all's fair in love and war right? Cute post! GOOD JOB HUBBY!

  5. Oh no, no, NO Cass!!!! Do NOT get new batteries - - - let Howard be your forever bloggy photojournalist. (I believe when you give him that long title, he will be sufficiently impressed to actually, you know, BE it.)

    He is cracking me UP!!! The bowl on the chair was hysterical enough - - - but then on the JOHN - - - oh that Howard!

    No clue about that strip on the bottom of the bowl - - - - if it ain't take-out, I don't know about it.

  6. Love the bowl. Love the bowl on the bowl. Love the bowl on Howards head. Are you sure you are going to still serve Brussels sprouts in it?


  7. Cass,

    Thank Howard for the smile he gave me today. I am especially fond of him modeling it. I shutter to think of what he'd come up with if you found a nut cracker! Ahem, as I was saying...thank you for the sweet shout out for the Never Ending Cyber Highway Yard Sale! So happy to have you participate.

    Your NJ Blogging Buddy,

  8. Howard is a good sport!
    Cass, you know you will regret passing up that rooster!

  9. Oh Cass. You have no idea how much I needed this today. On one of the worst days EVER, you guys made me crack up. Hugs to you b oth!
    xoxo Pattie

  10. Argghhhh ... and you didn't pick up the rooster cookie jar for ME? I'm insulted!

    Great find on the Revere bowl. I agree that the brussels sprouts should be quite happy there.

  11. LOL! I can see he was totally enjoying his moment of blogging fame. Funny how he progressed from one seat to another then on his head. I would have never guessed why that bowl had that metal piece across the bottom.

  12. Nice bowl. Funny husband! Now I know why you said you are laughing at him all the time....

  13. Tell Howard he's a funny guy. Love the bowl on the toilet seat and on his head. LOL Nice find- get it shined up and ready for those brussel sprouts!
    ~ Sue

  14. See the hubbies really down deep want to get into the blog thing. They just need a little push. Love the pot on the potty! Great buy.

  15. That looks like a very useful bowl.

  16. Lovely bowl! And your husband is a hoot! You two must have so much fun together.


  17. Fun post. Thrift shops are great and your husband is silly (mine is too, one of his many charms). I am curious about the bar on the bottom of your bowel. Hopefully someone will write in and explain it.
    Thanks to both of you for the smile.

  18. Hi Cass. I saw this post come up and I thought, wow, I haven't been by That Old House in quite a while! Just bad timing for me this summer I guess. I'm glad I caught this one. It was so nice of Howard to humor us all and take so many artful photos! He really got into the spirit of things didn't he?

    That was a cute comment about your dad being 90 going on 17. They say the child becomes the parent and vice versa. At least he wanted pizza and not McDonald's!

    Hope all has been well for you.

  19. Howard was too cute with the bowl on his head and I liked all the places he put the bowl. LOL! You have quite a treasure. Love & blessings from NC!

  20. I don't see the problem, Howard took you quite literally. You asked for the bowl in different settings and that's what you got:
    setting on the counter
    setting on the toilet
    setting on the chair
    setting on his non-rounded head.
    He's funny, he is!

    What kind of pizza does your dad like? He like anchovies??!

    Take care.

  21. Husbands are great for taking blog pictures for us aren't they. I had mine parking and running across a highway to take some shots last summer. What nice guys. I love brussel sprouts especially roasted.

  22. Howard is a Prince Among Men! And he shows a delicious sense of humor in these photos. But, you might want to hold off asking him to do anything for a little while.....he's beginning to turn on you!! LOL!!! :)

  23. HA! Very cute! Well, you got what you asked for. And I must say, the bowl looks fabulous in all its unique settings. Have a fabulous Friday! :) Tammy

  24. Cass, it might just be time for you to find a "home" for Howard. lol too funny!

  25. This was truly a lol post! Thanks, Howard!


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