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Monday, August 2, 2010

A Doozy, A Doggy, and a Grand Old Chair

Some Mondays are better than others. This one is pretty darned good.

Well, it wasn't so good for poor Dion, our dog, who got one of those dreaded baths.

But Howard and I had a very successful Craigslist weekend, and this Monday I am enjoying the fruits of our hunt.

For our front porch we found this lovely old wicker rocker:

It is large, and heavy, and very sturdy.
Love the woven-in designs.

Its issues are minor ones -- a little paint wear but nothing loose --

-- and a very small bit of unraveling. Nothing that affects its usefulness.
This is the strongest, sturdiest wicker piece I have ever met.

Ain't it a peach? I am almost embarrassed to tell you what we paid, but I will: $35.

It has a label underneath. We peeked. We give our furniture no privacy.
It was made by the Debski Furniture Company in NYC, probably in the 1920s.

Howard took a lovely nap in it yesterday, before I hauled him off to do more Craigslist-ing.

Now, what do you think?
Obviously, new cushions are in order, but should we paint this fabulous old rocker,
or should we leave it in its rather charming mildly-chipped creamy white?

I vacillated all day yesterday. I finally decided . . . no, I'm going to see what you think!

We made 3 other Craigslist stops on Sunday.
Among the finds was something I just could not turn down:

Can you guess? Hint: it is not for the front porch!

Sorry for the blurriness! (Drinking too early in the day, I guess. Yep, that's me all over. . . . )

If you guessed a chair, you would be . . . wrong.

Question: does anyone know the best way to clean a few decades of
normal household schmutz off a good painted finish?


On Sunday, we had planned to paint Lucy, the metal lawn chair we bought back in June. (Story here.)
But rain intervened; no painting!

We do love Lucy's funky green finish, but after some wire brushing and sanding, we found that in her checkered past Lucy
has been a host of colors, a veritable rainbow of hues, including our current porch favorite, red!

So red she will be again.


The rain was welcome in a little part of the lawn we have allowed to run wild:

You can't see it from the street, but we can see it from the porch,
and I love the Queen Anne's Lace and the Black-Eyes Susans, and some unidentified volunteers.

On the porch, the asparagus ferns are fulfilling their destiny, and growing in all directions at once!

Really, they are so much more reliable, and easier, than Boston Ferns for summer porches. They thrive on benign neglect!

Well friends, your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to tell me if you think we should paint the new (old) white (sort of) rocker. It has been several shades of green, and I think yellow, in its past. Judging from my getting fresh and peeking under the bits of chippiness. It's current white is somewhat yellowed with age.

Your other assignment? Have a lovely Monday, and if you are curious -- stop back Tuesday,
to find out what the not-a-chair really is, what else we got on Sunday's Craigslist jaunt, and what is inside this:

It's a doozy.

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I hope to see you tomorrow! -- Cass


  1. Leave it chippy white......for now!
    I'll be back for Tuesday to see what the not-a-chair is.
    I love your house. It truly is a dream house.

  2. I would repaint it all white.. ;) Fresh paint is always a winner to me! And thanks for participating in "Show Off Your Cottage Monday" and letting us into your cozy home!



  3. Sewing machine?

    I really need the spiritual gift of spray paint - - - - my wicker furniture on the front porch would REALLY benefit from a bit of that.

  4. I would have to agree to leaving that grand old rocker the cream color it is, at least for this season. I painted my wicker black, last year, and have been sorry ever since...wicker was meant to be a creamy white, not any other color, even my favorite green!

  5. Love the rocker, it is wonderful. I think maybe the secret piece is a settee. Now for the suitcase, either a phonograph or a typewriter. They are all wonderful finds. Hugs, Marty

  6. Rocker: I see it as painted Off White...
    No one can say you were off your rocker to have paid $35 for it. :0)
    Excuse the pun!
    As for the other thing: No idea.

  7. I think wicker should be white or that dark green or that light 30's green or natural -- NO OTHER COLORS!!!! It's wrong to paint wicker the wrong color!

    I would leave her natural and then get cushions that have red that go with your other porch furniture. I must admit that I covet her -- she would look good on Linderhof's porch.

    I don't have a clue about your other piece -- nor the box -- except perhaps is it a liquor carrier?

    Oliver is not as good about baths as Dion -- he hates them with a passion!

  8. LOVE your new wicker rocker! As long as it's not flaky, I'd leave it. Can't wait to see what else you have there... I have no clue!


  9. What a beautiful old wicker rocking chair!!
    Love it......
    Have a Great Day!

  10. I would leave it chippy white until I got new cushions and then decide! Hmmmm...curious about the mystery item. The one in the case also...a camera??

  11. I gentle cleaning with a baby's soft hair brush and and then a nice white paint job. As Martha said a wonderful bright cushion with some red.
    The non-chair is a headboard.
    The box holds an old typewriter.

  12. Love the new rocker. If you do paint it please leave it white! As far as the bottom thingy, because of the way you have it standing on its side it reminds me of a movie projector.

  13. Awww! Dion - you know you probably smell better.:-D
    I would repaint it white, then make a cushion with some red in it to go with Lucy. Would there be a portable bar with cocktail shaker, etc. in the case?
    Is the other piece a table or desk?
    Have a great week.

  14. Your sweet dog stopped me in my tracks. Is Dion a Cavalier King Charles?

    He looks just like my sweet little Sophie. I know this post was about your new chair treasure.....but I couldn't resist commenting about your beautiful little dog!



  15. Cass, is the house next door to you for sale by any chance?? I want to live THERE! Near you! You find the very best stuff and the two of us could go off and leave Howard and Ray napping away. Fabulous!!
    xoxo Pattie

  16. Cass,
    Glad you are back!!! I would paint the wicker white and find some bark cloth for a cushion.

    My Dad used to have a case like that for a traveling bar.....


  17. Your chair is fabulous, but I really love is a wet Cavalier. Their whole personality changes when they are wet.


  18. I vote for cleaning and repainting the wicker rocker. The ole girl will feel better after a new coat of paint.
    I, too, think the mystery piece of furniture is a settee.
    The brown handled box contains a bar set is my guess.
    You still haven't painted "Lucy"???!
    Dion is a cutie and a trooper for sticking around for a picture after his bath.
    Thanks for sharing all your pics with us.

  19. Dion looks so sad but I bet he feels better eith a fresh bath.
    The rocker--ummm leave if for awhile the way it is, give it a new cushion and then see what you think.The box---have no idea.
    Will be back.


  20. The little case thing reminds me of a "portable" phonograph we had when I was a kid. So that's my guess.

    The rocker is grand. I would repaint it that lovely creme color. And of course, I still think a coordinating colorful and fun print fabric for pillows and cushions is just what you need to bring it all together.

  21. Hi Cass.....It is me again.....thanks for stopping by to say hi. Yes, I do indeed have a little Cavalier, her name is Sophie. She is a blenheim (sp)
    She is 8 years old and the love of our live. I cannot imagine having 3 of these lovers could never have enough laps! LOL LOL



  22. What a cute mug on your darling pup:-). I love craigslist, but have bought very little from it since leaving Texas.
    Your finds are wonderful! I would leave the chair chippy for a while before giving it a new coat of paint.

  23. FABULOUS find! I love the original paint:)

  24. As a fan of "Antiques Roadshow", leave it untouched! Charming as it is, maybe just a fresh new fabric. My cats would love to curl up it it! - I think the case has a typewriter in it...can't wait to find out? Thanks for the intrigue.

  25. Rosie sends big sympathy to Dion - she hates baths too.
    Love that rocker. I vote to paint it a new, creamy white. It is a good, sturdy piece of furniture and deserves to look its best!

  26. I always love a fresh coat of paint!! It would also give it some protection if you will be using it on the porch. Like you said, a new cushion is in order too. I need to get on Craigslist and snoop around. What a great find. Love & blessings from NC!

  27. Cass, I think white wicker is classic- so I'd clean that rocker up, get rid of the flakes, and paint it a new crisp white. Then add color in a new, cushy padded seatcover. A throw or a lumbar pillow could add an extra punch of pattern or color. It's a really nice piece and you got it for an excellent price!
    ~ Sue

  28. Hello, if you leave it chippy, I think you should put some kind of protective covering like clear coat. It is very beautiful and looks like a great place for a nap.

  29. Schmutz comes off painted furniture really easy with Mr Clean Magic Eraser.
    I think it is a settee.
    i love wicker when it is white.


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