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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And . . . It's Off To The Beach House For Us!

We're running away, Howard and I. . . getting out of Dodge
for a few days before he rejoins the Monday through Friday suit crowd in Manhattan.

It's out to the beach house for us!

Can't wait to turn into this driveway:

 Bring our bags into this house:

And settle down on the deck with a tall cold drink, and this view:

We will be back probably on Saturday night.  That's the plan, but I've learned that plans don't always pan out!

About a year ago, Howard and I went out to the beach house for a long weekend.
We had a grand time, and cooked a grand East End meal. . . using the old dishes and tableware that 
my Mom had used in our summer houses since I was a little girl.

We picked up corn, burstingly ripe local tomatoes, and flowers at local roadside stands. The Southold Fish Market at Port-Of-Egypt (yes, that is really the name) yielded fresh-off-the-boat flounder filets.

Now how does this look, for a simple, quick, fresh and local Long Island supper?

I put butter and salt on the table, but we didn't use either of them. The corn was so amazingly sweet and delicious, it didn't need any embellishment. All we added to our meal of fish, corn and tomatoes was some wine. I'd have served this to Julia Child!

The dishes came from John's Bargain Store in Smithtown, New York. They are Japanese knockoffs of Staffordshire, and they are a bit mis-printed, and oddly colored. I remember Mama buying them for 25-cents apiece one summer, and they make me smile.

My sister-in-law Doris says they remind her of old hand-colored postcards,
with odd blobs of color dabbed on monochrome prints.

Old amber goblets from the back of the cupboard:

Also on the table -- serving bowls and platters of Hull brown drip pottery.
My Mom had lots of it -- good sturdy pottery for big family meals.


I love fresh cut flowers, and they are cheap on the North Fork, sold at rickety wooden
tables in front of old farm houses along the Main Road.
It's done on the honor system; you put your money in a coffee can
or an old cigar box, wrap your flowers in newspaper, and take them home.

A pair of porcelain quails kept us company.
(Hey, that's Howard's hand. He is patiently waiting to eat!)

That's as fancy as it gets at the beach house.

But when your main course is absolutely fresh flounder. . .

. . . you don't need fancy. Simple works best, for the food and for the setting. 

It's Thursday, and bloggers are busy tablescaping!
Go check out Susan's Tablescape Thursday at
You'll be glad you did!

See you when we get back.
Meanwhile . . . play nice!  -- Cass


  1. wow! it sounds (and looks) like a wonderful place to hide away!
    thanks for sharing your photos with us.
    relax/enjoy your time together.

  2. That fish looks mighty delicious! What a wonderful get away--your table is great--love the colors! Have a wonderful time! Jacqueline

  3. Love the plates and the glasses...the beach house looks fab! Joni

  4. Only the families of bloggers understand the waiting to eat until we take our photos.
    Looks like a nice way to wind up the weekend.

  5. Looks beautiful and the meal to say the least looks delish. I have sunflowers on my table scape too.

  6. I loved this post. Your beach house is wonderful and the table and the food look great!!! The memories of your Mother's dishes, glassware, etc. are so special for you! I chuckled at the above comment about blogger families having to wait to eat until pictures are taken. So true. My family is always saying... not another picture. LOL!!! Have a fun and restful time at the beach. Love & blessings from NC!

  7. Have an absolutely wonderful vacation!!!

  8. Enjoy.....

  9. What a great post! I love your dishes and wish you a wonderful vacation-enjoy!

  10. How wonderful to have this place to run to. Looks so relaxing.

  11. Have a wonderful time! I remember brown drip - we had a set and it was only used on the porch at the picnic table. My mother loved it. I have no idea what ever happened to it. It would be perfect in the cabin.

    Again, enjoy.


  12. What a great meal and what a lovely house. Always living in the midwest, I've heard about Long Island and the fabulous food and flowers -- and it looks like it is true!

    Don't you love dishes with memories? Yours are adorable and it's always great when something has the sheen of memories attached to them.

    I assume Dion has went with you? Is the poor boy miffed because he didn't get his usual picture in the post (the small picture with Howard shouldn't count).

  13. Hi Cass,
    Hope you have a wonderful time. The table is just perfect for a cozy meal for two. The flowers are beautiful. Have fun!

  14. You've got an amazing weekend -- they say very little humidity. I'm crazy for those faux-Staffordshire plates and the whole idea of a dinner at the beach. Great post.

    Some news: We're staring a Giveaway Friday! link-up party tomorrow, 8/27 plus we are giving away a custom backsplash! Please join us to link or browse. Jane F.

  15. Peace, quiet, and great seafood.

    What else is there?

    Oh yah, and Howard too.

  16. Absolutely wonderful post! I'm thrilled that you have such a blessed retreat. Interesting, TT entry #2, from Bill, features Cape Cod Glass. If my eyes don't betray me, I think that your goblet is the same design, different color. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  17. Have a great vacation.....looks like you are enjoying so far.

  18. Looks like fun. Enjoy your time away!
    Tell Dion hi!


  19. Hi Cass...hope your having an enjoyable time at the beach house...the fish looked delicious..and I know how good the corn is up there...and I think I mentioned thelast time I saw those amber glasses that i have the same ones but in blue and I believe they are worth a few bucks so don't break any.....

  20. I just found your blog. Love the photo of your house....and is that your beach house too? Lovely. I look forward to reading your posts...

  21. Cass, love the dishes and the amber glassware. What fun to have the beach house dishes you knew growing up. I'm seriously wanting a beach house of my own! Thanks for sharing photos of yours. ~ Sarah


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