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Monday, May 17, 2010

A Kitchen Transformation Triple Play

I'm showing off a few changes here at That Old House, in my second post of this sunny Monday.

(See below for links to blog parties, and my other post.)


First -- beadboard -- a cottage classic, a bungalow icon, an old house standby.

After tearing out our old green Formica countertops last November, we have not had a backsplash in the kitchen -- just torn up wallboard on the sink wall. Not attractive.

We considered tile, pressed tin, and beadboard. We chose beadboard
as being the most appropriate for an 1880s-era kitchen in a country home.

But real beadboard is 1) expensive and 2) requires actual skill to install.

At That Old House, we like things cheap and easy.
Just like our men . . .
. . . which brought us to beadboard wallpaper.

You can get rolls of this at the big box stores, but I recommend the thicker and more realistic product that you can order online from Graham & Brown (just Google them).

It is more like foam than paper. Dimensional.

We used their "paste the wall" style -- easiest wallpapering ever.

You measure and cut it with scissors to fit your wall.
Here's Alida's boyfriend Josh doing just that last week:

Then, you brush the paste onto the wall and slap up the paper. No booking, no mess!

It looks like the genuine article.
It really does.

We haven't painted this yet, mostly because I haven't decided on which leftover paint to use,
but paint will enhance the look and texture, and voila! we will have a backsplash in keeping with the era of this part of the house.

Thank you, Alida and Josh, for beadboard-papering our kitchen wall!

The second makeover was turning the big awkward cabinet and counter
on the left side of our kitchen, below . . . .

. . . into this!

You can read about this project here and here.


And our third makeover?
It's the transformation of a tidy and recently renewed kitchen
into a hub of baking activity and minor chaos.

Daughter Anne baked cookies for an event at a theater in NYC.
A lot of cookies.

And the new cupboard and butcher block countertop worked just fine!

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We'll be eleven around the table for lunch today -- maybe 12 -- so I better
get away from the computer and get busy!
Happy Monday -- Cass


  1. Cass, I'm loving the amount of sheer storage in that hutch- I've been wanting an open one FOREVER! There was a gorgeous old home on the Holiday tour back in NY that had beadboard wallpaper- it was incredibly realistic and the homeowner swore by it
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Hi Cass,
    I love beadboard and when we update the kitchen that is more than likely what we will use as a backsplash, and like you, I will more than likely use the paper kind. Love the transformation!


  3. I love a lived in home. My place is often messy and people feel very comfortable here. I want to bead board my entry way and my laundry room. I saw on another site where she used caulking on the the seams of the paper to seal them off before edges lifting up that way.

  4. Hi Cass! Oh, your backsplash looks wonderful! I would like to do this too! Your kitchen is just perfect now! I'm still loving seeing your china cabinet, hutch work center! It's marvelous.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. The beadboard paper looks just fabulous. What a great idea. Love it. You kitchen transformation is just stunning and I love to see a kitchen in use. Hugs, Marty

  6. Good morning my Dear friend...girl your hutch turned out beautiful tell Howard an awesome job once again...Now the bead board paper girl I have 4 rolls of them since Aug of last year still waiting for me to put in my laundry rrom and hall way ha ha!! My daughter did take off all the old wall paper border for me Mother's day YIPPEE!! so when I'm well I can redo it...I pray all is well in your world my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  7. What a wonderful kitchen transformation, and the cookies looks so yummy!!!



  8. I absolutely love the way the cupboard is turning out! And the beadboard backsplash looks great. We put real beadlboard in a small
    upstairs bathroom. It took an extra week of work to cut the angles and make it all fit. Wish I knew about the beadboard wallpaper then!

  9. Putting the paste on the wall is wonderful. That makes me willing to work with this product.

    Becky K.

  10. You made me sit up and lean into my computer! I love it! I will be looking for this wall paper! I think it will suit better for my little bathroom. We have an old house and have been doing a lot of work too! I posted regarding our getting ready to paint the outside. Would love for you to see it.

  11. I love the beadboard idea - I wonder if it can be used for cupboards.

  12. Been hunting for something like this for our kitchen. Now I know. Looks great!


  13. Love your back splash and how easy is that!!!!! Now for color . . . . you'll pick a good one!

  14. Everything looks great. Love the back splash. Great idea. The cookies look yummy.

  15. You have been busy. Looking good.

  16. Love that back splash. I don't think that this beadboard-on-a-roll is available up here, but a trip across the line is coming up..........

  17. That backsplash wall cover is amazing..I may be getting some for my kitchen! Beautiful!

    Miss Bloomers

  18. Well, I love it even more one the 3rd transformation! It is a real kitchen, a real home. Full of warmth and fun. And it looks fantastic too! : )
    Oh do I love that wallpaper! I MUST get some eventually...this is perfect for several areas I have.

    Your home is wonderful and so are you!


  19. That paper is awesome! Great idea! Still lovin' your home made hutch! laurie

  20. I'm lovin' the beadboard wall paper and looking for a place to put it in my house as we speak!!

  21. Very nice! Your hard work paid off!

  22. Wow! That was genius putting that hutch there! And I love the bead board wall paper... I need a back splash as well. Love the pic of your house outside! Lezlee

  23. I enjoyed looking at your blue and white dishes in your hutch!


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