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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tending Our Vineyard

Just a few days ago, the vineyard at That Old House was a tangle of bare branches, interspersed with unwanted visitors -- shoots of Forsythia and some renegade leafing vines.

Howard has cleared out the squatters, and the grapevines
that have lived here for at least 5 generations are leafing out for another season.

We are peeking into the grapevine's secret world . . . .

See those little bunches of tiny round bumps, hiding in the new leaves?

Right there, cuddled in among the soft pale new leaves, are the tiny embryonic grape clusters.

Someday they will grow up to be lovely shiny purple Concord grapes, as generations have done before them.
It's their family business.

There are billions of them, or so it seems. That Old Vine is a vigorous dude.

We're not the only ones who have enjoyed this tangled old fellow:


A little sparrows' nest. How's that for a vignette? :-)

In a few weeks, you will hardly be able to see these branches for the leaves.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, whether you are outdoors or in.

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  1. I just love this time of year when everything is awakening from the long winter's nap! Great photos...glad to see Howard didn't disturb that little nest.

  2. We did a rather too-vigorous pruning of our forsythia last year and have been rewarded with the sparsest of bloom this year. I think I'll have to consider a grave vine now that we're fenced.

  3. How lovely to see the forming of those tiny grape clusters...a miracle of spring!

  4. Oh Cass, I love this post!! Here's to another year of good grapes!

  5. Oh how wonderful- hope you kept a little of it!
    xoxo Pattie

  6. Love the grapevines - tangled or not! Dropping by from Outdoor Wednesday.


  7. Cass, I love your blog! Your photographs are always stunning!

  8. I can't wait to see how your grapevine will look in the summer! Gorgeous photos and how cute that there is a little bird who made it a home.

  9. That's a sweet little nest. Cute.


  10. Cass..
    absolutely beautiful..
    the post,
    the pics,
    the joy of day spent outdoors..
    Viva Spring.!!
    hugs.. laughing smiles too!

  11. Those buds look so neat they look almost sugar coated. Beautiful shots.

  12. Beautiful those teeny tiny little grapes!!!

  13. That new camera is getting a wonderful and profitable workout. Very gorgeous photos!

    I love the smell of grapes as they ripen!

    Becky K.

  14. Oh I do love those bird nests. I am also enjoying all the beautiful photos with that new camera. Here's to grapes!

  15. Cass,

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures...Do you make jelly?


  16. I just love all the close up shots -- the one single bud -- simply beautiful! Its all in the details. I wonder what little bird will find the nest this year?


  17. great photos... what do you do with the grapes? Wine? Jelly?

  18. Love your pictures. It is amazing what just a couple of days make.

  19. Enjoy your Thursday--the vines are looking good.
    Come by Dreaming sometime.


  20. what a lovely old style of house. You are lucky to have a husband who is so handy.

    Right now, we are looking for a small house, a low maintenance town house. a little garden for me to potter. Otherwise. we spend our time on the computers.

  21. Hello Cass, Thank's for your visit today. I am glad you liked the garden furniture. Your vineyard is begining to wake after a winters rest. Have fun gardening..Julian


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