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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spaniels, Dump Trucks, And Bleeding Hearts; It's Wednesday!

Outside That Old House, the lilac blooms are plumping up.
We'll have plenty to cut this year.

We have two shades, a purply-mauve, and a deep purple.

I'm going to hold off cutting branches to bring inside till Friday.
I want them fresh for weekend company.

Also outdoors, our neighbors are planting a forest.
Or park. Or something -- on the big bare slopes behind their newly-built house.

It's been very entertaining now for 3 days, watching the landscape crews at work.
A dump truck is helping; there it is, right between our grape vines and bamboo.
Yes, we gave them permission to drive on our grass. It grows back!

Dion has his eye on those new trees that were just planted, so near . . . .
Don't even think about it, Dion!


Speaking of Dion, a couple of weeks ago I found this at a garage sale:

A long lost relative!

A Staffordshire-style spaniel.
He cost us all of 25-cents.
A couple of cracks, but no repairs.
Who will notice a few small lines?
That's what I tell myself, anyway, every morning . . . .

That's Part 1 of my red and white for this Wednesday --
Red & White Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, real and not.

Part 2 belongs to Mother Nature:
Our white bleeding hearts; love them! The pink ones are further along in the border, but I love the red tulip against the fresh green and clean white. I'm going to have to remember to tuck in more red tulips come Fall.

Just, don't come too soon, okay, Fall?


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Happy Wednesday! -- Cass


  1. beautiful ALL OF IT! so ready for spring, summer fun and bbq's! Thanks for sharing. Jenn

  2. Hi Cass!
    how delightful!
    the lilacs are heavenly scented..
    can almost smell them all the way from your house to mine!
    And Dion.. love just looking at him!
    so adorable..and photogenic..
    almost angelic?
    will have to post some pics of my furbabies..
    more like country cousins to the aristocratic Dion Di Poochy!
    warmest huigs..
    laughing smiles..

  3. I love those spaniels and have some at Linderhof -- they are classics!!!! and for 25 cents -- you can't beat that!!! I've not seen a white bleeding heart -- mine is old fashioned pink. Enjoy your lilacs -- it was definitely a lilac year on the prairie this year -- we have had loads indoors and it smells so great both inside and out!

  4. Cass, you are so entertaining! I also tell myself in the mornings that people won't notice a few lines! Love your 25 cent dog, and of course Dion too! Your flowers look beautiful! laurie

  5. I've never seen white bleeding heart...lovely! And love your little Dion statue!! Great deal.

    Well it looks like you are going to have a wonderful view out those windows. How good of you to let them drive on your grass with a truck. My husband would have had a stroke!


  6. I am anxiously waiting the blooming of the lilacs!
    Your doggie statue, too funny! You need gkids! LOL

  7. very nice post! love it all. Would love bleeding hearts in the garden. love the statue like your baby!!

  8. Cass,
    Love Dion - he is the best! Lilacs are a thing of my past as we don't go back up north in time to see them. But we have bleeding hearts when we get back.


  9. Oh Cass, your little sweet Dion is adorable with her big dark eyes so intend and in living in the moment, A good score at the garage sale --you can't go wrong for .25cents... and your lilacs and bleeding hearts are lovely.

    Happy outdoor Wednesday,

  10. There's nothing like the scent of lilacs, is there? Your 25 cent spaniel is very cute, but I like Dion better! What a sweetie pie!
    Happy REDnesday!

  11. I have not seen any lilacs around this area in a long time. I am sure they are here, but just in private gardens/back yards. Sweet Dion - You batter stay away from those new trees! :-D

  12. So niuce to meet you:)
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday~~

    Lovely home and garden ~~~ your dog is adorable!!

    Kay Ellen

  13. Hello Cass;

    I had to stop back once more -- for your comment left me hysterical laughing.... you must live next doors to my neighbors too. and when they saw me out there blowing the lovely d-lions in the wind, I had to quickly tell them why -- they did not buy it not one little bit. Oh what we blogger's will do for a photo prompt, its no telling

    Thanks for the comment it made my evening here in the rainy North West.

  14. Nothing like doing a little garden project, eh?!

  15. Yup, looks like a forest to me! Wow, your bleeding heart is so big! Can't wait for mine to mature.

  16. Beautiful Bleeding Heart! I lost mine last year, so am trying again.
    Dion's double is a bit,'t he/she? I hope Dion isn't worried about catching the redness, if it's going around.

  17. Oh lilacs, they smell so good. I love the bleeding heart, I just picked up two small plants to try to grow, I killed the last, wrong spot. Have a wonderful day.

  18. Gorgeous pictures, and most especially of Dion, he is just adorable :-)

  19. My grandmother grew bleeding hearts in pink, I've never seen the white before and I love them even more. Living in Phoenix means I also miss out on lilacs. Thanks for reminding me how beautiful the spring is north.

  20. Amo esse seu mundo perfumado e tão cheio de cores e brilhos. Muito lindo!


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