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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rub-A-Dub-Dub Dion

I'm joining A Few Of My Favorite Things Saturday, at Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie, to feature Dion and, in a nod to That Old House who otherwise might feel ignored, our soapstone counter and enormous kitchen sink.

There's a tie-in there, folks.
Dion did not have a happy Friday, and it all had to do with the big kitchen sink.

I'll let Dion tell the story in his own words . . . .


Excuse me. Excuse me! Did anyone notice you have put the dog in the kitchen sink?
I believe you have perhaps confused me with a turkey?

Uh-oh. Water. I smell the ghastly aroma of shampoo.
Things look bleak for me.

People, people -- the spiky look just doesn't work for me. And it is so 90s!

If I think good thoughts, this will all seem like a dream . . . .

Yikes! Not when they wash me there!
Isn't that illegal? Invasion of privates and all that?

My face. My manly chest. Is no place sacred?

You know, I don't think you are feeding me enough.
I may have to call the Authorities.

Why do you think I want to smell like papaya and coconut?
Who would ever want to smell like papaya and coconut when they can smell
like mud and squashed bugs and things that come oozing out of their own bodies?

It's gonna take me days or at least a good dead rodent to get this stink offa me.
I am not happy.

Now they are turning me into a mummy!

And I never had a chance to be a daddy!

Whew! Air!

At least there are comfy sofas to absorb that last bit of dampness from my ears.
But I'm afraid to fall asleep.

Dion's nightmare is not quite over. He will need at least two good brushings today, to remove the very last of the loose winter coat; I'll do that outside, and the birds can use the fuzzies to line their nests. Recycling!

If you are among those who think it is uber-icky to wash a dog in a kitchen sink, my apologies for the pictures! We've done this for years, and always give the sink and surrounding area a very thorough cleaning and disinfecting afterward. I can no longer bend over a bathtub and wrestle with a squiggling canine; my back will protest even more than the dog.

And about that sink and counter -- they are absolutely among my very favoritest things. We had them installed just days before Thanksgiving in '09. The story is here.

(That's right after installation, with the backsplash still missing . . .
which it still is, but sshhh, don't tell anyone, ok? At least we have covered the insulation.)

We chose soapstone for the counters as it fits the age of the house, and we bought the largest stock sink we could find; I'd been suffering for almost two years with a double sink that not only wasn't big enough to bathe a small dog in, it wasn't big enough to wash a cookie sheet or lobster pot in.

Anyway, those are my favorites for this Saturday. Now I am going to go torment Dion some more, with brush and comb, and then after changing my own clothes I'm putting on a pot of Silver Palate Chili -- it's a chilly weekend in northern NJ, and I've got company coming!

Have a lovely weekend -- Cass


  1. I leave bathing my cav up to my DH, does your cav run around like a mad dog after his bath too? Ours goes crazy, barks, runs, jumps on the bed, for at least an hour after!!! very cute tho when my 2.5yo chases him around (the only time he does any real work (besides his walk) for the whole day (I mean week) you know!!!)

  2. Oh Dion is precious. We take our Bentley to Pet Smart for grooming and bath....he isn't thrilled about it either. I love a big sink also. I have a double, but they are very deep!

  3. Your dog is sooo adorable!! I wash my Bichon the same way and get the same looks your Dion was giving you!LOL Aren't they sweet? I cannot bend over a tub either anymore, its hard enough just standing for the 2 washes and one rinse and then drying I have to do! But I couldn't live without my Beau!

  4. Hi! I just linked here from Laurie's Bargain Hunting page, and may I say that your's might just be the most gorgeous Old House I have ever seen!! I have joined up as a follower so that I can come and visit that house often! Besides, that's one cute dog!


  5. Ahhhh...I love your doggie...the sweetest face ever!! I remember your kitchen wonderful your kitchen looking into your sunroom! I would never want to leave that room.

    Have a great weekend!

    Miss Bloomers

  6. Oh, Cass! I love this post! Look at cutie pie little Dion. His tiny eyes tell the story, don't they? He is just adorable!
    Now I don't have a problem with you washing him in the sink. We parents of fuzzy faces do what we need to do!
    I adore your countertops. Wish I had pretty countertops! I'm not jealous, no not a bit!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  7. Beautiful dog. Don't they all look like that when they get a bath?

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  8. Cass, you make me laugh so much. It is hilarious how you can get inside that dog's head. He is so cute I can't stand it. Deb

  9. Cass, I lust over soapstone and I would KILL for that sink. In our Long Island house, my instructions to the GC were "a sink big enough to bathe a child in"- and I got it. I so miss that sink...
    xoxo Pattie

  10. Now Dion - You know you smell and feel so much better! :-D Chili sounds good. Suppose to be in the 40's the next 3 nights - what happened to Spring?

  11. Oh, poor thing. I know my dogs feel the same.

  12. Dion you are the sweetest little dog!

  13. That sink is gorgeous - just the right size for a little dog. I think I need one too!

  14. Cass, does Dion have a sibling? I want one of these cute puppies. Love the sink with the soapstone counters. Thanks for sharing a great post. The photos of Dion are oh so cute!

  15. Cass,
    Dion is the best! I had a chocolate lab whose purpose in life was to roll in stink - needless to say he did not fit in the kitchen sink or any kitchen for that matter! Thanks for stopping by.


  16. I just love your pictures of Dion...he looks about as happy as Baylee! And your sink and soapstone counters are beautiful! If Baylee wasn't so big, that's where I'd wash her. But she doesn't fit there anymore. The tub in the pictures is at the groomers - have a great week, and thanks for stopping by!

  17. Oh Cass, what a cute post! I am just grinning from ear-to-ear. Dion is such a cutie, and his expressions were perfect for the commentary. I LOVE soapstone, and I LOVE your big kitchen sink. Thank you so much for linking this fun post to Favorite Things. laurie

  18. I wash my Maltese in the kitchen sink, too. Between trips to the groomer. We live out in the country so we get pretty muddy around here!
    Precious pup!!!

  19. What a face. That face could melt anyones heart. So cute.

  20. Hi Cass! I so enjoyed this post!! I wash Bentley in the kitchen sink too, but I don't know who gets wetter. You little Dion is so good, Bentley just wiggles like crazy! I love your soapstone counter. I have absolute black granite which was installed about 5 years ago. At that time, no one in Boise, Idaho carried soapstone. Although the granite is pretty, I like yours better. Shh, don't tell my husband I said that.

    Susan and Bentley

  21. Oh the stories I bet Dion could tell. He is adorable and even cuter when he is wet and complaining.

    I loved your post.

  22. We wash our dog in the sink too. Dion is so precious! I love your countertops! Love & blessings from NC!

  23. I love it! He really didn't seem too upset! What a great sink! I'd love to have an elevated place to wash Molly. She has itchy skin and has to be bathed weekly. She dries easy! Hope the brushing goes well!
    Hugs, Lisa

  24. Ellen says,Poor Dion! But now, he's such a handsome boy...I hope liver was given as a treat. I was vacuuming today and Abby was right by me waiting to be vacuumed. She loves it and the vacuuming gets rid of a lot of loose hair. It will never get rid of the shedding, but it helps! The sink and counter top are beautiful, by the way!

  25. Ha ha... he does not look like a happy little man. We gave our two rotts baths (outside on the driveway) two weeks ago on a warm day, but the water was cold and their teeth chattered. Had to start the process of washing away all the heavy winter coats though. And the shedding begins... *sigh*

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  26. Awwwww...poor Dion. I love that sink! Can't wait to do our kitchen so I can get a sink like that!

  27. Oh, Dion--
    You look soooooooo hansome with your new wash!


  28. I loved this post! Hey, I wash my dog in the kitchen sink too! And he is bigger than Dion! How else are you gonna wash the dog? Dion is adorable! I think I might have to get a King Charles Spaniel for my next dog! BTW, your soapstone counters are just gorgeous. I think I need soapstone for my next house!


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