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Friday, April 16, 2010

For The Birds. . . .

This past weekend, Howard and I tootled around New Jersey, picking up a few items I found on Craigslist.

In Bergen County, we got the Wedgwood vase I featured in Monday's post ($4!).
At the same house we got a little table that is destined to be transformed
from just plain shabby, to chic. Glamorous, even.
We also got a half-dozen little dishes. Bowls. Plates. Whatever.

They have birds on them. I love birds.

I think these fellas look rather 50s, maybe 60s. No backstamp.

We paid $6 for all six plates/dishes/whatevers.
They are a little shallow to be bowls, but a little deep to be plates.

What will they hold?
I see a baked apple sitting in a nice little pool of caramel drizzle.
Or Strawberry Shortcake, with real biscuit as the base.
Ice cream is always appropriate, with a nice Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie on the side.
(We just got our Girl Scout cookies yesterday.)

All the little birds are identified.
By their real names, not like "Moe" or "Frances."

There are a few repeats of individual birds, but no repeats of combinations;
every plate/dish/bowl thingy is different.

Yeah, I know. Hard not to make a wisecrack, isn't it?

There are an awful lot of birds that share this odd moniker.
Which ornithologist had the wacky sense of humor?

The bowl/dish/plate edges are thickly painted with gold.

And that's my Show & Tell for Friday.
Go visit Cindy at My Romantic Home for more domestic exhibitionism!
Click on highlighted words, or on logo, below.

(And come back Monday for that little table transformation. Va-va-va-VOOM!) -- Cass


  1. Beautiful!! Who doesn't love birds!!! Those are charming and unique. Love them!

  2. We can't tootle very far here without falling into the water, and I'd sure like to tootle around New Jersey or PA again!! I love your bowls - baked apple is just the thing.

  3. I don't know--the yellow bellied one looks like a Moe to me :) Love 'em!

  4. Love the birds Cass! Everything is really beautiful and unique. :)

  5. Oh they are adorable!! I would have snatched those up too! And I think you're right- they are perfect for some decadent summer dessert
    xoxo Pattie

  6. Love your plates/bowls. The bird prints on them are so pretty. Enjoy! Love & blessings from NC!

  7. Cute bird dishes...nice that the colors are so vivid.

  8. Love those bowls/plates (dessert/salad bowls maybe?).
    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. What charming bowls, Cass! Vibrant colors and darling little birdies, doesn't get any better than that! Fabulous find!


  10. Hi Cass! Thanks for coming to visit me today. I popped over to your site and just fell in love with your house!! My house is 97 years old (that's old for Idaho) but much newer than yours. I love old houses too. After reading your profile I can state that I have a vintage marriage now, it will be 21 years this June. But what I really wanted to say is that I love those cute bird dishes you found!! What fun you will have creating tablescapes with them. Now that I am your newest follower, I will be back to visit you often. Have a great weekend!!

    Susan and Bentley

  11. The bird dishes are really sweet!!

  12. Those are really pretty. I believe they may be soup bowls. Soup is usually served in a wider shallower dish. Whatever they are they are pretty.

  13. Ohhhh, those little birdie dishes were so darned "tweet." Thanks for posting. Today was my first participation in Show and Tell. It was fun! Please stop by to visit me anytime. Sincerely, Susan

  14. Love them . I love Craiglist.

  15. I love birds too and your bowls are so pretty...and what a great price you got too! I love the little tab handles as well. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Any table you set with those bowls will automatically be a fun, happy table. How cute. With the little handle shapes on the sides I think they would be good for soups.

  17. Oh! I love those bowls/dish thingies! What a deal! You are one lucky lady. laurie

  18. A very fun show and tell. The bird bowls are great... a good find on your part too.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  19. I love those bird dishes! You find such beautiful things!

  20. I love those bird dishes! You find such beautiful things!


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