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Friday, April 2, 2010

An Ecumenical Feast -- Simple Pleasures

When my sister and I were children, we thought Good Friday should be a gray and gloomy day, and we always felt a wee bit guilty if we played and had a good time on this solemn day.

The child in me still feels like that, but I am also rejoicing in the beautiful warm and sunny weather that is our gift this day. Tonight's Tenebrae service at church will put me into a reflective mood for this holiest of Christian weekends.


Howard is still practicing with his camera.

Some closeups, of lilac buds, holly, grapevines, azalea in bud,
and a chipmunk's view of our old stone wall.Hydrangeas are looking good:

But the forsythia? It's very droopy this year. Can anyone tell me why?
It looks like it's been through the wash and the laundress forgot the starch.

Now, as to that Ecumenical Feast mentioned in the title . . .

For many years my girls and I sang in all the Easter Sunday church services,
so between the 8 and 10:30 we'd rush home for breakfast; it was always the same:
Hard-boiled Easter Eggs, and Passover Matzoh.

(We like the Egg Matzoh for this; it's a little sweeter and less crack-y.)

Peel and slice the eggs, put a little bit of soft butter or margarine on the matzoh,
arrange the egg slices in a pleasing mosaic, add a dash of salt and pepper, and enjoy!

Just don't try and do an entire board of matzoh at once. Break it up first into smaller pieces, or it will surely explode into a mass of shards when you take the first bite!

Playing the role of the hard-boiled Easter Eggs at today's performance are simple raw eggs.

My eggs aren't boiled or decorated yet; I wait for Annie to come home, so she can wield her artist's magic on the eggs and shame her parents utterly. She draws elaborate Celtic designs, intricate Faberge-type swirls, portraits of That Old House, even bunnies that actually look like real bunnies.

I draw bunnies that look like robot cats, and Howard always draws a rabbi.

And now, a mystery for you. In the picture, below, who is playing the role of the Easter Bunny? And who is that little girl in the red dress with the big white collar, right in front of the Bunny?

And no, I am not either one of them! Answers and nostalgia and parental fibs tomorrow!

Dion says, don't forget the dog at Easter. He would like some matzoh and egg too,
and perhaps a marshmallow Peep for dessert.

One more thing: as you do your spring cleaning in house and garden,
do some of this as well -- porch sitting and watching the world go by!
Just remember to wipe the winter schmutz off the rocker first.
Live and learn.

Thanks to Michael for her fun Foodie Friday blog party. Go visit Designs By Gollum for more!

And have a blessed Easter weekend. -- Cass


  1. ........and a Blessed Easter to you and yours, Cass.
    Someday I'll have to buy some matzoh so that I can make that treat you posted!

  2. Have a wonderful, blessed Easter/Passover Cass. And tell Howard I am SO jealous of his new toy!
    xoxo pattie

  3. Happy Easter, Cass..
    Hope all is well.
    I mentioned you in my Outdoor Wed post..:)

  4. Wow nice pictures! Thanks for the step by step feast ;)

  5. I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend Cass.
    You might look into southern blight for your forsythia. Either that or some scale on the branches...little bumps.

  6. Have a wonderful Easter!

    Your dog photo just melted my heart! He's so cute!!!

  7. Seeing Dion always puts a smile on my face. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Happy Easter! I want to know how you cleaned your rocking chair. lol For I have two white ones from Cracker Barrel and they have not held up, or rather they have yuck on them and we can't get it off.

  9. Hi Cass..... just stopping by to wish you a very Happy Easter and to ask where is Mr. Dion's Bunny Ears??

  10. Howard is doing really well with that camera! Wishing you a very happy Easter, Cass!

  11. Easter means spring.....and spring means color! Gotta love color in the garden :)


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