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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Dish-A-Holic Dishes On Some Favorites!

It's the weekend, and I'm reaching back into the past, to take a look at some of my favorite things.

Gee, can you guess?
If you guessed dishes, then you were right!

(Originally posted April 2009)

What do I have in common with Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II, and the Prince of Wales? Read on. . . .

Pull up a chair.
I found a great bargain at a local thrift shop this week, and I've got to ... dish!

I am linking to a couple of fun weekend blog parties -- see the end of post for links.

Get comfortable. It's a long tale.
Last time I went thrifting, I spent about 5 bucks.

But now it is official. I need a keeper.

When I started my thrift shop trip this week, I figured I'd find a couple of things, spend a few bucks, come home with my modest treasures tucked into a single small bag. But . . . no.

Instead, I came home with my many treasures wrapped in bubble wrap and packed into two big boxes.

And I am willing to bet that you would have done the same thing!

Would you have walked away from Aynsley bone china?

Tatton Hall by Aynsley

My tablescape:

Tatton Hall is a discontinued pattern, but it has a very current color scheme, blue-green accented with just those bits of red, all on a border of palest yellowy-beige, picked out in shimmery gold.

Turquoise and red had some play in mid-20th-century home decor (especially kitchens) and nowadays it turns up in contemporary and cottage design. It's a variation on the classic pairing of the complementary colors of green and red.

All the dishes are like new -- no chips, no loss of brilliant gold trim, no knife marks. There was no way these pretties were staying on the thrift shop shelf!

The Bargain Barn is not the cheapest thrift shop around; its volunteers are pretty savvy about what things are worth. But this was a bargain:

4 dinner plates, 4 cups, 4 saucers, and 2 luncheon plates for $25.
14 pieces of Aynsley bone china for $25. Sweet.

Now, of course, I will haunt eBay and other sources for those missing luncheon size plates, and maybe for a few other pieces. I could get them through, but the cost would be way more than I would ever spend. A single dinner plate is listed for $38 on Replacements. Seriously?

Some details from today's table setting...

My grandmother's little glass dishes, nearly a century old, perfect for fruit or shrimp:

My old Georgian pattern silverplate, from various Ebay auctions:

Another eBay find, a huge, wide, hand-embroidered linen tablecloth, meticulously stitched in taupe. 12 matching napkins were included (although today I used plain white). All for less than $20, and in perfect condition.

Battenberg lace coasters. 6 for $4 at the thrift.

A cut crystal rose bowl, a gift years ago from a wonderful friend who knew how much I loved rose bowls, and that I'd never buy one for myself. (And at the time, really couldn't buy one for myself.)

Inside this beautiful bowl, glimmering turquoise colored glass, and a deep red candle for a soft glow:

So what about me and the royals? What do we have in common, other than our immense wealth and our many castles and our servants oddly called equerries?

Our dishes!

Aynsley, founded in 1775, made dishes for the two Queens and Prince Charles, although it's a safe bet the Royals didn't find their Aynsley at The Bargain Barn in Denville, New Jersey.

But then, the Royals don't have the cozy comfort of a
simple old American farmhouse in which to enjoy their Aynsley:

I am lucky. I'm going to leave this tablesetting in place, and
Howard and I can have our leftover chicken right here, tonight.

I bought a second set of dishes at the same shop, and a few other things, but I passed on a gorgeous big ironstone pitcher, vintage, brown & white transferware design -- $35, a more than fair price.

But I figured I already had enough 'splaining to do when I got home. And there's always tomorrow.

On my way home, I stopped at Dollar Tree and T.J. Maxx. They too were productive trips.

I think I better stay home for a day or two.
Or, find a keeper.
Any volunteers?

**************************Back in 2010**********************************

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Visit both these fun blogs for plenty of good reads! I'm going back to watching Howard cut the grass. Isn't it just so fun to watch a man work? -- Cass


  1. I was sitting down to read this amazing post. You and the royals. What a great find. I always believe you up north have way better antique and consignment shops. There is so much more history up there. I'm sure you are enjoying these over and over, and thinking about your great bargain.

  2. Beautiful my Dear friend...loved seein this and your home once again..I pray all is going well in your world today girl...Have missed you and blogging...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. Beautiful China Cass!
    You have set such a lovely table here today. Or I mean last year. hehe. You good little bargain hunter you!

  4. HI Cass! Oh, you most Royal One you! I love these dishes! They're so regal! :)
    Lovely tablescape and I hope you have a great weekend.Hope you'll come to my blog party on May 7th! There's a little pink button on my side bar you can click on for the info!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Love the dishes. I really need to join a support group. Very pretty - good job.


  6. Love your new dishes, but REALLY love the rose bowl! The Royals may have lived in palaces, but I bet they would have been happier living where you are. You don't want to know how many Battenburg lace table linens I have got rid of years ago. Let's just say - I once had a MIL who felt I need all the proper linens in my household. :-)
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  7. 14 pieces of bone china in mint condition for.....{swallowing tongue}....$25.00 USD!!!!!! That's not a bargain, that's a steal! Oh be still my heart!

  8. Gasp! I'm just trying to get my breath. That is gorgeous-all of it, and you are a thief! I cannot believe you got that gorgeous china for that price. I love it! And that tablecloth and the flatware, and your grandmother's pretty compotes! I wanna come play with your dishes-of course it might be hard for you to find them when I leave. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things Saturday. laurie

  9. Cass, that china is STUNNING!! I LOVE the colors. Girl- you did good!! Next time I'm in NY I just may be paying you a visit- how does a day of thrifting sound?? :)
    xoxo Pattie

  10. Hello there lovely lady,

    As usual Cass, your dishware and tablescape is just lovely! You have such exquiste taste and find such marvelous treasures!.., Every little detail is just beyond lovely!

    Cheers from Wanda Lee

  11. I guess I have been around the blog world for a while now because I am remembering most of the Sunday Favorites that everyone is posting.
    Who buys anything at Replacements? Gosh they wanted more for a plate than what my mom paid originally for her whole set at the time.
    I like your comment at the end about watching men work. It relates directly to my Sunday Favorite post this week.

  12. Since you and "The Royals" have sooo much in common will you be attending the next "Royal Wedding?" :)


  13. I LOVE that embroidered tablecloth! It looks amazing with your dishes!

  14. Beautiful dishes! Beautiful table!

  15. Hi Cass...

    Ohhh...I remember this post, Darlin'! I think I'll have your fabulous set of Aynsley bone china forever imprinted in my memory! This has got to be one of the prettiest china patterns that I've ever seen...I love the pretty turquoise and red colors!!! They sure make for a beautiful table setting! What a great deal you got on them too! Darlin', I will certainly be keeping an eye out for this pattern and give you a holler if I find it! Ohhh...and I just love that gorgeous embroidered tablecloth too...sooo very pretty!!! What a great post to share with us today for Sunday Favorites...thank you, my friend...I love it! Of course, you know that I'm a dishaholic too! Hehe!

    Well sweet friend, I just want to thank you for your sweet note and well wishes for the Sunday Favorites "One Year" birthday celebration! I sooo appreciate your faithful support of this little Sunday meme!!! You are one of my most faithful posters!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of your delightful posts, my friend!!! Thank you, Cass!!!

    Have a super Sunday, Darlin' and best wishes to you in the gift card giveaway!!!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  16. Beautiful and a super deal. I love when things like that come together. I found an Aynsley tea cup at a flea market one time. It was the start of a collection of about 30 random tea cups. That one is still my favorite. Hope dinner was great, I'm sure the leftovers tasted better on your thrift purchase.

  17. Your china is just lovely....what a lucky girlie you are. Loved seeing your table set too.

    Warm blessings,

  18. I too love china! I collect teacups and chintz dessert plates. Happy Sunday!

  19. Ummm, that keeper wouldn't be me. However, if you need a few juicy rationalizations or two, I'm your gal! Lovely finds...just got back myself from T.J.'s scored a Spode brown transfer ware plate and a few other things. Really need that brown transfer ware pitcher you passed up!!

  20. Hi, your china is beautiful, I can't believe how cheap it was! Tatton Hall is actually a stunning stately home and isn't that far from where I live It's an absolute must visit if you are ever over this way. I enjoy visiting your blog, your house is my dream house! Thank you for sharing.

  21. Most of my goodies come from Grandma--antique silver, Roseville pottery--but I adore checking out the thrift shop. I haven't been there in a while, you've inspired me to stop in this week!

  22. From one old dish lover (I mean old dishes, not old dish lovers :), I love your china. And I especially love your cut glass bowl with the candle.

  23. Love these dishes. I am starting to get hooked on dishes now! I am starting to get strange looks from hubby but, I just have to smile! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day!

  24. How lucky are you? Whenever I go to the thrift store I never find anything as beautiful as the dinner ware.

    Lucky, lukcy you!!

  25. What a wonderful find and I think you were very thrifty as well. Your dishes make a beautiful table setting and your chicken will taste like 5 star food tonight. Thanks for sharing. Stella

  26. Oh Cass...there must be a 12-step program for us someplace! I can sooooo relate! I worry about what my DD will think of me, once I die & they need a United Van Lines truck to haul out all my dishes from under the beds, closets & basement. LOL

    Your china is exquisite & I would have RUN to the car with the boxes before they changed their mind!
    I ♥ your grandmother's pretty compotes & your beautiful rose bowl. Just a completely lovely post with your usual witty banter.


  27. Hi Cass, Well let me first say the "Royal's" have nothing on you...your table setting is so beautiful and what a lucky find for you! I just love your blog and am a new follower of yours. Your home is a dream...maybe someday. Thank you for visiting me today and leaving your sweet, silly, (made me smile) comment! I hope you have a wonderful evening.


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