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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baldwin Brass and Big Butt Chairs

Okay, so some titles are better than others.

To everyone who spotted the missing shutter on That Old House
in yesterday's post -- here -- congratulations!

You are sharp-eyed.

We found the shutter on the porch roof. It tore off its pins in a fierce Nor'Easter, splitting the stile. We will try and rebuild it, as we don't have a replacement. One never lacks for hobbies when one is a homeowner.

Daughter Anne came home for Easter weekend, so on Saturday she and I hit up some shops. Including Goodwill Industries. Anne was searching for a long, printed rayon skirt -- an 80s look -- for a show she is costuming. She found the perfect piece for $3 at our local Goodwill.

I found this:

I have more than my fair share of brass candle holders, but I turned this one over and saw:

Baldwin Brass made many fine decorative items before being taken over
by Black & Decker in 2004, and concentrating on hardware instead.
Among its best work were Williamsburg reproduction pieces. This one is what I'd call newly vintage.

It is a hurricane candle holder, missing its glass chimney.
I will be haunting the thrift shops looking for a replacement shade, as I am not going to keep this lovely candle holder.
Although I am having fun playing with it!

I'm going to list it on eBay; I'm beginning to get the eBay bug!

It was marked $4.99, but on Saturday the orange stickers were 25% off. Sweet.

I got a thrifty bargain, and I am going to pass it along to someone else.

Since we'll be selling our current shield back dining room chairs soon, I've been cruising Craigslist for replacements.
I dragged Howard into the wilds of untamed Bergen County the other day to take a look at a pack of these critters:

Yes, these are the Big Butt Chairs in the title. And big they are, with crazy funky massive legs.
These chairs look like they should be out in the school yard playing field hockey.

Can't make up my mind about them. They are much lighter in color than our dining room table, but I don't mind when woods don't match. I figure they all get along in the forest, so why not in the dining room?

But these chairs. . . Do I like 'em or don't I? What do you think?

The table's for sale with them, but I'm not really interested in it;
those cute little dogs in the crate have been snacking on the table's feet.

Visit Suzanne at Coloradolady blog, for her Vintage Thingies Thursday party! Click below. Suzanne today features a fascinating old book -- memories of a graduating high school class of 1913. It's charming!

And Leigh hosts Thrifty Thursday at her Tales from Bloggeritaville blog. Go! Visit! Now! Leigh's got a hint of a project she'll be taking on, making her own version of some uber-expensive glamour lamps! Very cool.

And I am going to go straighten up one of my hyacinths, that has keeled right over onto the asparagus tureen. Although my most important project this week is springing my Dad from rehab. He needs to go home; wish me luck. April flowers to you all! -- Cass


  1. Yeah, I guessed it! Cass, you certainly have a busy week, getting your Dad from rehab and getting him home, will be praying that all goes well. I do like the chairs. I have to say I enlarged the photo of your hyacinths, just gorgeous and one more thing, I love your home, it's awesome!

  2. Hi Cass... that pretty brass candleholder...looks very pretty with the red berry garland!!!

    Girlfriend, I love, love, LOVE those big butt, heavy thigh...I mean, chunky legged chairs!!! Seriously...I think they're gorgeous!!! Love the pretty shell detailing on the back of the chair...and I love the big chunky legs! I think they look fabulous with your new table!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  3. Four things:
    I love the candle holder
    I love the chairs
    I love the hyacinths
    And good luck! :)

  4. Love it when I learn something the candle holder and the chairs. The color would not bother me at all. Have a great VTT!

  5. Life is deliliously fun at That Old House!

  6. I love the hurricane candle holder. The shape almost reminds me of a genie lamp. Very sweet.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  7. Those big butt chairs are fabulous!

  8. Looks like nice things are going on by you!

  9. Cass, That Baldwin brass is wonderful! And Ray said if we were closer, he'd fix that shutter! I'm so glad your Dad is going home. Love the chairs, but i have to go back and look at your table again
    xoxo Pattie

  10. The thing about BB chairs is that you can't get as many around the table as with ones with smaller seats. I have "wide bodies" but if you want to squeeze folks around the table . . . .

    Love that candleholder -- and what a great price -- even $4.99!!!!

  11. Love any chair that can comfortable sit a big butt! Yes, they are really very lovely. Nice detail. Just need new fabric on the seat covers!

  12. I love the chairs. They are beautiful! I don't mind the color, but you could always paint them if you weren't happy with them. Love & blessings from NC!

  13. Your cranberry/candle display on the brass lamp is just gorgeous...I'd forget about the hurricane glass!

    Interesting chairs! Love the lyre backs.

  14. Love the candle holder and the way you did it.....but I have to say, that was a catchy title!

  15. Lovely photos. I tried to find a photo of 'your' table. Found the one you sold but no luck on what you are matching these chairs to. (Awkward words) They look great with the table in the photo. Hope you find something you really love!

    Since I'm browsing blogs I wondered what I would like in a dining chair. Went to ebay for some photos. I find I lean toward the oak pressed back variety or maybe a stenciled hitchcock. Probably more than you really wanted to hear!! LOL Have a great weekend!

  16. Cass, you are the Queen of Bargain Hunting! I ♥ those chairs...grab 'em!
    I have a few Baldwin brass candle holders & I love each one.

    I wouldn't bother wasting your time trying to find the glass hurricane to go with that one...just sell it like it is & then you don't have to worry about the glass getting broken in shipping. Let the new owner enjoy the hunting! :-)

  17. I have five shield back Heppelwhite chairs 1 arm 3 sides for sale. 1 (760)567-0519

    1. Hi -- thanks for the offer to sell some dining room chairs -- I am always looking for them! -- but from your area code you seem to be in California. I'm in New Jersey! I think we are too far away. Good luck with selling them. They are very popular around here... Cass


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