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Sunday, March 7, 2010

What's Black And White On Sunday Favorites?

And now. . . the burning question of the day:

. . . what's black and white and red all over?

On the playground at Eagle Avenue Elementary School on Long Island,
we used to say "a newspaper!" and laugh ourselves silly.

But now at That Old House, the answer is ... The Powder Room!
Not as witty, perhaps, but infinitely more satisfying.

My most-viewed-ever post was my February 16th 2009 one about the metamorphosis of our Powder Room;
if you are curious, click here. The "befores" were interesting. . .

. . . the "afters" were not complete in that post. . . .

No curtains!

(Oddly enough, taped up samples of fabrics don't count. Who knew?)

Toile was the fabric of choice for most of you who expressed an opinion back then, and as luck would have it, I had a generous length of $1.00 a yard cream and black cotton toile that I bought last year at WalMart (it's the bottom fabric in the picture, above).


I am really pleased with how this $1.00 a yard fabric looks at this window. I self-lined it, just doubled over the fabric so if the blind is raised, it will look the same from the outside as from the inside. The print is busy enough and fabric substantial enough that the pattern doesn't "shine through" from one side to the other.

Hope you like the new curtain! It had to be swagged to one side, as the sconce would otherwise interfere with the fabric. But luckily, it's all period appropriate!

It needs a tieback -- right now just a narrow bit of satin ribbon is doing tieback duty. Time for a tassel, maybe?

(Update from March 2010 -- the curtain now has a red tassel tieback.
But my camera is out in the car and my hair's still wet from the shower --
too cold outside for me so no new picture!)

Let's peek into the powder room from the dining room. . .
(not that we encourage that sort of behavior!)

Now...what is black & white & black & white & black & white & black & . . . ???
As we used to say at old Eagle Avenue, "A nun rolling downhill."
You need to have grown up in the days of nuns wearing habits to appreciate this witty bit of school yard hilarity.

(March 2010) My sister and our husbands and I will be doing hospital duty with Pop today, but I'm also jumping ship for a couple of hours to have brunch with daughter Anne and catch up on her life. Enjoy this beautiful Sunday . . . as all Sundays are beautiful! -- Cass

Thanks to Chari at Happy To Design for the Sunday Favorites blog party;
you can visit by clicking on highlighted words.


  1. Cass, I really enjoyed this post. Your bathroom looks charming with the window treatment and gorgeous crystal sconce.

    Have a great day!

  2. Good post. Good old playground humor. Love the toile.


  3. Cass, as one Catholic school girl to another, I remember those giggles! I wish kids today could laugh with such innocense-seems they're bombarded with "grown-up" jokes these days
    LOVE the curtains. Toile is an all-time favorite of mine- off to read your original post
    xoxo Pattie

  4. I meant to add, I've had your Dad in my prayers- hope things are looking up
    xoxo Pattie

  5. Bathroom looks great! Hope Pop is comfortable, and have a great time with you're daughter. :)

  6. Your bathroom is lovely - I love Toile fabric - I feel each room should have just a touch LOL...Enjoy your Sunday with your family

  7. The bathroom looks beautiful. I love the toile. Great choice. Have a nice Sunday. Love & blessings from NC!

  8. Love your bathroom. The fabric is just perfect. Love the way it is tied back. I'm sure the tassel is wonderful. That crystal sconce is just beautiful. Have a super day. Hugs, Marty

  9. I love your bathroom and the window covering is perfect....I miss fabric at Walmart (all of ours have stopped carrying it). Your toile is gorgeous!


  10. Your powder room is very pretty. Hope your father is doing much better today. Enjoy your day.

  11. All I ever find at Walmart for $1 a yard is space ship print flannel!
    Love your powder room!
    I hope your dad is feeling better.

  12. What beautiful style you have.
    Wish you lived next door to me. I'd love to have your ideas on our home.

  13. Very pretty! The fabric on the curtain looks great too.
    Red is one of my fav colors see my post from Saturday-your post would fit right in!!!


  14. Very ladylike and pretty... love THE CURTAINS... i believe toile! LOOKS GREAT!

  15. Cass, I can appreciate the Nun humor, having attended Catholic schools from first grade through 4 years of University. Your powder room looks charming. Love the Walmart pattern that you acquired for a steal! Have a blessed Sunday.

  16. Hi Cass...

    Girl, you crack me up with all of your jokes!!! Too cute!!!

    Well my dear, your powder room is absolutely fabulous! It has everything that I, and that beautiful black and white toile!!! Ohhh soooo pretty! I love that shade of red on your walls! Your pretty toile curtain is just perfect!!! You did a great job sewing those and I bet the red tassel looks gorgeous! Okay...we'll let you off the hook this time (since it's cold and your hair was wet) but you owe us a photo! Hehe!

    It sounds like you have a fabulous Sunday planned, Cass! Have a great day and enjoy your visit with Anne! Thank you so much for sharing your pretty powder room with us today for Sunday Favorites...I loved this post!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  17. I never tire of visiting 'Your Old House' and YOU.

  18. Cass, I "met" you when you were sewing these, and several other, pairs of curtains for That Old House - - - I told you I would be SHOCKED if you could finish all those drapes in ONE weekend - - - I fear I was bad luck for though you came close, if I remember correctly, you were not QUITE finished with them all in that one weekend.

    And - - - I've loved you ever since - - - and admired all that you can do!!!

  19. A lovely little bath. It echoes the beauty of the rest of your "home"...

  20. Oh my goodness girl, I can't believe the price first...and oh to get it at Walmart. I'm Canadian and I CANNOT find ANY toile anywhere in our area,,SIGH..waaa, SIGH..waa..I've been on the hunt for red...

    Your bathroom is just beautiful


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