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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Raindrops Keep Hanging On My Twigs . . . .

I use a simple point-and-shoot digital camera to take pictures for That Old House blog. My bar for picture taking is not set very high; once I learned about the Macro setting and my closeups weren't so blurry, my picture taking abilities soared from poor to mediocre.

But my husband, who took photography courses in college back when taking pictures involved chiseling crude drawings on the cave walls with a pointed stick, wanted a more challenging camera to play with.

For the last few days, nothing's been safe.


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A week ago, a new Nikon Something-Something Model SLR Digital camera arrived at That Old House, and Howard has been playing with his new toy ever since.

On a stroll around the house the other day, just as some of the endless rain was actually ending for a few hours, he snapped some shots.

Daffodils in bud, just waiting to make a break for it:

A stem of the world's fiercest weed; check out those thorns.
This is one wicked, wicked plant and is destined to go.

A small lilac branch, with a suspended rain drop.

If you look really closely, you can see two neighboring houses reflected in the drop -- one next to us, one across the street.
I love that -- two houses, captured in that tiny drop. Look below!

And then, That Old House herself, looking mighty sad and damp and, well, pretty awful.
In urgent need of a spring cleanup and sprucing-up. Where are the Christmas decorations when you need them?

Even Dion is not safe from the resident paparazzo.

But I am. My husband is no fool.


  1. Beautiful pictures!! I just love your little dog. So precious!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  2. The raindrop photos are brilliant. I love the one with the reflection of the houses. I must try and have a go at that. I should get plenty of opportunities to practice with all the rain we get here! I love the expression on Dion's face as if she's saying 'oh no, not another photograph'!!

  3. Oh lucky, lucky you! I've been dying for a good camera but it's just not in the budget now. The raindrop is amazing!
    xoxo Pattie

  4. Incredible shots, I feel as if I touched the raindrop it would actually pop !
    Poor little Dion, she's had all she can tolerate of this Nikon lark.
    I must say the Old House looks marvelous in any kind of picture, she's just a natural beauty...
    Now, how to get the camera off the husband, so it's in your hands

  5. Got to love those pictures, especially sweet Dion.

    Spring is really going to show herself this weekend with the warmer temps we are supposed to get. I am so ready!

    Becky K.

  6. Love the window in the peak of That old House..

  7. The pics are beautiful Cass! Kudos to the hubby! The midwest is beautiful this week, it's going to be close to 80 degrees today. Normally, we would be in the 50's. I've been doing my happy dance all week.
    Your dog has the prettiest little face~
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Wonderful pictures. I, too got a Nikon SLR -- and cannot believe the difference. I don't have a close up lens (may have to get one after seeing Howard's wonderful pictures).

    But your pictures are good too. You take such interesting angles and stuff.

  9. Now that is a real close up Mr. Demille. Wow. I think rainy days are great for photos. they are so interesting.

  10. He is taking some GREAT photos.... now it's your turn to take that camera in hand and show us your work.

    The raindrop with the houses is awesome!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  11. The raindrop on the stick compels me to at least look at the macro settings on my camera. I'm still in the poor stage with photography. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely blog.

  12. Gorgeous pics Cass. You might as well give in now cause a man with a camera is a dangerous thing.
    Have a great day. Deb

  13. Great photos! Congrats to Howard.
    The Great Dane has a fancy all-singing, all-dancing camera and encourages me to use it. The truth is that I am too lazy and love my little point-and-shoot.

  14. I love your house from the outside and would enjoy seeing more inside some time. Meanwhile, the raindrops really cooperate for you. Lovely. Please stop by and see our butterfly wall art if you haven't already. Happy Easter. -- Jane F.

  15. Like your hubby, I love my Nikon D40, and also my point and shoot that I carry in my purse! I love finding a neat shot in just about everything I see. Take a look if you have a chance at my newest blog
    great pics.

  16. howard's pictures are beautiful! please tell him, i really like them! he should publish some on FB!

  17. Nice pics! What a fun new toy! The house still looks amazing! And your pup is so cute! Have a great Outdoor Wednesday and have a wonderful Easter!

  18. wow those are amazing pictures!

  19. Howard did a great job!
    Dion is a star again!


  20. The last photo of the raindropp is perfect.


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