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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mrs. Bunny Delivers Spring

In a world that continues to be more white than green, with mornings that are likely to show a light
powdered-sugar dusting of snow, finding Spring is a Good Thing!

Welcome to a Springtime Table at That Old House. We are fighting Mother Nature's lion-like entry into March. . . with colors and shapes right out of Mr. McGregor's Garden.

The setting: the old oak table in the conservatory, with a sheer tablecloth, a vintage gift from my mother-in-law, folded over and tossed on to give a light and gauzy covering.

In the center, a gathering of Spring . . . .

Place settings of Mikasa Ribbon Pink china, an Ebay find that belongs to my daughter Anne.
But who brings such pretty china to grad school? Mama is keeping it safe!

Is Mrs. Bunny staring at me?

A stomach's eye view -- dinner and soup plates, old Irish linen napkin, old Georgian silverplate flatware (1912).

Irish crystal stemware.

In the center --

An asparagus tureen. From Tuesday Morning shop, two summers ago. I had looked at it on several trips,
and finally one day my daughter Anne went into the store, came out to the car carrying a box,
handed it to me and said, "Here it is. You know you want it. You owe me $15."

A hurricane candle, a gift from my very dear friend Betsy.
I love the etched shade, and the swirled base.

Roses! A soft and creamy pink, and nestled in an asparagus pitcher from a now-defunct store named Bradlee's,
back in the Year One when my girls still rode in the shopping cart while I browsed.

My favorite bunny, a sweet crackle-glazed matron who stays out all year,
because Easter is just not long enough for me to enjoy Mrs. Bunny. She is so matronly and comforting.
Especially when she has black jelly beans in her basket! Today, it's grapes.

A cut crystal fairy lamp, Gorham, a gift from my mother-in-law. (Who gives me the sweetest things!)

Our place settings. What shall we put on those plates?

I'm still checking Ebay occasionally for more pieces of this pretty china.

Mikasa Ribbon Pink ... let me know if you spot any!

Ebay again . . . old linen runner, hand embroidered and edged in hand crocheted lace.
Can you resist old hand made linens? I can't.

Outside, it is snowing.

Inside, it is warm and dry, and we light the candles as night draws in,
as people have done for centuries when darkness falls.

Pull up a chair, watch the snow,
then take heart that the season for bunnies and asparagus is almost here!

Many thanks for all the kind wishes for my Dad's recovery from pneumonia. He is still in the hospital, and that's where I'm spending much of my time. Things get complicated when you are almost 90.

To all the bloggers I am not visiting this week --- sorry! I will be back. Meanwhile, visit as many of the people participating in the following blog parties as you can; I wish I could! -- Cass

Thanks to Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville for Thrifty Thursday . . . .

And big thanks to Suzanne of Coloradolady blog ...
for Vintage Thingies Thursday! Love the name of that blog party. :-)


  1. Such a beautiful table setting - I do especially love visiting here whenever you post a new one. The nights are drawing in now down here so your Spring is definately on the way!

  2. Beautiful china. Very pretty table. It has been so cold in Florida that it might as well snow!


  3. I had that same bunny! But I "debunnyized" and got rid of it! (Had waaay too many bunnies!)

    Love your table as always and that dnnerware is just precious.

    Prayers for your father. . . .

    You did bring spring inside even if it isn't spring outside! . . . . I think spring may be coming to the prairie!

  4. I can't resist beautiful linens either!

  5. So very pretty, Cass.
    The Mikasa Ribbon China is so beautiful!

    I do hope your Dad recovers well and soon.

    Becky K.

  6. All absolutely beautiful! We continue to keep your Dad and family in our prayers
    xoxo pattie and Allie

  7. Mrs. Bunny reminds me of the Bunnykins dishes I had when I was a child.

  8. Your bunny and my bunny should meet. They look similar.
    You used to be able to request notification if something you were waiting for came up on EBay. You might want to do that.

  9. Morning, Cass! This is truly springness at it's loveliest! I love that gorgeous window setting even with the snow. Your table is so pretty. Love the olden embroidered cloth and all your pretties on top of it! Oh, my goodness! Everything is perfect!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Of all your settings, I think I like this one best of all. It has something to do with having grown up in a place (like where you are)in which winter lasted well into what I felt should be spring. China bunnies, china eggs all held a sort of hopeful mystery for me - cheery, full of promise that it wouldn't snow forever.

  11. There are so many pretty things on the table.
    Take care of yourself also.

  12. lovely table setting.. even just for two.. sweet and lovely and the china are so pretty.. thanks for sharing.. happy VTT

  13. Gorgeous. I love the china, such a beautiful pattern. Your pitcher and tureen are both just stunning. The little bunny is adoreable and I can see why you enjoy it so much. Everything is beautifully done. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  14. Your table is elegant and so pretty. I love the linens...stunning!

  15. You have no idea how much I long for a conservatory again -- so it is nice to enjoy yours vicariously! Your whole tablescape is so well put together and spring-like.

    You are such a nice Mom to "guard" your daughter's china like that! If I see any more of that lovely pattern, I will alert you.

    Best thoughts again to your Dad.


  16. What a gorgeous table setting! I especially love the asparagus container with the roses!

  17. Beautiful table setting. I love the view :-)


  18. What a very beautiful table setting. And yes, I do love vintage handmade things, but it sometimes makes me a little sad to see them for sale that the original artists families did not cherish these items. Peace, Stephanie

  19. Anne's dishes look fabulous on your table. I love the pattern. And I adore those old Irish linen napkins. Your centerpiece is awesome, I love all the different pieces you have, especially the soup tureen...I'm glad you ended up getting it because it is just perfect for spring. Everything looks lovely, Cass.

    Still sending out prayers for your father.


  20. Beautiful table setting and I love your gorgeous china.


  21. Oh wow! How pretty! Very springy.

  22. Beautiful spring table...the china is gorgeous.

  23. Love the china-its very beautiful. All the spring decorations are so nice. Happy Vintage Thingie.

  24. Oh, this table makes me really anxious for spring to get here! Great job, happy VTT!

  25. Hi Cass -- Hope your dad makes a good recovery -- my dad is also recovering from open heart surgery -- it's been quite rocky to say the least, we're at almost a month from surgery -- he's going to be 85 in April. I know it's a slow go when they're older.

  26. Cass, you sure didn't let that snow bother you. Yummy china!!

  27. I think you nailed it- Mr McGregor's garden indeed! Especially the asparagus pot and the angle you took the photo from, it's like being the size of a small rabbit in a world of giant veggies! So bright and cheery in this dismal March weather. Thanks for sharing!

  28. I think you nailed it- Mr McGregor's garden indeed! Especially the asparagus pot and the angle you took the photo from, it's like being the size of a small rabbit in a world of giant veggies! So bright and cheery in this dismal March weather. Thanks for sharing!

  29. I love the springy table and I love the cute little bunny and his cart, so cuttttte, love those beautiful dishes, wow I am ready for spring, I also did a spring table this week...Phyllis

  30. Hi Cass,
    It's all fresh and creative ... totally charming! I loved the story about daughter Anne handing you the box and requesting payment! Also enjoyed your "stomach's eye view" remark. Some people, and you're one of 'em, just THINK funny, don't you? ;)

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  31. Hello Lady,

    I was in drooling moment while scrolling your post.

    I would die for that tureen and of course cutie bunny.

    TY for sharing your ideas and have a wonderful TT day.

  32. Ohhhh,such a lovely place setting. The china is beautiful and asparagus tureen is just to swoon over. Happy VTT,have a great weekend. Hope your father continues to improve. Give him a hug from Texas for me.. xxxx

  33. Love the linen runner. Love all of it.

    I'm so ready for spring :)

  34. wondering how your Dad is doing? Love the bunny on this table!


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