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Thursday, February 4, 2010

You've Got Me Going In Circles

So, answer me this: How the heck do you use round placemats?

I bought a few of them awhile back at Dollar Tree, but I can't seem to get the hang of them.

Do you center the dishes on them? If you do that, the plate is too far away from the edge of the table.

On the other hand . . . she had five fingers.
Ah, remember that old playground joke?

Anyway, on the other hand, if you put the plate where it is supposed to be in relation to the edge of your table -- which is about one inch in from the edge -- then the plate is off center on the round placemat and looks, well, cockeyed.

I tried both ways today. Ended up using cockeyed and off-center,
which probably doesn't surprise anyone who knows me.

Besides, as I used to tell my girls when they'd put the dinner plates many inches away from the table edge, "Hey, I don't like having to call a cab to get to my food!"

Yeah, they used to hate it when I said that.

So, what do you do with round placemats?


Here's my table setting for today: a cozy dinner for two in our dining room.

I need a bit of light from the chandelier, as I've closed most of the draperies;
otherwise, too much late afternoon sun just pours in.

Not only does it cause glare, it also illuminates even the teensiest bit of dust or schmutz.
And of course, at That Old House, we only have teensy bits of dust and schmutz.

Oh dear. My nose is growing.

What I used today:
Big green Dollar Tree plates as chargers.

Old fruit blossom liner plates, from my mother-in-law, as salad plates.

Vintage hand embroidered linen napkins.

30 year old Czech crystal wineglasses.

Vintage flatware, silverplate, Georgian pattern, from early 20th century. Ebay!

Little bird tea light holders, Dollar Tree.

Fake flowers. I'd much prefer real, but I don't have them in the house right now.
(Hear that, Howard?)

A little pink and blue chicken, given to me by my Aunt Lillian when I was a little girl, and old then. The chicken, not I. Old, I mean. Also some faux glittered fruit, just because it was there and looked like it wanted to join the party. Plus, my Mom's George & Martha salt shakers.

And that's all she wrote.

Visit the blogs listed below, for more fun playing with dishes, or showing thrifty or vintage finds. You know you want to . . . .

And Suzanne of Colorado Lady brings us Vintage Thingies Thursday; I love that "thingies!"

Happy Thursday! It was garbage collection day here, always a blessing.
What would we do without our sanitation guys? -- Cass


  1. Love all your dollar tree finds, but I love those floral dishes, those are so very pretty! I really like your tablescape....but I have never tried to use round place mats....Have a great VTT!

  2. Pretty plates, the embossing is so pretty. I like to put my plate in the center because I like symmetry. Thanks for sharing, Joan @Americana By Candlelight

  3. Your table looks so pretty, Cass. I love your dishes and the crystal and silver is beautiful!!

    I never thought about the place mat situation. I would probably go with the center. Maybe that will be the consensus!


  4. The plate should be centered on the charger while you take your pictures then moved close enough to the edge so that you can conveniently shovel the food directly into your mouths.
    I didn't know you had that glass pattern. Claudia it is called. It was the first glass pattern I bought.
    Had a bunch of women over from work for a party/dinner. One woman put her glass down on the table, not hard at all and the glass snapped right in half at the ball. We were hysterical laughing while we cleaned it up. Another woman said "can you believe it broke, she just put it down like this" and snap...hers broke too.
    Now maybe it had something to do with the wine but we were almost peeing ourselves we were laughing so hard.
    I sent the rest of my glasses over to Bill at Affordable Accoutrements when I saw that he had the same set.

  5. I had to laugh-I've had the same issue with round mats! I think you did well. By putting it slightly off center, you allow room at the top for the glassware. Lovely as usual!
    xoxo Pattie

  6. Hi Cass, What a charming table! The plates from your mother-in-law are lovely. They fit beautifully with the vintage napkins. I love things that have some history! This is a very welcoming and friendly table. I am using little birds on my table too!

  7. LOVE those dishes... I'm having a heck of a time finding a new set for This Old House...I want a set of twelve, and I want them to either be or look vintage... so far around here what I find is ugly or too plain.

    I don't buy round table mats for the very reasons you describe. Although your table still looks lovely.

  8. Pretty place setting! Your flowers plates are gorgeous! I will leave the placemat question to the table experts! :-) I think my forte is more along the lines of appreciating the decorating abilities of others.

  9. I just love your style...of thinking, writing, choice of words and decorating! Not only do you have a lovely home, decorate to suit me to a T, but make me laugh all the while!

    I love the floral patterned dishes and the sweet (inexpensive!) little bird candle holders!

    I don't even own any round place mats so not sure how I would do that. I usually like things very symetrical, but your tablescape looks great!


  10. I use the round placemats too because of my round table. I had the same questions as you and then I decided to be practical about it and now I don't center the plate but put it close so you can reach your food. Thanks for telling me I can buy more placemats at the dollar store. I will have to look for them the next time. Love you beautiful plates and the vintage silver. Thanks for coming by my post today too!

  11. I gave up on placemats awhile back but I like the off center . It reminds me of my life. As always everything looks so pretty.

  12. Csss,

    I love your tablescape..what great Dollar Tree plates! Those salad plates with the flowers are adorable and so pretty! Beautiful flower arrangement too! I only have a few round placemats and I just put the plate mostly in the center. I guess it is kind of far away from the edge of the table..just hope no one misses their mouth! LOL

    Miss Bloomers

  13. I've never thought of getting plates from the dollar tree to use as chargers! Thank you for the inspiration!

    I don't own any round placemats for the reasons you mentioned. I just stick to my old standbys.

  14. Just lovely Cass, as everything you do have that magic touch my friend...Thanks so much Cass for coming by and seeing me and for your concerns...Cass I thought about you all day yesterday my friend...I hope and pray you are doing better...Please always remember someone in Calif thinks about you...Love ya sis...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  15. My sweet friend, Cass...
    I LOVE your tablescape. It isnt cockeyed at all. Or perhaps I am? in any case, its beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing today. Thank you also for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  16. Pretty table setting - I really like those plates. I don't think I have ever owned round place mats. I almost bought some of the bird tea lite holders, but figured I had enough candle holders around here.
    Have a great weekend.

  17. I love the round placemats and you did a perfect job using them! I think you have a beautiful home and the.."Hear that, Howard?" had me laughing out loud!!! Thanks for sharing!


  18. Houston - - - we have a problem!

    The problem is, you're trying to be fancy smancy and USE a placemat.


  19. This is an addendum to my LAST comment, which addendum came into my brain AFTER I hit publish:

    This is a problem I don't have eating my take out straight from the bag as I sit in my recliner, wrapped in my leopard snuggie or my new Badger blankie watching PTI or Around the Horn.

  20. I like cock-eyed and off center myself!


  21. Cass, I have the same problem with the round placemats...I take my picture and then move the plate closer to me or ditch it! I really like that liner/salad plate, beautiful pattern.

  22. I think you have the placemats and plates just right.

  23. I've long been disturbed by round placemats. I usually put the plate offcentre, at the bottom. That seems the most ergonomic, and you also have space at the top for glassware and a dessert fork and spoon!

  24. oh dear.. love your table setting.. the china are so pretty!..

  25. What about square or rectangular plates? No, I'm not pulling your leg - maybe a square plate under a round one. Or a large round plate underneath the top plate.

    Truely you have me pondering this dilemma. However you set it, dear Cass, your place settings always look so beautiful. It must be lovely to sit down and dine in That Old House

  26. WELL IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL TO ME CASS! Those plates from your MIL are just so charming! Great table, I never thought about round placemats but maybe I should! Cindy

  27. I think you did a wonderful job. So pretty!

  28. Wow, I never find great things like that at our "Dollar Tree." Maybe I'm walking down the wrong aisles. Such a pretty table setting. I'm not sure about the proper setting for round placemats. Sounds like a "Dear Abbey" inquiry. ;)
    Your arrangement is absolutely beautiful. Funny post today, full of welcome humor!

  29. Cass, it's a lovely table! I wouldn't fret about the placement of the plate on the mat. If you saw my table for this week, I like to mix things up. Do what pleases your eye. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Dear Cass, isn't it nice that some days our only concern is round vs square placemats? lol Have a great weekend, I am working on an ugly mirror, which if it doesn't hurry and get cute real soon it is part of the front yard free Buffalo shuffle.

  31. "OOOhhhhh", she squealed. LOVE the dishware with the flowers. So timeless.

    The Blue Ridge Gal
    (remind me to never buy round placemats)

  32. Love your plates and so romantic. I have a round table and love round place mats--- thanks you for sharing.

  33. Very pretty, Cass. I love the round mats...have them in too many colors..:)
    I put the plate in the middle...looks good to me..

  34. Those "Blossom" plates are gorgeous!

    m ^..^

  35. Love those dollar tree birds -- I never saw any in mine -- I wonder if there are anymore out there anywhere. Love those pretty salad plates - everything goes together beautifully. I also put my plates "cockeyed" on the circle placemats. So your's look fine to me. Your faux flowers are very pretty!

  36. Great tablescape. Love the way you used the round placemats. Lia


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