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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Snow? I Don't See Any Snow, Do You?

One week ago, in a galaxy far away, if by galaxy far away we mean Deerfield Beach in Florida,
Howard and I had lunch at a place called JB's On The Beach.

This was our view:

We sat on an outdoor terrace, were served ambrosial seafood
including a divine she-crab soup,

. . . and soaked up as much of the breezes and beauty as we could.

The day before, we'd had lunch with my old, old friend Mardi and her husband Joe:

at their beautiful home in Parkland.
Mardi has the cutest dimples; they were already there 'way back in Kindergarten, when we met.

We dined by their pool, in the screen room, and I was so lazy in the peaceful warmth that I didn't
even get up to take other pictures, just clicked them from where I sat on my well-fed patoot.

Howard got a closeup of a cactus. Compared to my itty-bitty
Christmas cactus from yesterday's blog post, this one is King Kong.

Having heard good things about Publix Supermarket bakeries, and wanting to do as the locals do,
we picked up a cake from that august institution of the South for our poolside lunch.

White cake, raspberry filling, cream cheese frosting:

Mmmmm. . . .

We ate healthy slices.

And yesterday, with temperatures hovering around freezing,
Staten Island's star ground hog Chuck, New York's premier weather prophet,
saw not his shadow. . . and winter was proclaimed vanquished for this season.

Today we have this, outside That Old House:

No, no, it is not snow. It is not snow.

It is a new fluffy mulch for those tiny green shoots getting ready
to reach up through the soil for the warm sun that is somewhere up there in the gray sky.
I'm sticking with Chuck.

Go visit Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for more views beyond our walls.

Click and be transported! -- Cass


  1. What a great post! So glad you enjoyed yourselves in Florida, eating delicious cake and taking in the warm breeze before heading back to snow. it will be over soon, I promise! -Delores

  2. Very apropos! We are in NC and looking out my window I am seeing the same thing you are! My son in Florida is enjoying those lovely warm breezes. Can you send Chuck here?
    xoxo Pattie

  3. You had me going for just a moment. Living in Colorado for over 40 years and retiring to the coast...I have learned to appreciate the fact there's NO snow here. JUST RAIN...and we're getting more.

    Mine is Footprints in the Sand...

  4. What a great cake!

    Our groundhog didn't see his shadow either -- so winter is over for us and today our snow will be melting! Our groundhog was correct! Prairie groundhogs (as opposed to Prairie dogs) must be better predictors!

  5. Having grown up on Staten Island I can tell you that Chuck has only been accurate about half the time. *sigh*... and we have school delays because of the new fluffy white mulch... that theory ain't flying here at This old House.

    Oh, for a Florida weekend with that luscious cake! Might have to make one today.

  6. No of course it isn't snow. It is cream cheese icing.
    That is a little mean of you to show us such a sunny warm place while we sit in the cold gray winter weather.

  7. A few remaining patches from the last couple of little snow flurries still remain on our drive and lawn... And we have been told to expect more this weekend. I don't think we have seen the last of old man winter yet. Your pictures of Florida beaches and blue skies are certainly a sight for sore eyes!
    Yes, my little milk glass compote has a lid too. I bet it is just like the one your Mother had.

  8. Great pictures and thanks for sharing your trip with us. That cake looks so good! We don't have a Publix here, but wish we did. Sorry about the snow. :(

  9. Cake... YUM! Sunshine...YUM!

    Expecting MORE snow here in Roanoke, VA this coming week-end. What's with snow on the week-ends anyway, can't it do so on a Tuesday or a Wednesday for heaven sakes?

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  10. Let's see, cake, great old friends, pool, warmth from the sun. I guess you have it all and no, its not snow, it is mulch, with much regret I have the same "mulch" here. Actually it is just getting the poor hidden plants strong and ready for a real showing this Spring. Oh where or where is Spring?

  11. What a lovely respite, tho I am enjoying our snow to the very end of the season.

    Happy Valentine's
    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  12. What a lovely break for you. That pool area is to die for. Yes, Spring will come very soon. I insist too!

  13. Fluffy mulch...that is seeing the glass half full...and how I would like to be in that photo in Florida and have a piece of that divine cake!!!

  14. ~WOW! Cass how fun and just beyond gorgeous too! Sigh...:)

    Now I want some cake...:)

  15. Put down the forks and step away from that cake!!!

  16. : sigh : Florida right now sounds like heaven! :)

  17. I love your pictures. That was such a big change--from warm, sunny weather in FL to snow! Thanks for stopping by and visiting me. Karen

    PS: I noticed that you like "The Awful Truth" and "Bringing Up Baby." They are two of my favorites, too!

  18. Oh my goodness, what fabulous pictures! I'm so sorry that you were greeted back home with snow. Here in Texas we have rain, cold rain. I think everyone needs some warm sun right now...hang in there. Anita :)

  19. What a change you've gone through in such a short time! Don't you long for the sea! Beautiful post!

  20. It is 9:30 at night and I get to see THE most delish cake I've ever seen!
    It's making me drool just imagining
    the taste of it!


  21. AAHHH to share the beach and that delicious cake...dreaming.
    Enjoyed your share today ;-)

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Too funny! I do not blame you for being in denial about the snow, I would be too. So glad you enjoyed your stay here in sunny Florida!

    ~ Tracy

  24. Don't you just love the beach in January...February...March... all year round?!!

    So glad you had a wonderful time in our beautiful Florida. Publix bakeries make wonderful cakes, as you discovered. Every wedding I have attended in the past 5 years has had a P. wedding AND groom's cake. They are delicious...
    Jane (artfully graced)

    ps Thanks for stopping by...Casa Tina is a Mexican restaurant with a separate vegetarian menu...strange, but true...and so very "Dunedin".

  25. Oh, no, no, no not snow, yummy
    white-chocolate icing!


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