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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Something Old, Something New, Lots of Blue

A husband who is cooped up in the house should never be allowed out for
a supermarket run, when that supermarket is home to a small Dunkin' Donuts.

Because this is what you will find, next to your computer mouse
and your cold black coffee, when he returns:

Two chocolate donuts. One of them has a bite taken out of it. My, my, who could have done such a thing?
Excuse me while I go get a paper napkin . . . .


Welcome to Thursday at That Old House! Howard is working from home again today, because his cold has migrated southward and he's coughing, and who needs that being dragged in to the office? So I'm squeezing in a post while I have the computer.

Supper for two.

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Some months back, I was in HomeGoods and I spotted a package of four placemats.
Blue and white always catches my eye.

But the fabric pattern reminded me of something:
a set of (cheap) ironstone dishes I bought 30 years ago when we were first married, and have rarely used.

So today, I finally put them together, with my old
plated flatware -- Georgian pattern, some monogrammed and some not.

The dishes have several shades of blue, including a gray tint and an almost-aqua tint.
The placemats also have these shades. Kismet!

At Dollar Tree last summer, these plump little tea light holders jumped into my shopping cart.

Two designs, in classic blue and white.

On the table, an older Bombay Company china pot, blue and white, with fake flowers in it.
Note to Howard: Next time you go to Shop Rite, think fresh flowers, not fresh donuts.

From a church thrift shop, bubbly blue wine glasses.
I am supposed to ship these off to my daughter in California. Sshhh....

I like the shape of the coffee cups, so I'm adding them to the table setting.

Vintage Irish linen napkins. Old, but in like-new condition. Ebay, some years back.

The backstamp for the china.
I do not speak Spanish, but it looks like it's claiming to be resistant to acid.
And something else.

All, all, all in together now,
how do you like the weather now?

(Did you jump rope in the school yard and was this the beginning
of one of your "jump-roping" rhymes? It was big at Eagle Avenue Elementary.)

Anyway, all put together, I like how this table setting turned out -- and it was fun to see those old dishes again!

As for today's weather, it's beautiful outside. If you like white.

And the placemats are reversible. On the other side, just the print, no border. I hope they won't need much ironing; I haven't replaced my iron yet. No fool, I. -- Cass

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  1. Very pretty table...can't believe the tealight cups came from the dollar store...great thrifty find!! Love the placemats!

  2. I always love blue and white...I have to make myself choose other colors!!! Your table is beautiful!!! Hoping hubby feels better !!!

  3. Pretty pretty blue . . but love those donuts too!

  4. Very pretty. I love the look of blue and white together! you always set a beautiful table :)

  5. I love the look of all the mixed blue patterns!!

  6. Oh Cass-those napkins and tealights!! I am not a huge fan of Homegoods type stores because I tend to prefer old and one of a kind, but those placemats are beautiful! I would have grabbed those in a heartbeat. Such a pretty table
    xoxo Pattie

  7. What a beautifully laid table!

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  8. Love all your blue and white together , so pretty, calming to me!
    And hey, those donuts don't look to bad either,lol!

  9. Cass..
    I'm laughin'...Yep that sounds like a grocery trip from my house too. and that Chocolate chip chocolate iced chocolate donut is TOO much for me I'm reachin in trying to take a bite too!!!YUM
    I HEART blue and white anything. Your table is so pretty. If chocolate doesn't make hubby feel better.. hmmm try a tablespoon of Hot sauce. That will burn it out!
    yikes! Have a good one.

  10. Hi Cass! Sorry to hear your Mr. is still not feeling well. Don't kiss him or let him breath on you - you don't want to catch it! :)
    Oh, I'm in Blue and White Heaven! Your table is so gorgeous. The dishes are so very pretty! and those little tealights, the Dollar Store? Why can't I ever find these little treasures? Shoot!!
    Well, I'd feel so much better to know you might have just one more donut left over for me! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. I love all the blue! My favorite color. You have different patterns but they all complement each other. I enjoyed your tablescape, Joan @Americana By Candlelight

  12. Blue is my favorite color - your tablescape puts me in a happy mood.

  13. I so love your dishes and all. You inspire me to arrange my table too ^_^

    VTT~ Old horns

  14. Hi Cass, I love that you have a husband in training too- well flowers would be great but donuts are nothing to sneeze at! I just love blue and white tables. And yours is just fabulous. I can't believe that you found those great votive balls at the dollar store! They are so pretty. This table is put together so well. The red flowers work so beautifully with the blue and white, just the perfect pop of pizzaz with the calm colors. Such a great table!

  15. I love all the blue and white! Your tablescape is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings, Grace

  16. It all works together so well. Just lovely!

  17. You know I think ALL blue and white goes together -- and you proved it! It's a beautiful table and one that would be as at home at Linderhof as it is at That Old House! I do like the dishes and all of the elements of the blue and white!

  18. Honey, what are you tryin' to DO to us, showing us those chocolate doughnuts????? I WANT a bit of that chocolate chip one!

  19. Oh I love all of that beautiful blue stuff!!
    The doughnuts don't look too bad either : )

  20. ♥♥♥ your blue and white table! Those 'old' dishes are really pretty. Hope your Howard gets to feeling better soon.

  21. I love the old blue and white dishes, they are just so beautiful with all the other blue and white, I especially love those napkins, so homey and welcoming ..Phyllis

  22. Love all the blue and white. Those glasses are really pretty. I love the shape at the top. While I was looking at all the pretties I saw part of your hutch. That looks like it is really pretty. Maybe you have a picture of it somewhere else on here. I will look.

  23. I love the blue & white theme! I was sure you were going to say the tealight holders came from some grand import store! The placemats are gorgeous, and your dear hubby seems to be a sweetheart, taking care of your (& his) sweet tooth while suffering from a nasty cold... ;-D

  24. Everything is so pretty on the table and of course the Mr.'s trip for groceries looks pretty good, too. Alcali is Spanish for Alkali. That's a good thing since some water has more than others especially in the dishwasher. Beautiful table setting pictures....Sue

  25. What a lovely setting for two! Everything looks lovely. I remember the Bombay Co. I used to love shopping there. I still have two tables and a decorator dish that I bought from them. I gave away a huge "magnolia" painting I bought from them as well.

    The Dollar store candle holders look very nice. Would've never guessed they were a dollar.

    Thanks for sharing.... enjoy.

  26. Your sweet round candle holders
    looked quite familiar. Then I saw you found them at the same place I found mine! I hope the cough goes away and flowers find you (or you find them) in the next day or two.

  27. the colors. Have a great VTT!

  28. Love the blue and white table setting. I will pass on the donuts this time - just had dinner. :) Hope H Feels better real soon.

  29. Cass, I too LOVE a classic blue and white tablescape...or anything for that matter. LOVELY!!!!
    Thanks for linking up to Tales from Bloggeritaville.

    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  30. As always, you set a beautiful table. Lovelovelove the linen napkins.

  31. Sorry to hear about Howard not feeling well! I would gladly let my hubby out for any kind of run if he would bring something delish home with him! The donuts are making me hungry!
    I love the blue and white tablescape. I think it is my favorite of all that I have seen!

  32. Your husband should be very very glad that chocolate donut is behind a computer screen -- he would wonder where it went when I got through there would be no donut to be found. He is lucky you stopped at a bite! Heehee! : )
    Pretty in Blue!!!

  33. Ask me how much I love HomeGoods. And love those plates and placemats! My grandmother did everything in blue and white patterns, all different shades, but it came together beautifully. Your tablescape tonight reminds me so much of her..

  34. Oh Cass, LOVE the tea light holders! Blue and favorite. Better spray that donut with Lysol before you eat it.
    **kisskiss** Deb

  35. LOVE the blue tablescape! The dishes really go well with the placemats. It all pulls together so nicely!

    Just ate that same doughnut yesterday... mmmmm!


  36. Tell him thank you for the donuts and that he should go to bed and get better.
    That way you will have the computer to yourself for longer.

  37. My goodness, lots of comments. I like the table set. You should get out the old china more often.

  38. I bought some of those same tealight holders and wish I had bought more. They look so expensive and I have loved mine. I get so excited when I find those special "treasures" at the Dollar Store. Don't you? Love & blessings from NC!

  39. ooo this one is my favorite so far. This is bad... I'm getting decorating ideas for the future from your blog. I'm going to know how to spend all of my money before i even get a job!


  40. Just left a comment on another blog but here I go repeating it.....I feel myself becoming a diabetic from all these yummy blogs I keep looking at!

  41. You do say the sweetest things! I am so glad you remembered me.

    I like your blue table setting -- a lot. I had to laugh at the donut story -- I used to get one of those chocolate cake donuts all too frequently when I lived where they had Dunkin Donuts. I heard we are getting one here, but it may not be in my area of town. I don't know if I want it to be or not!

    I do appreciate the encouragement you have always offered about writing. Right now I am waiting on another answer to a query, and it is a nail biter.


  42. Such a beautiful table setting. I love blue and white. So classy, always. Yes, I do remember that very same jump rope ditty. I miss the old jump rope, truth be told. My favorite Duncan Donut is that chocolate glazed one sitting on the right side of your desk. Super sweet and yummy.

  43. Beautiful,beautiful dishes and tablescape. I just love all that sweet blue and white.
    p.s. That donut sure looked good.. :)

  44. You always crack me up, Woman!! LOL
    Poor Howard did his best. I'd be in 7th Heaven if DH would even CONSIDER making a grocery run.

    Your blue dishes are very pretty...not old & cheap...cherished collectables by now. :p

    Thanks for the smiles. :D :D


  45. Cass, I am flattered that you want to mention me in your post. Thanks so much and look forward to reading it....Kim

  46. I have those same little blue votives from the dollar tree, I just loved them they do not look like dollar tree!!~ I find some really neat stuff in there from time to time...of course I hit it when everything comes out seasonally!!~ I love your old house it is full of charm and personality!~

  47. Love your plates!! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Lia

  48. What a pretty table..I love those delicate blue plates..and I'd keep those glasses too..after all they may break in transit and that would be awful!

  49. Beautiful blue table! And the backstamp would most likely have said, "resistant to acid and alkali, which is the other extreme.

    Hope your hubby feels better...

  50. Your table setting with the blue and white is quite lovely. An oh my..........mind if I pinch a small bite of your doughnut.

  51. Sweet vintage dishes! Now I wish I kept my dishes from when I was first married 20 years ago.

    Sorry so late getting here from Colorado Lady....but glad I made it.


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