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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Plain Janes and Elephants

I love 19th century one-drawer stands.

They are such a pure and plain form, and so useful -- just the right size for tucking in next to a chair, to hold a cup of tea and a book, or for cozying up next to an old 4-poster bed as a nightstand.

I am especially fond of a poplar and cherry stand that Howard and I bought when we lived in Pittsburgh; this poor thing has been dragged to about six different homes in three different states with us, and has finally come to roost in a corner of the parlor at That Old House.

After working hard for us for many years, now it's retired to a pretty cushy job;
all it has to do is behave itself, stay in its corner, and look pretty.

And now I get to place some things on its top, and leave them there,
and know that no one is going to move them, or want to play with them.

I've got white china elephants, one from my Mom, the others from Ebay.

A Christmas Cactus, one of the many cultivated from my Grandmother's massive plant.

A few old books. I have a lot of old books, most of them gifts from a Great-Aunt.

Put them all together, and ta-da! It's a tabletop tablescape.
It's not fancy or bling-y, but it's a plain old table in a plain old room.

I'm joining Tabletop Tuesday, which is usually hosted by Barb of Grits and Glamour, but for just this week is being hosted by Kimberly at Southern Whimsy blog. Stop over and say Hi, and take a look! It's just the fifth week for this blog party, and it's lots of fun!

And as usual on a Tuesday, I'm joining Tam at The Gypsy's Corner, for her Three Or More Tuesday blog party. This week -- three elephants! Go visit Tam for other triple plays.
I need to give the computer back to Howard, who is working at home today because of a head cold. Ick. We're expecting a foot of snow before Wednesday ends. Staten Island Chuck, we need to talk! -- Cass


  1. sorry Howard is sick, love the little elephant your mom gave you, also I am wild about your lamp and its lovely shade. Take care and by the way, should you see Chuck SHOOT HIM

  2. That classy table will make things look good for the next 100 years, at least.

  3. I like the look - classy. Hope H. feels better soon.

  4. Cass..
    I just love clicking to your blog..
    and being greeted by your beautiful summery vision of "That Old House"..
    so welcoming..I could sit for hours on that front porch..
    a glass of Iced Tea nearby..
    me curled up and lost in a book..
    or just watching life happen..
    indoors.. there's always something interesting..
    just like the little table that could..
    with the array of unforgettable memories attached to each little object..
    thanks for letting me visit and browse while sharing such wonderful friendship found at "That Old House"!
    warmest hugs,laughing smiles..

  5. Love that old table and the vignette is perfect!

  6. What a darling little vignette. I love your header of your old house.

  7. Who needs bling, your table has class! Just found your blog this morning for the first time. You have a beautiful 'old house'.

  8. I love your little old table. I need one like that next to my chair.

  9. Beautiful little table with the beautiful vignette...elephants are supposed to be good luck, with three of them sitting there maybe Howard will get rid of his cold and you won't get anymore snow! Wishful thinking, right?

  10. Love, love, LOVE your elephants!!! When I was growing up, we had a dear family friend whom we called Auntie Menila (Me -nI-la) and SHE collected elephants. She had all kinds. Yours would have been RIGHT AT HOME visiting her collection.

  11. Oh, and I LOVE the little table too, and I NOTICE that you have kept the white or black or even aqua spray paint FAR away from it.


    Just my kinda gal!

  12. I totally love it!
    Classic and gorgeous!

  13. Elephants with the trunk up mean good luck! :0)

  14. It's a beautifully classy of those no nonsense ones that will be forever beautiful!!!

  15. Oh I love the table and your accessories are just perfect for it. Very pretty. Hugs, Marty

  16. I think it's far from plain-it's perfect!
    xoxo Pattie

  17. Hi Cass! Oh, I love your olden table! It looks perfect here and you've certainly decked her out beautifully!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Looks lovely.
    Hope Howard gets to feeling better soon.


  19. Great elephants! (I need those for our Alabama Crimson Tide room) GREAT table Thanks for sharing

  20. Cass-I think the little night stand has earned a cushy position and seniority! That table is a classic. LOVE those old books--great vignette!

  21. Such a lovely table, and all the pretty things that sit upon it. It's no wonder it moved with you so many times.

  22. Great tablescape! Those elephants are really cute!


  23. It is always so interesting to see what people put in a vignette. A billion choices and variations.

  24. Gorgeous little things!

    Thank you for the sweet comment, and good luck with the giveaway!! :)

  25. Cute little table. Love it...and it looks so good with you elephants on it.

  26. I love little old tables and have a few around my home as well. I look for them every time I enter an antique shop.

    Yours is lovely!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  27. Those little elephants are too cute! Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

  28. You could have joined "White Wednesday" too with you white elephants. They are sure pretty and very fragile. Were your books about Africa? Don't mind me,I always like to create a little theme. Joan @Americana By Candlelight


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