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Monday, February 1, 2010

An After Back To A Before; The Conservatory Reclaimed

Dion: "I need my nap! No paparazzi!"
Cass: "The new tablecloth isn't ironed yet! No paparazzi!"


Back in the dim, dark days of December, my long-suffering husband Howard took down the chandelier in our sunroom, to make room for a big fresh Frasier Fir Christmas tree.

You may remember this, as the lighting fixture came down and the big table was moved away:

And this?

And this??

Well, finally, just before we left for vacation in Florida last week, came this:

Let there be light!

And then, this:

Good golly, it looks awfully plain, doesn't it?

At the other end of the sunroom we have a little sitting area.

In our house, with all its old spaces and nooks and crannies,
it is the 10-year old conservatory that is the most popular gathering spot.

Probably because it is next to the kitchen.

See? On the other side of that half wall is the kitchen. Very handy. Too handy. . . .

But -- back to the non-holiday look of the room.
I have not yet gotten this pesky room right.
I've tried several (okay, many) furniture arrangements; none clicks.

Any inspirations?

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P.S. When Howard and I were house-hunting a couple of years ago, at the top of his wish list was a garage.
At the top of mine, a sunroom.
There is no garage at That Old House. Now that is a long-suffering man. -- Cass


  1. What a gorgeous sunroom. Nice and high up, with lovely views below. I don't have any decorating suggestions, but I'm sure you will be able to tweek it just right. Looking forward to seeing your end result. No pressure, mind you!

  2. Is this kinda like "Back to the Future?"


    I'll post or e-mail a photo soon so YOU CAN SEE TOO!

  3. Beautiful! of course I might be partial we have the EXACT same leather furniture I mean EXACT! I knew I liked your taste. Be well!

  4. Really gorgeous Cass! I want that room, it is the coolest thing ever~ Your tree was superb! Love those chairs too! Cindy

  5. Looks like a fabulous room!

    I know what you mean about getting the furniture right. Some rooms are harder than others aren't they?

    The natural light in that space is so nice.

  6. Comfortable looking sunroom. Love it.

  7. Our sunroom is just fantastic. I love it and I can certainly see why everyone wants to gather there. Such a fabulous space. Hugs,Marty

  8. There is nothing like a sunroom (although LInderhof's goes by the name "breakfast room") -- it is a beautiful spot.

    As to furniture arrangement -- my way to do it is to either move things around OR make a scale drawing on paper and move those around! (Husband Jim prefers I do it the second way!)

    But you'll know it when you get it right -- it will just happen and then -- "click" --

    I love the furniture.

  9. I being growing roots in there, lovely spot ... so welcoming.

    Pop over for our giveaway ending Feb. 7th ...

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  10. Love that room! Question - Do you use it at night when outsiders can see in? :) That would bother me.

  11. Such a cozy room to nestle in...
    I love conservatories, they are magical with all the Christmas lights, that's why I tend to leave my white fairy lights up, all year long ;)

  12. It is a wonderful room. I love it the way it is. But with your talent I am sure it will be perfect very soon. can't wait to see.

  13. We had the same wish lists- and I ended up with a 3 car garage and no sunroom! I want a do-over!
    Enjoy that lovely space
    xoxo Pattie

  14. Have fun finding the perfect arrangement...and tell you Harold that The Great Dane got his garage in our last house - just before I found Pondside. He's lobbying for another garage.

  15. What a wonderful sunroom! I know you will find a way it really works for you...

  16. I'd love to have a conservatory!

    Have you tried to angle the couches across the end wall? One across each corner with the smaller round table between them?
    You'd probably have to play with the chair placement. Either where it's at or directly across from where it's at.

  17. Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and the lovely comment for Cottage Monday. Your sunroom is just beautiful. I have enjoyed reading your blog today and glad I found it. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  18. I don't have he slightest problem with your "plain" sunroom. My only recommendation it to fill it with family and friends as often as possible.

  19. It's next to the kitchen, AND it's filled with light from all those lovely windows! Who wouldn't want to be in that room?

  20. Looks great--a suggestion--Maybe a shot of color in the table area.


  21. Hi Cass!! What a lovely sunroom! I just love it! I love it like it is! My fav decoration is little Dion! What a little doll.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. I love your sunroom. That would be my favorite room too. So bright and cheery with all the windows and the beautiful view. Love & blessings from NC!

  23. Cass, your home is gorgeous. Be happy with the spaciousness of the conservatory - as long as there's plenty of room you can fill it with family and friends! My cottage is small and cozy but I'd love more space - seems we're never completely satisfied doesn't it?

    Stop by and enter my travel quiz - you could be a winner!


  24. It looks beautiful - I wish I could build one on my house!

  25. Dear Cass, if you would email me the dimensions of your room, I would be happy to take them and come up with something that might work for you.... I have a program that will help me do it. Sometimes it helps to "edit" a few things. :) now don't shoot the messenger. Love ya, Carol

    ps. am I ever going to be on your list of faves??? :(

  26. Iron your tan tablecloth, already!


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