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Monday, January 25, 2010

Uncle Marty's Inca Treasure

You are part of an experiment. Howard and I have abandoned New Jersey for a few days in Florida, but I wrote this post on Sunday, and scheduled it to be published late Monday night. Hmm... I guess if you are reading this, the experiment worked! -- Cass


So . . . as my brothers and their wives prepare to fold their tents and decamp from Long Island in favor of warmer climes, I get occasional phone calls from Lindy, the first born and the undisputed pack rat of our family.

The phone calls usually begin like this: "Hey, Cassy, would you like to have . . . ."
And almost always -- yes, I would indeed.

Last March, Lindy gave me these two darling little wire chairs:

The girls and I painted them red, in the process turning our front yard into
what looked like a bloody crime scene. All that was missing -- yellow tape and chalk outlines of bodies.

The wire chairs now live, with two red ice cream parlor chairs, in Annie's apartment kitchen.
I have made it clear to her that they are on loan.


This past Saturday, Lindy gave me an old rocking chair that belonged to our Grandmother.

It's going to need a little work, unless I want to change it into a rocking potty chair.
No? I didn't think so. Just a thought.


Next time we get together, Lindy is giving me Uncle Marty's Inca Treasure.

Uncle Marty was my mother's only brother; he and his wife had no children, and when they moved out West years ago, Lindy happily adopted some of their household goods.

Among them, something Lindy nick-named: Uncle Marty's Inca Treasure.
Here are some pictures, courtesy of my brother:

It is clearly not an Inca treasure., but actual facts matter little to Lindy.
He once tried to prove a theory that sleep is a habit, and you don't really need those Zzzzzsss.

Anywho, the Inca Treasure is a very cute tile-topped iron table, and for years it has held sweaty martini glasses during summers on my brother's screened-in back porch.

I think it is adorable, and it's going to become our new drinks table on the front porch at That Old House.
We had a larger table last summer, but now it, too, is in Annie's apartment kitchen. On loan.

Of course, this means that the rockers and chairs we painted red last summer are going to have to be re-painted to make the Inca Treasure feel at home. Lindy took one picture next to a can of spray paint, to give me an idea of the size of the table, and is including the can of paint in the deal.

He says if I bring the table to The Antiques Roadshow and it turns out to be outrageously valuable,
that he wants his can of spray paint back.

What do you think? What color should we paint the chairs
and rockers this summer?
And don't say white!

Well, that's my Three Or More things that I got from my brother Lindy!
Thanks to Tam at The Gypsy's Corner for her blog party. Go visit!

And check in with Diane at A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words for Second Time Around Tuesday.


  1. I vote for a sunny yellow for the table (& chairs ???) with blue and white chair cushions ... covered in either a toile, check, ticking stripe or whatever ???

  2. I vote for a yellow and blue scheme - can't go wrong.

  3. The deeper gold for the chairs - maybe mixed with the yellow for a lovely golden welcome.

  4. Cobalt blue for the chairs, white, yellow, blue print for the cushions..or just a bold yellow for the cushions. That I like most. :-)

  5. Well, I'm totally in love with those little wire chairs...and the old rocker is fabulous.
    xo bj

  6. I agree with the yellow and blue scheme. Nice finds. I am new to TOMT and am just learning how to do this theme. I enjoyed your blog and invite you over for a visit to my neck of the woods when you have a chance. I have 2 red chairs and 2 yellow chairs on my patio in the summer. Really brightens things up. Blessings

  7. Nice family treasures...I vote for a nice will look great against the yellow of that old house!

  8. What fun to be planning for summer and drinks! I say paint them green to pull out the green in the tile! :0)

  9. How about a nice cobalt blue to match those beautiful tiles. And they would look pretty with your yellow house. Can't wait to see what you decide to do. :-)

  10. Cass..
    I'm with the blue/yellow scheme..
    would be perfect against the yellow of the house..
    warm hugs..Loui♥

  11. I think if these are going to be outside on your porch that a dark color will be best contrast against your house. I vote for the dark blue or a shiny black. These are going to look great! Aren't you the lucky one to get these family pass alongs.

  12. Oooooohhhh Cass!

    I love thenm painted vibrant red. They are so pretty and cheerful!

    Have a blessed day! ~Melissa :)

  13. I can't believe you got a solicitation on your blog.. does that really happen? *sigh*'s everywhere.

  14. Personally I would toss a little tablecloth over it and not paint anything, but I am lazy like that.

    Cass you need to delete that comment as soon as you get back or you will be inundated with them.

  15. Me again. Here is a link to report them. They have quite a reputation.

  16. Thanks Lori for the link! I have deleted the anonymous spam --- seriously, do those types of solicitations EVER work? I've been plagued with them on OLD posts, but it's only now that they are showing up on new posts.
    Arrgghh! I hate to go to comment moderation or those awful scrambled words... but maybe I'll have to.
    Meanwhile, it's gorgeous here in southern Florida. One more day!

  17. i am a fan of blue and yellow but there are many wonderful suggestions here to be certain!

    i do hope you show off the final work:)

  18. You are just too funny!!! Great post. Do you loan stuff out to people you don't know? Just a thought.

    I would use yellow paint since you said I can't choose white. White would have been my first choice. I'm a boring person.


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