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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Simple Supper in the Kitchen, St. Nick Style

One week!

Ho Ho Ho! It's getting so close to Christmas that my panic attacks
are beginning to be accompanied by cravings for candy canes and egg nog.

I'm late climbing on board for Tablescape Thursday; Howard is working from home today and needs the computer much of the time. What nerve! I'm sneaking in a quick look at a table set for two, in our kitchen.

This old oak table usually lives in the conservatory, next to the kitchen, but there's a big Frasier Fir Christmas tree cluttering up that corner.

Do you move furniture all over the place at the holidays, and keep forgetting that you did so, and keep trying to put your coffee cup down on a table that is no longer where it ought to be?

No, I never do that.

Want to take a chance at pot luck for a simple supper this evening?
Then take a seat, right here:

Holiday flatware, a gift from my sister many Christmases ago. Gold plated, with holly and berries.

Note the close up, below, and the missing holly and berries.

Moral of the story: don't put these in the dishwasher.
Lesson learned.

A new tablecloth from T.J.Maxx, bought yesterday.

A holly napkin made 40 years ago by my Mom.

The red plates are my bargains from October -- 50 red fiesta-type dinner plates by Oneida, for 20 dollars, total. We are having about 40 people for a Christmas buffet on Sunday, so these plates will be put to good use.

And, a stomach's-eye-view of your place setting:

Last night I took some glass cylinder containers and turned them into the decor for the sideboard in the dining room, which will hold the drinks and hot rum punch on Sunday:

I'm thinking it is probably safe to have lit candles in glass containers
filled with flammable potpourri, right?

Eh, we'll pour the rum punch over them if they catch fire.
The rum will have had its alcohol burned off by then. Probably.

Everyone needs a Santa with a snow-globe-belly.
I've had mine since childhood -- he was in my stocking one Christmas morning.

Okay, enough playing with dishes -- time to get to work!

Cookies and breads and Norwegian Christmas dishes need to be baked and cooked and pickled.

Many thanks to Susan, the hostess of Tablescape Thursday, at her beautiful Between Naps On The Porch blog. Go there for SO many more table settings, and enjoy! -- Cass


  1. Makes me wish you could squeeze in 51 people for Sunday...hint, hint.

  2. Great tablescape. I LOVE your holiday flatware. Very cute :)

    CHRISTmas Blessings!

  3. It's probably safe! Love the Santa. I don't have a problem with moved furniture, but one of the chihuahuas has a problem with the new bed being too high and the new wood floor. If she jumps down it's like bowling with huies...she slides all the way to the door!

  4. Your table and your entire house looks perfect for Christmas!

  5. Cass I just love coming to your beautiful old home and seeing all the wonderful things that you do...How is Annie is she coming home for Christmas....Love the red plates and I remember when you stole those girl..May you have a wonderful Sunday my Dear friend...Mountain hugs to you girl...Gl♥ria

  6. Oh I just love it all. Your Christmas flatware is just wonderful. I love your centerpiece and your linens too. I hope you are having a Blessed Christmas. Hugs, Marty

  7. When I got married 34 years ago, my mother gave me a set of napkins she made the same way in almost the exact same fabric!! Must have been all the rage in the 70's!

  8. Cass, I am still giggling picturing you lugging all 51 plates to and from the car! Love your table, those candles/holders are so nice and festive. Cute silverware. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ooops!! Sorry about your flatware. I really like you centerpiece.

  10. Oh, those luscious red plates! So perfect. I love red plates. Well, everyone knows I love red everything. But those are really pretty. And the flatware! Oh, I'm in love.

  11. Your cutlery is fantastic! I'm going to have to look around for some like that!

  12. A lovely table for two.I'll be right over!


  13. Beautiful and yummy! I made 4 loaves of Yullekakke today... Always remember my grandmother when I make that! Love your holiday silverware, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet UpNorth Mornings...

  14. Hi Cass,
    Love your snow globe santa and the napkins your mom made, just wonderful!

    Okay, so I'm saying since you have an extra plate or two, cover the roaring bonfire centerpiece you've started with a plate and kick back with your rum punch and watch the fire slowly die as the smoke rolls around safely inside the lovely glass jar. But whatever you do DON'T PANIC. Sound like a plan?

  15. Love your table, I have those same glasses don't you just love them, they are my favs too, I love the cute flatware also...Merry Christmas

  16. It all looks perfect to me! I like the sound of the pickling necessary for a Scandinavian Christmas - we'll be doing some of the same, with herring.
    I too move furniture around to accomodate the season - have a parlour table up against the bedroom window, a chair in the bathroom...........

  17. Everything looks so warm and inviting and ready for the holidays! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  18. Hi Cass,
    I sort of like your flatware with missing holly and berries here and there. Gives it character, right? What an amazing deal you got on the Fiesta-ish plates! Congratulations!

    Hope you and yours have the happiest of Christmases and New Years!

    Warm regards,

  19. what a beautiful house, (even if it does eat money) have a wonderful holiday season, yikes! seven days, perhaps its time to go shopping?
    Love your table.

  20. Such a pretty, festive tablecloth. Your table looks so inviting, and I LOVE your snow globe Santa. How great that you still have him. I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. laurie

  21. Very Elegant. Love the pinecones on the huricane lamps.

  22. Hi Cass :)

    I wish I had a snow globe bellied Santa! He's so cute!!

    Your home looks beautiful for Christmas. I love the trees everywhere and the conservatory is fantastic with all the twinkle lights :)

    Merry Christmas hugs!


  23. Beautiful table! Everything is truly something special! Wishing you and your family the most beautiful Christmas ever!



  24. I love the "stomachs eye view" of your beautiful table! Gorgeous!


  25. How pretty this all is! I love the St. Nick with the "see through belly" -- this is all just wonderful!

  26. Hi Cass, had to stop by and see what you are doing for Christmas! I saw your collection of Santa's and the one sitting in the rocker with a cup of coffee should have incense below so that the smoke goes up through the coffee cup and it looks like its steaming! You have such beautiful decorations! Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful 2010!

  27. YES, I'll stay..very pretty!
    We really got slammed out here Sunday.
    We still can't get out, it is a mess..
    Hope all is well there, have a very Merry Christmas!

  28. Your table looks lovely... Merry Christmas.. ENJOY!

  29. Your Santa with the deer is so awesome! I love all the cute things other bloggers have in their homes... so kitchy and cute!

    The Blue Ridge Gal


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