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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Touches, Old and New

Today, I'm sharing a few pictures, and popping in on four (!) blog parties.
You can find them at the end of this post -- remember to click and join in!


Dashing through the house
With big boxes in my hand,
Thru the rooms we fly,
To make the house look grand.
Lights on trees and wreaths
Making spirits bright!
We're decorating That Old House
To make it look just right.

Oh, strings of lights, stars so bright,
Candles light the way.
Oh, what fun it is to deck
The house in bling today-ay!
Mistletoe! Ho Ho Ho!
Santa knows the way
We're ready here at That Old House
For St. Nick's holiday.

Many, many thanks to my husband Howard, who strung little white lights around the tops of the conservatory windows. I love how they reflect in all the glass. I am tempted to leave them up forever, but hopefully cooler heads will prevail and we'll take them down in January. In the meantime, they are so neat!


I scatter Santa Claus-es around the house.
This little guy's in the study; he is an incense burner, and is only about 5-inches tall.
He is nicely detailed. The smoke comes out his coffee mug.

This Santa is a cheap-o fellow from A. C. Moore, a few years ago.
He holds a candle, and the light shines thru holes in his little body. Ouch.

And this Santa? He is very special. Very vintage, from the early 50s. Like me!
And well-worn. Also like me.

When I was a little girl, back when Pterodactyls hauled Santa's sleigh through the Ice Age skies, this Santa spent Christmas in our living room, near my dad's platform rocker. I used to sit in that rocker, which seemed so enormous, and play with this Santa.

He's a good 12-inches tall, and is a bank.
Can you see the Scotch tape covering his coin slot?
My mother clearly didn't trust her 4 kids to put only coins in Santa.

Poor guy was stored in an unheated garage at my parents' beach house
in later years; much of his paint peeled right off. I rescued him a few years ago.

Sometimes I am tempted to re-paint him, but honestly . . .
he wouldn't be the same after that.

He is part of the family, and family is loved -- chips and all.

On the window over my kitchen sink is a tiny, shiny wreath about 4-inches wide.
It's all metal, and wow those pointy holly leaves are sharp!

In the powder room, an ornament wreath.

No, I didn't make it -- it was a gift, several years ago.
But I like how they solved the problem of gaps between the balls:

Bits of silvery tinsel!

Still more decorating to come. But it's time to visit more wonderful Christmas and winter-themed homes at the following blogs -- just click on the highlighted words, or the images:

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Wish her a speedy recovery as she hosts
Three Or More Tuesday. It's a lousy time
of year to be sick, Tam! Next time pick a
different season. :-)

Diane at A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words
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More wonderful vintage!

Many thanks to all of these blogging ladies, for their good work in hosting so many ways for us to connect with one another. I am greedy today, hooking on to four parties, but it's Christmas --- and that is always over the top! I can't tell you how much visiting the blog parties has lifted my spirits and brought me so much Christmas joy. Love to you all -- Cass


  1. Cass~~

    The conservatory looks beautiful!! I love lights too, and after Christmas they are the last thing I take down.

    Your Santa's are very cool! Your vintage guy looks very well loved! It seems you can always tell by the eyes (and the chips) when something is vintage. The way they are painted. He is a cutie! What a lot of great memories you must have when you look at him.

    The parties make me feel pretty jolly feeling, too! Lots of ideas and good cheer out there!

    Happy holidays to you, Cass! :-)


  2. You are so darn cute! Always a good laugh here. The conservatory is amazing. I say leave the lights up Howard the work! **blows merry kisses** Deb

  3. I hope you are not as battered & bruised as that vintage Santa. Love your Santa's. And the lights in the conservatory looks fabulous. I'd want to leave them up all year as well.

  4. I agree with others - he may be chippy, but loved. Your decor. is so pretty - really like the ornament wreath.

  5. Cass, your lights are amazing. Your dh must have had a time with those lights. A conservatory, how charming. the tree and the reflections are lovely. I love all of your Santas. Don't paint them. I love their sweet worn look. Your home is a dream many hae not been ale to achieve.

    Have fun doing all the Christmas things.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  6. Continues to look great ! Love the wreaths. Keep it up.


  7. If only the light strands would disappear during the daylight hours I would leave them up too. I love the look of white lights on a summer evening.
    Your wreath is awesome. How clever to fill in with garland.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. What a beautifully festive house - it just FEELS like Christmas there! I love your vintage Santa, he has a sweet face. I agree, he would change if he were repainted. Let him be the happy little guy he was "born" to be!
    Happy Holidays!

  10. Cass,
    I love the white lights in the sunroom! Twinkling lights at night are so pretty. Your Santa collection is precious and I agree with you about your ol'Santa..he's perfect just as he is ..chips and all! Gives him character! Happy Holidays..your place is looking wonderful! Sonia/Miss Bloomers

  11. Oh Cass, I would leave those lights up year round! It looks magical! Of course I really liked all of your Santas, but your childhood Santa is the best, and no, don't paint him. He shows the love that has been showered on him through the years. Your poem was so cute! You have so many talents, and I love coming to see all of your talents on your blog. laurie

  12. great job on the post for "Roomies" showcasing all your cute Santa's. I love your house, you should take pictures of the inside and post them for us to see. I too love the conservatory, is it your favorite room???

  13. Everything is so pretty and special at your home Cass!

    I just adore your vintage Santa! The chips make him more perfect.

    Enjoy the season! ~Melissa :)

  14. Cass, all your Santa figures are dear, but your childhood Santa is my favorite. I wouldn't paint him either. I shared two Santa figures on my Monday post for Vintage Christmas Monday. One is from my childhood tree and the other from my husband's childhood. Some folks pay good money for chippy paint! LOL

  15. Hi Cass,

    Love the conservatory, I'd leave the lights up! It looks gorgoeus.

    Love your little song too, had me tappin' my toes :)

  16. Cass Your Conservatory is just so pretty and dreamy looking.I could set for hours there reading a book and watching the weather.Your home is so pretty.I moved from NJ 20 years ago.There were lots of beautiful homes were I lived like yours but now are all housing devoplements.Your vintage santas are beautiful.Merry Christmas,Jennifer

  17. Love love love your house! And thanks for getting us in the spirit by sharing your Santa's and holiday decor. Isn't it amazing how alive everything becomes with tiny little lights?!?!?!? Thanks again for participating in and spreading the PDT word!

  18. I'd be tempted to leave those lights up all year round too! We have white lights on the veranda - they're on a separate switch so that we can leave them up all year, turning them on for special occasions such as birthdays, homecomings, July 1st etc.

  19. I love that beautifulporch ! You have lovely decore , as always !

  20. Love your shabby chic Santa, he's a definite keeper!
    Merry Christmas from Normandy.

  21. Cass-I bet the conservatory looks like a wonderland at night. I probably would leave them up all year...and I know my husband would :) Your Santas have "character" and memories--the best! Thanks for joining the party!!

  22. Your home is always lovely, but especially bright and colorful now with the holidays! A conservatory: oh, I'm envious. Yes, we all have a few chips and nicks. It's part of life. The little chap looks splendid just the way he is!

  23. Cass, I love your holiday home, everything is so festive! Thanks for sharing.

  24. What a beautiful house you have! LOVE your conservatory! I can't wait to go back and look through your older posts!


  25. It's beautiful Cass!

    I love it all, especially the "vintage santa".

    I've caught up with some of your posts. I loved the post about the dress up evening. What a wonderful photo of the guys in tuxes!\

    Merry Christmas!

  26. I would leave the lights in the conservatory all year 'round. The twinkling would be so special against the summer night sky....
    I like your glass ball wreath- I remember them from many years ago- so funny how they are the "latest" thing right now!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your decorating. I've got to catch up on so much- it's been hard not having time to read all my favorite blogs. Hope you're having a great holiday season.
    hugs, Sue

  27. Thanks Cass for linking to 2nd Time Around!

    I love all your vintage decor!

    :) Diane

  28. I love your vintage santa and your wreath catherine


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