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Monday, November 9, 2009

The Times, They Are A-Changin'

What is not changing is the on-time performance at That Old House.

Late again, to join Mary of Little Red House for Mosaic Monday, and Susan of Between Naps On The Porch for Metamorphosis Monday.


I have a tiny excuse; my husband fiddled with something called drivers in the desktop computer yesterday, and I'm not saying that had anything to do with my not being able to load pictures from my camera, but . . . .

. . . fill in the blanks.

Anyway, I've got three transformations to show you.
Inside, outside, and inside where it's too dark to read.
Don't worry, it will all be clear if you keep reading.


First Inside Metamorphosis!

The renovation of the kitchen proceeds.
Template Man came and did his thing with wood and staples and indecipherable marks:

We were asked to go to the fabricators and approve our soapstone slab on Saturday, so we did. Much to our surprise, it was not what we had in mind; way too much veining. We want a quiet, plain look. I'll be tramping around a stoneyard tomorrow!


Second Inside Metamorphosis Involving a Place Where It Is Too Dark To Read!

When we returned from our foray to the stone fabricators, we found that our dog, Mr. Dion DiPoochy had availed himself of an entire package of hot dog rolls, meant for guests that evening:

See the leather sofa in the upper left shot? It is in our sunroom, and from there it is a quick hop for Mr. Dion to the kitchen counter, where he snatched one of those bags, brought it back to earth, ripped it open, and ate all but one tiny crumb of eight buns. 8 buns. 8 of them down the hatch.

He spent the rest of the day trying to stand up.

The metamorphosis in this? Well, other than Dion's visibly inflated belly,
let's just say those 8 rolls were quite unrecognizable when next they saw the light of day.

We usually have a barrier so that Dion can't take that route to the counter,
but we'd moved it because of the templating. Lesson learned.


Third, and Outside, Metamorphosis!

Sunday morning:

Much to my surprise, Saturday night brought us temperatures in the mid-20s.

My beloved pink begonias, that have bloomed like gangbusters since May, finally succumbed to the cold. The Hydrangeas withered and curled up. The big Forsythia turned psychedelic colors. The grapevine is nearly bare, although some grapes are hanging on. A couple of frozen green tomatoes cling to shriveled vines.

Now that is a change. Anyone ready for spring yet?
Okay, I'll do Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's, but then I want Spring!


Now, about that "inside where it's too dark to read" bit? This quote from Groucho Marx always makes me laugh:

"Outside of a dog, a book is a boy's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."

Just ask those eight hot dog buns! -- Cass


  1. You are in delightful spirits, regardless of today's happenings...


  2. Our old St. Bernard once ate an entire pound of butter. The wrapper was bone dry with not a "lick" of butter left on it. Made sure he had full outdoor access after that one for a while.
    Isn't it tough making decisions for a reno.

  3. Cass,
    I am lovin this funny post! Your dog story is just too funny! My hubbies dachound once ate a light bulb, all but the filament! He was fine, if you can believe it! I just love the colors from the psychadelic bush! Oh, and I can't wait to see the kitchen too! Hugs, Cindy

  4. Oooops! Dion - you should not have done that! Some of my plants are still trying to hang on. I am with you - lets get thru New Years then start Spring.

  5. You covered so much territory in this post my head is spinning, in a good way. Hoping poor Dion is feeling better. Like you, I'll be ready for spring about the second week in get ready for a lot of grumbling...

  6. Hi Cass...

    Girlfriend, I'm so excited and anxious for you! I know that you're just "bitin' at the bit" to get that kitchen done...or at least I would be! Hehe! So sorry to hear that the soapstone that you ordered wasn't what you had in mind...sure do hope that you find what you're looking for! Have fun...going thru all that beautiful stone!!!

    OMG...Girl, I can't believe that Dion "ATE THE WHOLE THING"!!! I bet he did have trouble standing up the rest of the day! Ohhh...and you know how that bread swells once it gets in the belly! Poor puppy!!!

    Ohhh my...all of your beautiful flowers! But they must go through this to be pretty again next Spring! And yes...please do Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's first! Hehe! I'm anxious to see That Old House all decked out! or are you putting all the holiday decor on hold with your kitchen redo going on?

    Well my friend, I posted today about my faux fireplace! It's not finished but I'm happy with its progress...would love for you to come by and take a look and let me know what you think!

    Warmest wishes,

  7. Oh poor puppy! Hope all will be well! Thanks for great for a great Met Monday! Also I have something for you at my place!

  8. Obviously, Dion is not a gentlemen . . . our corgi, Oliver would NEVER do that! Truly!!!!

    But put an opened can of cat food where he can figure out how to get to it . . . . it's "where it's too dark to read"!

    Can't wait to see your kitchen -- I'm envying you your soapstone!

  9. Frost, ugh. Comes a little later in Atlanta. But I'm getting tired of all my pretty annuals NOT.

  10. Poor Mr. Dion---Hopefully he won't do that again. :)


  11. Hi Cass

    Great post! I'm still giggling!!

    I hope Dion's belly is feeling better :)

    It has finally sTarted to warm up over here and I don't miss winter one little bit!

  12. HAHAHAHAHA! Poor Dion! Would you believe I am just now planting begonias for the winter! **blows kisses** Deb

  13. poooooor Dion! My pups have helped themselves to many a loaf of bread over the years! Hope he feels better!

  14. Remodeling is so much fun! I say that facetiously, you know...
    Decisions... Regrets... aaahhh....
    Dogs are too funny. Your poor baby! Our cairn terrier once ate an 18 oz box of Esther Price candy from under the Christmas tree (what a waste of delicious chocolates.) Let's just say that we know a beagle will howl, but a terrier??!! It was pathetic, and I'm embarrassed to say we laughed, but you know he had to be in pain! He lived another 13 years...

  15. Cass, nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting Porch Days. I tried the Picasa mosaic first but I can't get the hang of where the photos are going. I like the fact you can scramble them numerous times. It would be nice to have a tutor on site to help me!

    Actually we are trying to sell our house (hopeless in this market) and move back to New England. Your house is absolutely gorgeous! I'm looking for something just like that in Connecticut with a few acres.

  16. Wonderful mosaics. Your pooor doggie must have felt sick after eating all those rolls. Congrats on your kitchen renovation.

  17. Very good post! I am so envious of the counters!

    I used to have golden retriever who would watch my mother fix her lunch. She would have a cup of tomato soup and 1/2 of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and 6 ginger snaps. She would put her lunch on the end table next to the sofa. Looking carefully around for the dog, she would go into the kitchen and pour her glass of milk. The dog would appear out of nowhere and take just 4 cookies....

    Still makes me smile.
    Have a great day!



    Hope you find the stone you want..
    I was over in Jamesport yesterday...
    Thought of you..
    Come see the Big Duck...

  19. I can so relate to roguish dogs who cruise kitchen counters! I just found your blog and am so enjoying perusing all the interesting photos of your lovely home! I live in the South and never realized how beautiful NJ is!


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