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Monday, October 26, 2009

We Fall For Faux!

Can it really be Monday already?

I'm Mosaic-ing and Metamorphosis-ing today, taking some things I found here:

and here:

and at HomeGoods, and just at home, and playing with seasonal and holiday decor.

I am lucky that a wonderful well-organized Dollar Tree, and a T.J. Maxx are both located
in the same little mall as our local supermarket. Howard may not agree with me on this.


During this week, I'll be using and showing these things, and many more, as we move ever closer to Halloween and Thanksgiving. Here's my collage for Mosaic Monday, over at Mary's Little Red House -- random seasonal kitsch!

Ah . . . so many little new friends, to join my little old friends. :-)

And the reality of clutter, too. I'm in the midst of creative chaos.


My Metamorphosis today is all Dollar Tree. Oops, no . . . I lie.
The cauldron is from CVS, but it did cost one dollar.

Three floral bushes from Dollar Tree -- roses and peonies in Fall colors --
with one foam block from DT, the CVS cauldron, some ribbon . . . . . . and here goes!

I cut the flower stems off the bushes, and with most of the stems I also stripped off the leaves.

On really chintzy faux flowers, the leaves are sometimes the dead giveaway that the arrangement has never had its tootsies in the dirt. The flowers can often pass from a distance, but the leaves? Never the right color!

Go visit Susan at Between Naps On The Porch, for the popular and fun Metamorphosis Monday.
You will find dozens and dozens of wonderful ideas and show-and-tell stories there!


Snip, snip, snip!

Can I interest anyone in some unwanted leaves?

Scrunch the stems into the foam block. This takes more effort than you might think!

Tuck 'em in tight.

Hmmm... looking okay, but a little stark.

It's a good thing I can't resist pretty ribbon, and always have some on hand.
This came from .... you guessed it! .... Dollar Tree.

Ta-da! All finished.

I love fresh cut flowers. But sometimes, they are not practical.

Sometimes you want to put florals in an out-of-the-way spot, or a hard-to-reach spot, or you realize that nice fresh flowers are seasonally expensive. It can make good sense to go faux. I'll show you later this week where this little cauldron is going to spend Halloween.

I recently put a vase, a Goodwill find that I haven't shown off yet, on the pie safe. It needed to be filled, but it has a crack I had not noticed when I paid a whopping two bucks for it. I am not sure about putting water in it! So I bought nice flowers at Michael's, and I'm going to buy more, and keep switching them around. I think it's a good idea to keep artificial arrangements moving and changing, as they would if they were fresh cut.

If I can fool myself, I am a happy gal. -- Cass

PS.... Thank you for your warm support of the Alzheimer's Walk yesterday. We had a marvelous turnout, and our family team raised more than 2,300 dollars; how about that? In all, I believe more than $650,000 was raised in that one location.


  1. Very lovely mosaic, Cass! I dearly adore your floral you made in the cauldron.
    Be a sweetie,

    Shelia :)

  2. Your Dollar Tree must have better stuff than mine.
    Oh, wait. I think I have been going to the 99 cent store.
    It is the only place like that I know of around here.
    Your pictures are great!

  3. A very lovely mosaic. Wish we had HomeGoods here.


  4. Lovely! Like your mosaic and your cauldron de fleur is superb!
    Ah yes,, the MANY Dollar Tree..such fun!

  5. FABULOUS mosaic kitsch.....and your MET Monday was enjoyable as well.

  6. You got some nice treasures there. Really like the arrangement. I have no problems with faux. I have already been thru 2 pots of real mums this Fall, so pulled out my pot of faux mums. :)

  7. Your floral arrangement came out beautifully....there are just some times when it is more practical to use the faux instead of live, plus.. you don't have to keep picking out the sad looking ones. I ♥ it!

  8. You've been shopping at all my favorite places. Everything looks just fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  9. What pretty faux's! Love the cauldron vase! Great work with the Memory Walk!!! :D Jewel

  10. Wow Cass, you are one money-making team, Congratulations on a wonderful fund raiser for a much needed cause!!!
    Great mosaic also!!! Dollar Tree rocks...

  11. Nice collage...that green stemmed glass adds a lot with that dash of color!

  12. Your mosaic is pretty, Cass. Love all the colors and the green martini glass really pops!!

    Faux flowers are my new friend as well. I keep them at a distance most of the time...if you know what I mean. Don't want anyone smelling them! Your cauldron is very cool. And how cool is it to have all those stores in one strip mall~what a shopper's frenzy!!

    You tied a perfect bow. How do you do that? I am terrible. Mine are lopsided or sticking out in all directions...any tips?

    Have a happy week, dear friend!!


  13. I really like the clear orange glass pumpkin.
    Hey if you ever need that vase for some real flowers just put a tall canning jar or some other perfectly sized one inside it with the water in that.
    Isn't fall so much fun for decorating?

  14. Hello Girlfriend...

    Oooh...what a lovely mosaic of pretty little snippets!!! Can't wait to see the whole picture, my friend! I love your pretty faux flowers...yes, I love faux flowers and decorate with them frequently! Hehe! Your floral arrangement in the black cauldron turned out did GOOD, my friend! Thanks for sharing your pretties with us're such a tease, Girl!!! Hehe!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  15. Love your mosaic, great stuff :) Very pretty floral arrangement in the cauldron, came out so nice!

  16. Cass--
    You speak my language again.
    D O L L A R T R E E!!!!

    Love the cauldron--cute idea.

    ???? Will you store it like that??

  17. Gotta love the Dollar Tree...I have those great green stemmed squiggle martini glasses...just got them a few days ago to serve mini mozzeralla balls and grape tomatoes....they got in great Christmas pates and bowls and glasses....white with red snowflakes on the dishes and white on white snowflake glasses....Such a bargain...

  18. Nice idea. I have been amazed at the price of faux flowers lately!! You got some deals.

  19. Your mosaic is so pretty-so many pretties in it. The cauldron turned out great, and that ribbon is so pretty. I've got to get to $ Tree! laurie

  20. Ohhh...Ahhh... I'm loving it!


  21. Love all the color!

    Would you do me a favor? i entered a little contest about color. Would you please vote for me today - you only have 24 hours. Just go to the link below. Thanks so much. xo xo

  22. I like all the pretties in your mosaic Cass! You are so lucky to have a "Home Goods" store nearby!

  23. I like this!

    Happy Decorating,

  24. I like this!

    Happy Decorating,

  25. I am late checking out everyones mosaic, yours is beautiful. I love all the colors.

  26. LOL, love your "random seasonal kitsch!" Thanks for sharing at MM, Cass. :)


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