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Friday, October 16, 2009

Showin' and Tellin' -- A Major Craigslist Mirror!


It's Friday -- and I'm joining the Show and Tell blog party, hosted by Cindy at My Romantic Home.
Go visit ... when you are done here, of course!

I'm leaving soon to get my Dad from the hospital, so this is a quickie,
using pictures of a mirror we found on Craigslist last year. The owner was asking $65.

He was closing up his New Jersey apartment. We offered $50. He graciously accepted.

This is a big mirror, with a cast brass frame, and it weighs a ton.
Maybe two tons. Maybe three!

It stood in the corner of our dining room for months,
while we worked up the courage to hang it over the old (Ebay!) sideboard.

Finally, Howard and my brother-in-law Bill, with the able assistance of an electronic stud finder (no rude jokes, now, ladies) and a couple of very sturdy picture hangers, got the monster up on the wall.

Whatcha think?

I love it, and think its brassy frame is just right for the old worn brasses on the sideboard.

Plus, a big mirror makes the dining room look even bigger,
and -- having come from a former house that had a dinky dining room -- I love that!

Thanks, Cindy, for hosting Show and Tell! Off to fetch my Pop -- Cass


  1. Just beautiful, Cass!
    Hope your dad does well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Now THAT'S a DR!

    Also, hope your father will be well.


    (P.S. - I don't blog anymore, but I still read some of them, yours included!)

  3. That is Beautiful!

    Perfect Match!

  4. I am so glad you didn't consider painting it! It is perfect over the sideboard, Good wishes to your dad-Have a good weekend!

  5. So nice Cass. It look great there. The sideboard is a beautiful piece too. I know how nicely you decorate this space.

  6. What do I think? I think it is beautiful! Hope your Father does great.

  7. I am betting it is closer to three tons! What a gorgeous mirror and sideboard, they were made for each other...hope your dad is doing well.

  8. Fabulous mirror for a fabulous price. You've got to love a bargain :)

  9. It's gorgeous!!!

    Hope your dad is doing better - my best wishes to him :)


  10. I think it is beautiful and a beautiful piece of furniture too. I just love Craigslist. I'll soon be posting about some of my CL finds. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Cass,

    Gorgeous mirror, gorgeous sideboard - just a gorgeous room.

    Glad your dad is doing better.


  12. Wow! I can't decide what I like the best in your dining room ~ the mirror, the sideboard, the beautiful hardwood floors, everything in your room is charming!
    Coming from a gal who doesn't even have a 'dining room'(we have a 'country kitchen') I think it is marvelous!

  13. Oh I love the mirror and the sideboard is stunning too. I always love the way a mirror just creates such a gorgeous image of it's surrounds and reflects the light. What a great find. It really is gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  14. Oh so beautiful! And a good bargain. Prayers and wishes for your Father's recovery.

  15. I love mirrors. It is a great find. Glad you dad gets to leave the hospital.

    I just have to say STUD FINDER. LOL! sorry.

  16. Love it--it is sooo pretty especially on the red wall.
    The brass has a nice sheen not tacky like some can be.
    Great job!!


  17. This mirror is gorgeous and looks fabulous in your dining room!

    I just love it!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  18. It's gorgeous and perfect for over the buffet! Love it!

  19. Hi Cass :)

    The mirror is gorgeous there and perfect for the room!

    So glad to hear your dad is coming home :)


  20. Oh Wow! That is beautiful! What a incredible statement you made for so little cash. Hope your father is well. laurie

  21. Oh, Cass!! This is just gorgeous!! How lucky you are and a great deal too! Love it above the buffet, perfect spot.

    I am looking for a big mirror to go on the open wall going up our stairs, but I do sometimes get petrified of someone stomping up or down the stairs and CRASH!!

    Good luck with your father...


  22. Open up some of that wine and celebrate!

  23. Good evening Cass, this is my first visit to your place... you have a wonderful looking home and the heavy mirror looks super above the sideboard...

    I hope your dad is feeling better and getting some rest...

    I will be back later to read over your blog and get to know you better!! Hugs, Baba

  24. This is really beautiful. The mirror goes so well with the sideboard. Love Craigslist!

  25. I think it looks like a model home! It's absolutely beautiful!

  26. oh gosh.. my heart skips many beats.. love the mirror! perfect match for the dresser! a great find for $50.. thanks for sharing.. have a great weekend too!

  27. Cass, the mirror looks AWESOME in your dining room!! I would love to move one I have to a similar spot but the labor involved is daunting.

    I also want to say "Congratulations"'ve been selected to receive a personally monogrammed linen hand towel in my Pay It Forward Giveaway!

    If you will email me with your last name & address, I will get started on the monogramming. Let me know if you would prefer a different initial than your last name.
    My email is rett AT
    I'm sure you know to change the AT to @

  28. First and foremost prayers for your Dad that he has a full recovery from his pneumonia! That is always concerning and I hope and pray he is on the mend!

    Love the mirror and think it looks fabulous! Great choice!

    Have a lovely weekend and get some rest!

    Smiles and Hugs, Nancy

  29. Hi

    Love the mirror--and the sideboard, looks beautiful


  30. That mirror is stunning and you are right it does make a room appear larger. and you are so lucky that mirror for $50 - that's a steal.

    Hope that your Dad's ok.

  31. Cass, that mirror made your dining room look spectacular! And with it being that heavy, you got an excellent deal. I love my leaner mirror in my great room- it reflects so much, just like yours does now.
    hugs, Sue

  32. It looks AMAZING! totally AMAZING.

  33. Me again -Thanks for stopping by, and the compliment on my header. the gourds are faux. Got a bag of them at WM last year, and added the pine cones and cinnamon sticks.
    Have a good evening.

  34. That mirror is gorgeous. And so is that house. I love it. :)

  35. Hi Cass....great mirror and i can't believe you found that beautiful side board on E-Bay...was it a local find that you were abe to go pick it up or did it have to be shipped? I just got back from jersey and rummage sales galore got us some great stuff...the visiting nurse sale was the best....Hope your dad is on the mend,...Sue.

  36. I love where you've put the mirror - gorgeous. I've just had a catch up through your posts..great trip to California! We went to San Luis Obispo last year to visit family....loved it! It looks like you had a grand time - food and family are perfect holiday distractions!

  37. That mirror is fantastic. It looks so nice with your sideboard! Beautiful room!

  38. Wow what a bargain for you all it is really beautiful.

  39. That is STUNNING!!! I love how it reflects your bay window! I bet it brings a lot of light into your dining room too! I love mirrors so I really enjoyed this!!! Thanks so much for joining in on show and tell!!! Sorry it took so long for me to get around...


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